One more birthday post!

This one is a tradition I hope to continue as the girls grow.  I love to hear the kids’ answers and have them recorded for all time!

Third Birthday Interview

Note: I caught MG at a good time to play along and all of these answers were spoken without hesitation.  N was in the room and some of her answers really surprised us :)

what is your name? MG (except she gave the full version)

how old are you? 3

what is your favorite thing to do? eat lunch (appropriately right before the meal :))

what do you want to be when you grow up? huh….how about a teacher? (love this answer!! especially since we’ve never talked to her about or prepped her on it)

what is your favorite thing to eat? pink

who do you like to spend time with? Jessica (her second cousin who lives very close and has recently watched the girls for us.  MG also named a pretend horse after her which is a sure sign of affection)

what do you do really well? obey (good answer!  AND she HAS been listening all of those times I told her, “you did a good job obeying mommy!”)

what makes you laugh? fall down and it makes me laugh

what is the best time of day? winter (she’s been somewhat obsessive about seasons every since she started school.  almost every day without fail she asks, “is it fall or winter or spring or summer today?”)

what makes you afraid? storms (this one surprised me since she’s never talked about it before)

who is your best friend? Eli, Eli, ELI!!  (said without hesitation and WITH enthusiasm)

what do you like to do with your family? eat breakfast

what do you love to learn about? spring

where do you like to go? to culver’s (good girl)

what is your favorite book? cat in the hat (that came as a surprise)

tv show? monster’s show (no idea)

animal? zebras and cute little piggies that I’m rocking and I put them to sleep

where do you live? exer-show (??repeated multiple times, we could never figure it out??)

who lives in your family? grandma, granny and grampy, papa

when is your birthday? coming up soon! (…or in another year)

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