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Baby Name Game, Clue #10: the final cards

Clue #9

Okay no matter what, this will be the final baby name clue until the big reveal!  I promise I will also do a follow-up post to explain the meaning behind her name and these clues.  If you are confused by them, don’t worry!  They were intentionally written that way for a reason.  That being said, a few of you have submitted some REALLY good guesses so I am ready to finally be able to talk about it.

Clue #10: Both parts of our name have a lot of nickname potential and we chose one that is very uncommon

Bonus hint: None of our names are place names (that I’m aware of), there are countless book characters with these names (but not the two of them together, I don’t think), and a portion of our name would pass the test for royal baby names.

Nine Months


Well today is officially my due date and I honestly never thought I’d make it to this point (especially since I calculated my due date to be more like a week ago!).  Everyone says the third child is a wildcard and I’m definitely buying into that.

Truthfully I’m glad she didn’t come today or yesterday so that I can be present for Bea’s birthday.  And…the further away from this date we go, the easier it will be to celebrate both girls in the future, I’m sure.  I had a long appointment yesterday with my doctor and the whole workup (ultrasound, NST, etc). I’ve mentioned before that I’ve carried some anxiety with me throughout this pregnancy and it was nice to get some good feedback. Ever since then, I’ve been feeling more positive and peaceful than I’ve felt this entire month.  Not only has this month been tough physically (you should see my bed-rolling-over-skills :)), but also mentally (being ready to go at any moment and yet having to wait for an unknown length of time).

My parents have both been here and my mom is staying for the duration.  It certainly relieves some stress knowing we can leave at a moment’s notice without having to arrange childcare for the girls.  Bonus: we’ve been eating like kings and my house has never been cleaner.  Plus the girls are doing well with all of the extra attention they’ve been receiving.  It is tempting to just live like this for a while!

After seeing the doc yesterday, it made it all the more clear that the end is in sight and I should just enjoy this time I have left with the girls and N before things change…permanently.

We did get some good answers at the appointment for why my body seems prepped for labor but it hasn’t happened yet (i.e. tons of Braxton Hicks and other early labor symptoms).  The baby is floating around and high in a lot of fluid (on the higher end of average).  She is presenting posterior, so not exactly favorable for engaging and starting the process.  The best we can hope for is for her to turn face down before my water breaks and then it should go (hopefully) pretty quickly after.  I’ve been given some good tips on how to get her to turn so I’ll be working on that as much as possible in the upcoming days!

It was fun to see her on the big screen again, although she was too big to get any good shots of her face.  When the tech first pulled her up, she commented on what a big baby she was based on her chubby cheeks and arms (this is totally expected since my other two were upper 8’s!), but then when she did the measurements, she came more in the 6-7lb range.  I know these late ultrasounds can be very off size wise but I was still surprised to hear that and I am certain it is at least somewhat inaccurate.  The best part of the ultrasound was when she said, “it looks like she has a ton of hair!” and then pointed out some hair waving around on the back of her head.  I never know if I’m going to get one with hair or not so this was especially comforting to hear-ha!

Any day now and sometime in the next two weeks I guess all of these mysteries will be revealed!  I’m starting to find some fun in the anticipation of it and I think it helps knowing there is a definite end in sight.

(Final name clue to come tomorrow)



Happy Birthday, Bea!!!

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(picture credit: Kimmy Howard Photography)

Three years ago we were shocked and excited to meet you on your due date.  Now we are anticipating a new little family member to be joining us soon and bumping you up the ranks of Big Sister (secretly, I’m glad you didn’t get a little sister for your birthday ;))

This year we have seen some HUGE changes in you.  You were barely talking one year ago on your second birthday, and now you are speaking in sentences and adding new vocabulary every day.  As your communication has gotten better, so has your relationship with MG.  The two of you have become fast friends and you often go to her first for comfort (over Daddy or me).  She is very accommodating of you (most of the time) and is happy to act as a mother figure to you whenever you allow it.

You have also accomplished two other huge milestones: giving up your paci and potty training.  Both of these things you surprised me with how easy-going you were and remained for the duration.  I don’t know if I’ve ever met such a good-natured child as yourself and it’s something I thank God for often.

You love princesses (I’m not sure where this love was first sparked ;)), pajamas, books, singing, and imitating MG.  You would rather leave the house than stay home all day, and you’re a bit fickle with some foods but you will never turn down chocolate.

Beatrice means “bringer of joy”.  I love this name for many reasons but I was happy to incorporate it into our family because our family verse is “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY”  Psalm 126:3   I’m happy to say you have lived up to this meaning in a very literal way.  You have brought so much joy to our family; both by your gentle presence but also by your intentional efforts to do so.  My mental image of you is one with shiny eyes and a big smile on your face, scanning the room to see if everyone has heard the joke you just told.

xDSC_0234 2

Year four will bring the beginning of knowledge (preschool/Bea school), transitioning away from naps, and seeing you blossom more into the roles God gave you in our family: daughter & sister (both little and big).

You have brought so much delight to my heart and I am happy to call you mine!



Baby Name Game, Clue #9: Iambic Pentameter

Clue #8

Here we are, one day before my calculated due date, and no sign of baby!  I honestly didn’t think we would go this distance with this one, but it looks like we are well on our way to the 18th of May or beyond.  Today I detailed the house, went for a morning walk with friends (and plan to go again with the fam tonight), will have spicy chicken enchiladas for dinner, and I’m bouncing on my ball all the live long day.

With all of the Braxton Hicks I’m having, I’ve been told that it’s a sign my body is ready but the baby is not.  I don’t think she’s engaged yet, so that makes sense.  But….I’m really hoping to get this show on the road soon and avoid induction if at all possible.  (Part of me thinks she may just be holding out for my parents to arrive—Friday).  Third baby and already proving to be our wildcard.

But on to the clue…as I’ve mentioned in just about every clue, we are going to give this baby a nickname.  Names that lend themselves well to nicknames tend to be mouthfuls, and this one is no exception.

Clue #9: this baby’s full name will be a complete10 syllables long (not including our last name)

MG got “blessed” with 9, Bea with 10, and this baby is following in their footsteps

Bonus hint: Just like our other two girls, this baby will be mostly called by a TWO-SYLLABLE nickname.

Baby Name Game, Clue #8: In the name of tradition

Clue #7

Name spelling is a hotly debated topic in the baby name enthusiasts world.  Most of the enthusiasts agree that tradition trumps phonetics.

We have one daughter that has a more phonetically spelled nickname (MG) and the other has the traditional.  Both still occasionally run into problems (that darn ‘e’, is it long or short?)

Research would tell you that two of our chosen names for Mayby have various spellings, while the other one has a pretty traditional, common spelling.

Clue #8: with all three of our names, we have chosen the most traditional spelling

Bonus Hint: often feminine names have a male counterpart…i.e. Stephanie to Stephan or Danielle to Daniel.  None of our names have a masculine form (at least that I am aware of)

Clue #9

Tick Tock

Thirty eight weeks and I’ve hit my wall.  After all that “excitement” of pre-term labor symptoms a few weeks back, now it looks like she’s in no hurry to come.  So we wait, indefinitely.  And yet, we have to be prepared to go at any minute.  It’s a weird dichotomy and one I don’t thrive in.

I wish I was more patient, I wish I did pregnancy better, I wish I didn’t feel so miserable and could actually get some stuff done with all of this free time I have.  But each good idea produces another dilemma: I could take a nap, but then I won’t sleep well tonight.  I could create a sewing project to do, but then I would mess up my (for once) very clean sewing room.  I could do some extra cleaning but that just feels counterproductive right now and my patience is too thin to watch it unfold in front of me, knowing that I don’t live in this house alone. I could paint my nails, read those books on my nightstand, bake something, or any of a hundred other leisure activities that will be calling for me when my time with a newborn is short…but I can also excuse those away one by one for various, unimportant reasons.

So I pace and watch the clock, and wait.

It’s raining and chilly here in Indiana and we have a rare moment in the spotlight today.  I can’t help but wonder if we will be a disappointment to those who are watching us.  It seems we are all waiting for the weather to turn, the race to be over, the baby to come.

And those things aren’t ready yet, so we will wait…


Baby Name Game,Clue #7: guilty by association 

Clue #6

Being two (in some cases, former) educators, a lot of our baby name conversations involve shooting down each other’s suggestions due to previous associations.  “We can’t do ___ because I had one of those in class and s/he was always____”.    Even if we had a positive association with the name, often times it was just one student so it felt weird to use a baby name while having a visual image of only one other person who has the same name.

Having a child in preschool also lends an interesting dynamic to these conversations because we can see the names that seem to be trending upward and those names we also try to avoid.  No matter how unique a name is now, if it hits the top 50 in 5 years, no one will notice that you “used it first”.  (silly, but important to me)

So we’ve found the magic formula for naming our babies is to choose perhaps a more common name with a unique nickname.  The nickname needs to sound “on trend” without actually hitting the trend.  Make sense?

Clue #7 : Unlike our other girls’ names, we have previous associations with all 3 names (first, middle, nickname).  

This is a new one for us and it is initially why we didn’t entertain this name in the beginning. Ultimately we kept coming back to it and the associations are spread out enough (and more than one/varied) so we could justify it.

Bonus hint: two of the names have been featured on tv shows and it makes me a little nervous that it will sky rocket their popularity.  On the other hand, it could just make them a little bit more familiar to people who aren’t name enthusiasts, while they fly under the popularity radar for a few more years.  Fingers crossed for the latter!  

Clue #8

Baby Name Game, clue #6:Family Ties 

Clue #5

When it comes to naming our children, we often look first to our combined family trees.  Then we (and that means I) mash them up a little bit and play around with them to come up with something new but still, in my opinion, honoring.  Thankfully, N loves this idea just as much as I do and we have enjoyed telling our girls about the people they were named after and why.

Seeing how I also like vintage names, it helps that family trees often have a rich variety of names from the past.

Clue #6:  this baby will also have a name culled from our family tree

MG’s name honors 3 family members (it helps when two share a name!), Bea’s honors 4 (once again, 2 members share a name and one name is a mashup for the other 2).

This baby didn’t get quite as lucky in the family tree department but her name does honor someone significant to us.

Bonus Hint: although we didn’t necessarily choose it for this reason, one of her names has some Biblical roots

Clue #7

Eight months 

 Eight months today and feeling….well…not great?.?

It seems not a person can pass me by without asking me how I’m feeling, when the baby is coming, or what I’m having.  I don’t mind the attention, of course, but I’m getting tired of hearing myself repeating the same answer after answer.  The last question has incited a lot of enjoyable “mom of 3 girls stories” and I’m ever more excited to be welcomed into that circle.

I’ve hit a wave of nesting energy and I’m sleeping great at night.  I just wish I had the forte to tackle the one project on my list that is driving me the most crazy but seems the most out of reach (right now): cleaning up the yard beds.  I swear I will get a contraction one minute, glance out the window and see a weed the next and my body instantly recoils and says, “nope, not today”.

Admittedly, I have been unreasonably irritable lately (but nothing some vitamin D can’t fix, thank you, Lord, for the change of seasons), I am starting to experience some swelling (never had that in my other two pregnancies), and I have so much Relaxin flowing through my body that if someone were to tap me behind the knees, I think I would drop to the floor.

If you google the signs of early labor (trust me, I have), I’ve experienced pretty much everything on the list except for losing water.  This is the first time I’ve experienced any labor progress early, so I guess I am paying extra attention right now too.  On one hand I feel like my water could break any moment, on the other hand, I feel like it’s the third pregnancy so my body is extra jumpy and she will keep me waiting every single day of this last month.

This is also the first pregnancy where I’ve experienced any sort of Braxton Hicks but as of this past week, now I know why all the pregnant ladies complain about them.  Saturday night I had about three hours of non-painful ones coming every 10 minutes.  Obviously it didn’t amount to anything, and thankfully so because it still is just a bit too early, but I am starting to warm up to the idea of an April baby rather than a Mayby, if need be.

In the killing of time and burn of nesting, here are some projects I’ve made recently:


The girls decided I needed some extra additions in my hospital bag (which is mostly packed but I can’t quite bring myself to finish it yet):

See you in the next 4 weeks, Mayby!  We CAN’T WAIT to meet you -xoxo!



Four more weeks and the anticipation is reaching an all time high.  I’ve run out of project “to-do’s”, but the mailman just dropped off a huge box of fabric and I nearly squealed when I opened the door.

I had an ultrasound last week and although Mayby was head down with my placenta in front, we were able to catch a small glimpse of her face.  The tech printed off three pictures for me: one of her heartbeat, one of her little fingers covering her eyes, and a small capture of her face.  Really all that you can see of her face is the lower part of her nose and her lips, but it is enough.  I catch myself stopping to look at it every time I walk past it in a room.  Each time I examine it, I feel a little rush of love that grows stronger each time.  It is my only link to her right now, but it is enough.

I don’t remember the pregnancy anxiety being this strong with the other two.  I think it’s because five and a half years into motherhood, I’ve come to know so many tragic stories, their circle growing closer and closer into mine.  After she is born, I will worry over her breathing, constantly checking and reassuring at the sound.  But right now it is her kicking that is important and my only indication that she is okay.  Remembering to check for that, trying to keep up with the counts, wondering if I should be concerned when she has a slower day, that’s where the worry grows with the third.

Two of the girls in my MOPS group have had their babies and brought them to our meeting yesterday.  Both weighed around 6 pounds and all I could think was, “that’s probably how big my baby is right now.”

My emotions are extremely and embarrassingly quick at the moment.  I can cue up tears in a second.  Laughter and sorrow are so closely linked right now that they often inappropriately bleed into one another.  Last night at dinner, N was cracking me up with joke after joke, and the girls were joining in on the fun.  I was embarrassed at how much I was laughing and how I couldn’t reign it in, even after the humor should have subsided.  MG looked at me and said, “it looks like you’re crying.”  It was true; I had tears welling up in my eyes from the laughter.  But the way she said it, in a concerned and sensitive way, made me start really crying.  In about three seconds, I was sending her off to kindergarten and missing her presence and I almost had to leave the room for fear of having to explain myself for passionately sobbing.

Bea has been very affectionate lately, wanting to sit on me often and be next to me when possible.  I wonder how much I will be able to indulge her after Mayby’s arrival and that makes me cry a little bit for her.  She’s been the baby for nearly three years and now she is about to be replaced.  God blessed her with an even-keeled personality and I think she will take it in stride.

MG’s playroom is a short flight upstairs from my sewing room.  We can see each other and hear each other during our mutual work time but we’ve grown so comfortable with each other’s presence that we don’t disturb one another.  While I kneel on the floor, cutting my patterns and shuffling pins, she sits in her room, acting out her stories.  All of her stories involve princess characters, but each time the storyline is different.  Some of it is inspired, other parts are from her own imagination.  She also speaks as the narrator, “‘Don’t go that way, Aurora!’, Belle said.”  I pretend that I don’t listen, but I don’t think she minds much yet.

I wish I could sew all afternoon while the girls nap.  Truthfully, I can get a good hour in before my abdominal muscles begin to strain from bending forward so much and my back begins to ache from not sitting in a proper chair.  My stomach feels like an overfull water balloon and I sometimes worry that if I keel forward too suddenly, it will just pop.  N often comes home to me, a slug on the couch, extending my back over pillows in an effort to stretch out the muscles that are carrying all of the weight right now.

Our family is changing again. Four more weeks to capture these parts of it before they are changed for good.  My heart and mind are taking it all in for the very last time.   I feel it, the girls, I think feel it, and as much as we do to prepare for it, and talk about it, we don’t exactly know what we are coming into.  That is both really thrilling and really scary.  But we are ready.


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