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My Favorite

Thanksgiving (and the four weeks following) is my favorite holiday.

Why?  It kicks off with a to-die-for meal, it is highlighted my MG’s birthday (which is always shortly thereafter), and is culminated by Christmas and all of the festivity in between.

And to be honest, no other holiday really stands a chance because you still have to work through them and I pessimistically find most of them to be overrated…… take my praise for what you will :).  (and Christmas is great but I always get a little sad when it is over because January is right around the corner.  And speaking of sad, let’s not even talk about New Year’s…….)

Thanksgiving is a time for stories.  I (loosely) consider myself a story-teller and I love to reflect on the joy the LORD has brought into our lives every year.  It is a moment of defined peace and remembrance.

They say having a baby and moving are two of the three most stressful life events one can endure.  Yet, aside from a few intense moments, this year has felt decidedly peaceful.  I like to attribute that to God gently working His plan for our lives.


And I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you the things I’m thankful for this year:

-MG & Bea (of course).  My hear is bursting with joy for them

-N.  Shared joy multiplies itself tenfold.  So grateful to have him to share in and contribute to my joy.


-Our family. Many changes have come our way but our family is constant.  This year has taught me it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you have a pillow to lay your head on that is next to the ones you love.

-Our friends.  The new and the old.  The new friendships are exciting and encouraging.  The old are familiar and comfortable.  We are blessed to have both in a particularly tumultuous year.


Well thanksgiving lists don’t get much more cliche than that….but it had to be written.  Girls, I hope you are reading this some day after I am gone.  My hope is that you feel my love for you through my writings, but even more importantly, Jesus’s.  I hope you know you are the reason I write.  Love,


P.S. Taking some time off for all of the celebration/bucket listing.  Will be back to share about MG’s birthday next week!


What’s a Saturday if not for

sleeping in?

eating a hearty breakfast?

DSC_0134 DSC_0153

(Bea’s first time to try “real” food.  She seemed to like the taste on her fingers but found the texture a little “shudder-worthy”.  We did our own version of Baby-Led-Weaning with MG and plan to do the same with Bea.  The cues that she’s been giving us are getting grabby around food, using her hands to bring objects to her mouth, and she doesn’t always seem completely full after nursing.  I know, just looking at those cheeks makes you think she’s probably half-starved, right?? :))

painting tiny finger and toes “I want PINK, Mommy!”

IMG_4200 IMG_4198

crunching through piles of dried leaves while finding a brand new running route (and waving hello to some familiar faces….I love this town!)?

eating hot dogs at a football game (MG and Daddy)?

taking naps and catching up on computer work (Mommy and Bea)?

This is our first full Saturday in our new house and it’s been a while since we’ve had a true “lazy” Saturday.  We’ve got more family time on tap for tonight including a bonfire.  Can’t wait!  Feeling blessed to be settling into our new normal.


Remember When

note:  I’ve found my writing style to be a bit different lately.  possibly due to this current phase of life I’m in:  my head is foggy, my heart is mushy, and my hands are full. thanks for bearing with me as I find my new voice 🙂

Dear N,

Remember when we went to see Catfish in theaters, on a school night, at 11pm?  When we only had exactly two loads of laundry each week?  When we changed our sheets only once a week?


Remember when every night was date night?  When the determining factor in picking a restaurant was the menu and not how close it was or how high-chair friendly it is?

Remember when our cars were spotless?  When we could haul stuff around in the backseats because there weren’t 2 car seats and an explosion of toys?  When we didn’t look in the rearview mirror to see a little green frog-shaped potty?

Remember when we took a hip-hop dance class just for the fun of it (what were we thinking?)  And that time we slept in the guest bedroom for 6 weeks  just because we could?  When we used to sleep in and make biscuits and gravy on the weekend with those little fancy plates?


Remember when we used to turn the heat off at night to save a few pennies?  When we didn’t have to hide in the pantry to eat something sweet after dinner?  When we used to have “reading parties” at the supper table because we both enjoyed the silence? 

Remember when we used to just pick up and take off for the weekend (why didn’t we do that more??)?  When we picked up our phones, made a phone call, talked as long as we wanted, and then mindlessly put them down?  Remember when we thought our little ball of grey fluff was the cutest thing ever and that we’d never be able to give anything as much love as we gave to him?

I don’t much either.

Those were the old days, but they weren’t the good ones.  No, I’m quite certain that is what we have now,


Last Week…

…we enjoyed a wonderful visit to sunny California!

Each year, my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and us try to go on a vacation together.  This year it was quickly decided that our location should be my parents’ house in California.  We’d never done that altogether in the summer before..which lent itself to lots of new fun.

Plus, with Bea only being 6 weeks old, it was nice to be in a “homey” environment and meant less stuff to bring with us.  In fact, we survived with only carry-ons.  If you knew me prior to 2009, you know that is no small success 🙂

Many thought we were crazy flying two under three cross country on a plane.   But we just smiled at their sympathy.  This was going to be the easiest trip yet!  And it was!  Bea was smiley or sleeping both flights there and literally slept the entire two flights back.  MG had her own seat and is old enough to stay engaged with snacks, a new toy, art activities, and videos for all four flights.  Plus, having an entire row to ourselves now that MG gets her own seat was downright luxurious :).

Instead of overwhelming you with pictures, here is a little video I compiled.  Although, WARNING, might be a  little boring if you’re not family 🙂

{note: the firework monologue at the end cracks me up.  I tried to explain fireworks to her before we left and eventually showed her a youtube video to help her visualize them.   This was the result.


And after all that….times she covered her ears during the twenty minute show?  Zero}

I used Instagram video for some of the video clips in the movie which is one of my new favorite things…but more on that later.  Also, some of my new favorite mommy products, the complete transition to MG’s big girl bed, and lots of other stuff coming your way soon 🙂

Happy October: Day 7

This picture:

Original Photo Credit: Andy Wofford


makes me both happy and sad.  Happy because it is the site of many, many happy memories.  It is a picture of my grandparents’ house with a view from the driveway.  A place I have visited at least 2x a year since I was born.  A place that has changed only in scenary and landscape and is so familiar I could navigate it in my sleep.  The decor is the same, the smells–the same, the noises—the same.  After having moved four times in my life, I appreciate even more their house being the constant.  It is and has been the gathering place for many family reunions.
Sad because it won’t always be a part of my or MG’s future.
But I don’t want to think about that right now.  Deep down that thought is there, but it is suppressed by all of the good times of the past and the immediate times we look forward to in the near future.
Where is your happy constant?