Pardon all the sappiness but I’ve been doing so much reminiscing lately (as if you didn’t know-it’s been present in nearly all my posts this month!)

One year ago on the 12th was Mother’s Day. MG had broken her collarbone just a few days earlier and was still faithfully wearing her sling.


ThatΒ  Mother’s day, I remember feeling the tiniest twinge of something going on in my abdomen sometime that afternoon. When it began repeating, I began watching the clock. With some regularity, something was going on every 15 minutes or so. It felt very surreal to be so full of life on such a meaningful day.

For reasons we’ve now forgotten, we stayed up late that evening watching a movie. Perhaps it was simply the laissez-faire attitude we’d adopted knowing the end was near and to throw all self-imposed limitations out the window.

We watched the academy award winning movie Zero Dark Thirty which was very intense. Once again I felt something going, this time a little stronger and I was sure the squeezing and tightening were symptoms of early contractions. I watched the red numbers on the DVD player while simultaneously focusing on the movie. Sure enough they were coming with some regularity but too faint to be excited about.

After finishing and thoroughly dissecting the movie, I told N about the contractions. He became very excited but it was also a wake-up call that this thing could happen at any minute. It was the boost we needed to finish up some things around the house.

I slept horribly that night with contractions coming and going in my dreams. Early that morning I eventually gave in, allowed myself to fully wake up, and begin timing them on my contraction app. Wouldn’t you know it but the minute I began to time them they began to dissipate.

In a way I was relieved because the time just didn’t feel right yet and it allowed me to catch a few more hours of sleep before tackling another day.

That all took place one year ago and the story picks up again here. One year later, the memories are still so very vivid. We didn’t know she would be joining us just five days later but we knew our lives were on the cusp of a huge change!

I don’t know why all of these little details are so meaningful to me but I suppose if you are a mom you may sympathize: these stories are etched so deeply on our mommy hearts that we will carry them with us for many years.

This week we will be reminiscing and remembering how Bea entered our lives. On Sunday we will sing and eat cake and we plan to throw a more formal party for her sometime in June.


It has been one wild and wonderful year,

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