Well, I’m thoroughly birthday-ed out.  Now that the festivities are over, time to practice a little etiquette and send out the thank-you’s.

This year I decided to do something fun and BONUS, it was also very cheap and pretty easy too!

sweet mama k thank you notes for kids

It’s no secret that I love Photoshop.  I own both the Elements version and Creative Suites.  The price tag isn’t for everyone though, and there are plenty of free versions online that you can use to do little projects here and there if you only use it minimally.

To create these notes, I chose my favorite picture from MG’s birthday.


I liked it because it very obviously screamed birthday and even though her face isn’t smiling, I think it represents her very well.  (sidenote: for some reason after the first of four blowing out experiences this year, she got skittish about doing it again….hence the apprehensive look on her face).  Also, nothing fancy here, this one is straight from the ol’ cell.

To create these cards,  I first made the photo black and white.


Then I played up the brightness and contrast using the appropriate editing tools (you want very high contrast for the photo to look good but play around with it so that you don’t lose too much detail, such as in the face)


Next I changed my color selector tool to BLACK and used the artistic overlays to turn my photo into a stamped appearance. (I used the stamp overlay, but there are others that would work too such as pencil, watercolor, etc)


I adjusted the slider a bit to add and take away some details that I felt were either important or not.  The main focal point is her face, so I want detail there and then secondly, the cupcake, which needs only to be suggested.

Once that was set, I placed the picture on a white 5″x7″ layer.  I placed it toward the top to leave room for the text at the bottom.  I then merged down the layers and used the eraser tool to delete some of the background details that took away from the image.  There’s no science here, just personal vision:

third thank you copy

Finally, I chose a font that had space inside (rosewood std) and wrote “THANK YOU” across the bottom.  I printed these out on white card stock and used a paper cutter to separate them.


DSC_0033 DSC_0018

I let MG color them (I helped…some :)) and write her own “notes” on the back. After musing over her different options, she chose crayons.  I could also see these working well with markers, colored pencil, or even watercolor (especially if printed on watercolor paper).  I then added a more detailed and personalized note on the back.  We always have leftover envelopes laying around which were used to send them to their final destination.


I love the way this project turned out and it literally cost me NOTHING….just a short quantity of nap time (okay which still counts for something).

Happy creating,

P.S. I didn’t go into overt detail when describing the steps I used to transform my picture since I’m not sure the background you have in PS or similar.  If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will attempt to clarify!

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