“Mommy , what do I want to be when I grow up?” she asked me this morning over breakfast.  Her hair was frizzy from the pillow and her eyes still dewy from sleep.  Some of our best conversation happen at this time.

My mind instantly connected the dots to her question.  She had been asked the same one by the dentist yesterday and thought a long time before confidently responding, “A princess.  Like Sleeping Beauty.”  I smiled to myself because this answer has moved away from the perhaps more realistic “teacher” and changed to fit her current obsession with the Disney story.

In a sweet gesture the dentist responded, “But you are already a princess!” which only seemed to confuse my little black and white girl.  There wasn’t time to explain though and the subject was changed and it didn’t come up again. . .until this morning.

“How about a mommy?  Or a teacher like Daddy?” I offered. “No, I don’t want to be a daddy!”  I caught my tongue before responding right away.  You could tell she had really been thinking about this question and had prepared something important to share with me.

I waited, and was rewarded.

“Maybe I want to be someone who watches the babies at church.  When babies come into the nursery, I will watch them.”


I couldn’t think of a more perfect “job” for you, MG.

From one sweet mama to the next,


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