School House Dreams, Take 2

This is a continued series about my love found in the small details of our house.

Last week it was the circular driveway, this week, the brick sidewalk.

DSC_0024 DSC_0029 DSC_0032

I have no idea where this brick came from (wish I had asked the previous owners), but it is intricately detailed, old, and has a sheen to it.  Some pieces are cracked, others chipped but they are still so tightly wedged into the ground that they form the perfect path to lead one in and out of the house.


Anniversary Party

I had the idea I wanted to include the girls in our anniversary somehow this year.  Though Bea is way too young to understand, I knew MG would find significance in anything that resembles a princess type setting.

bDSC_0003 bDSC_0013 bDSC_0035 bDSC_0038 bDSC_0058

We waited until the puke virus had cleared the house (or so we thought) and then told the girls we would be celebrating that evening.  MG helped me make frosted cookies (couldn’t find anyone to make a gfree cake last minute) and we talked about getting married and how special it is.

After dinner, we turned on the wedding video (well, the edited one, only about 11 minutes long) and MG was enthralled.  As much as I had prepped her for all of the wedding details, I sort of forgot there would be people in the video that she knew: Granny and Grandma being her favorite finds.

After it was over, we asked her if she wanted to get married one day. And, well, see her response for yourself:

MG on weddings from Kate on Vimeo.

Heart strings = tugged.


School House Dreams Series, take 1

I mentioned last week that I wanted to highlight some of my favorite features of our house.  I think the love for one’s house is in the details: this niche or this corner or that backyard hideaway.  I wanted to make a capsule, of sorts, to help me remember the details that make this house our home.

The first one that comes to mind is the circular driveway.  I fell in love with the driveway upon first sight of it.  Most of the day, some part of it is flanked in shade by the large and ancient tree at its perimeter.


I have first view of anyone who pulls up to the house (a luxury I always missed at our last house)


One of my favorite “visitors”

And seeing as how we don’t exactly live in a neighborhood, it affords plenty of parking when we have gatherings.

Schoolhouse dreams.


Fifteen Months

This little Baby Love is fifteen months, as of yesterday.

bDSC_0066 bDSC_0068 bDSC_0069

N and I remark all the time how “human” she is becoming.  She and MG actually play and laugh together.  She has verbal cues for “food” and “more” (often combined) and when she sees something she’s not supposed to do (like touch the hot stove), she shakes her head “no” as if to preempt us (that doesn’t always stop her from doing it though!)


No major milestones this month.  Just working more on communicating and moving.  She taught herself how to go down the stairs and I think, I THINK we may be at the end of our time with the dreaded baby gate.


For the first time ever, EVER, I am warming to the idea of two children. As in two children, period.  Holding a baby makes me want to make and hold babies forever.  Chasing a walking, non-talking toddler is a 24-7 job and makes me want to see her through to independence.  For the longest time I didn’t understand it, but now I can totally see why people stop at 2.  A year from now I will have two little ones who will play together, who I can turn them loose in the backyard and let them run while I sit idly by, who will think and nap and eat independently. In just one year.  I mean, the light is at the end of the tunnel.  Why revert now?


But then I think about how much I love babies and how making and holding babies has been one of the most magical and ethereal (yes both) parts of my life.  And it is done.  Poof.  Vanished.  To think it has felt as fast as the snap of the fingers and that is it.

How can that be it?  Clearly I am still waffling :).

But to end on a more grounded note: Ladies and gentlemen, she can now feed herself!  As long as we keep the servings full and preside with a careful eye, we can now set a plate of food in front of Bea and watch her enjoy.  It is SO FREEING. I am actually tasting my dinner again.

Like I said, LIGHT.




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