Growing up, my mom used to say that Mother’s Day was her favorite day of the year. I thought that was because she didn’t have to cook and clean, and maybe received something nice (if she was lucky) or useful from the fam.

Now that I’ve had a few under my belt, I understand that statement a bit more. The niceties are lovely and sentiments sweet but it goes beyond that.

I’ve spent a few minutes today unwinding on some social media outlets and reading through everyone’s tributes to their moms or motherhood. It is beautiful. I love the collective celebration that arises out of this Hallmark holiday to proclaim the value and honor in mothering.

Tributes from moms of 7, adoptive moms, first time moms, moms who struggled with infertility, men and women who had really fantastic moms and grandmoms. My heart is full reading these sweet statements. Though only a sentence or two at best, all are deeply full of stories about how these moms came to be and came to be remembered. Best. Day. Ever.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

To me it is a day to remember:

-how I always have someone to share my chocolate with, always

-how most mornings I am awakened to the sound of a little, squeaky stroller being wheeled into my room

-how pb&j’s are highly preferred over any kind of gourmet dish I could ever make

-how I really can’t remember the last time I got 8 uninterrupted hours. 11pm, 3am, 6am. . .I’m starting to learn the drill

-how leaving the house requires 6 steps, 1 hour of prep work, and 15 minutes

-how I haven’t heard a top 40 song in months, much less a nominated movie

-how often I can’t find anything at the store for myself, but always for them

-how every single errand is punctuated by questions and how those questions lead to more questions and how tired my brain is at the end of the day. She may be getting smarter, but I’m getting dumber :)

-how the most exciting thing I’ve added to my house thus far has been a playset

-how these two faces are the best gift I’ve ever been given



Happy Mother’s Day to all those blessed to be called Mama–in whatever form that may be,


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