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Baby Name Game: Clue #6

So far we’ve revealed that baby girl will have 3 names.

The third name will be a color name.

The other two names will be considerably feminine sounding.

She will have a formal name with a nickname.

Two out of the three of these names will have a vintage flair to them.

This week, we’d like to spoil that:


                                      Neither N or I have ever had a student by any of Mayby’s names.

Seeing as we have both spent a combined 11 years as teachers, plus another 5 in education-related jobs, both N and I have had our fair share of “I will never, ever be able to name a child that” moments.

These moments are the exception rather than the norm,


This means two things:

1) we don’t have any associations with her name (something that is important to me, simply for the unique factor.)


2) her name isn’t all that common right now (although I don’t necessarily see it staying that way…I have my eye on you, spawn of Kim Kardashian/Kate Middleton.

**Bonus hint: Jenna Bush Hager’s naming style is right down my alley.

Bonus hint #2: none of her 3 names nor nickname cracked the top 100 list last year.**)

Still intrigued? More next week,

clue #7

Baby Name Game: Clue #5

I can’t say that I’ve always loved my given name (I remember asking my mom around the age of 6 why she didn’t name me Aurora)

I especially didn’t like that in middle school and high school my name was one of dozens in my class.  When I went to college, I made the executive decision to shorten it from its already shortened version and have loved it ever since.  I think “Kate” just fits me.

The best part about my name though, in my opinion, is its versatility.  I have the option of my formal given name or dozens of nicknames.  For a girl who likes and knows her options, this has always been extremely appealing.

Clue #5

A nickname she will have.

Following in the footsteps of older sis (and, okay, both of her parents), Mayby will have a formal name that we will use rarely and a nickname that we will introduce her as.

Last week, when I referred to three parts of her name, I actually meant her two given names and her nickname.  Not her color name.  Felt like I had to clear that up since more than a few people thought my reference to gem meant we were naming her Ruby :).

More hints next week,

clue #6

Baby Name Game: Clue #4

Don’t you just love the Smucker’s birthday announcements on Good Morning America?  The endearing nature of  Willard Scott, the difference in pictures (glamour shots vs. 30 years younger vs. the non-smilers), and most of all the names.  I just love those “century-old” names that you rarely hear on anyone outside of the assisted livings today.

Can you guess where this is going?

Last week, we revealed that Mayby’s name will sound frilly and feminine.  This week, I’d like to add that:

Clue #4

Mayby’s name(s) will have a vintage flair.

One  part of her name has vintage appeal that traces the height of its popularity all the way back to the 1880’s.

A second part of her name has a more classic sound that has seen increasing popularity in recent years.

A third part of her name peaked in popularity in the 1910’s.  However, it too has steadily seen some growth in numbers by parents who are looking for a throw-back gem.

But why three parts?  More to come on that next week,

clue #5

Baby Name Game: Clue #3

Last week, we shared that Mayby’s name will have 3 parts and the third part will be  a color name.

The next few clues will focus on the first two names.

Clue #3

It’s a girl!

Traditionally, the remaining two names have always been girl names and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

When Mayby goes to school, the roster should immediately alert the teacher that she is a female. (and here is a bonus clue: one of Mayby’s names can be turned into a common male name with the addition/subtraction of a few letters…much like Stephan/Stephanie.  The other names cannot)

Overall, Mayby’s name will  lean more frilly, romantic, and feminine and less sporty, ambitious, or daring.

Tune in next week to find out which decade has been the most favorable to her name,

clue #4

Baby Name Game: Clue #2

Like I said last time, I have kept many lists of potential names throughout the years. Here is a look back at some of the names to have crossed my list (and off of it too):

5-6 years old: As a child, I loved baby dolls (no surprise there, MG).  I had three “My Child Dolls” which were a big deal for a while and they were named:

Emily (copied directly, and I mean directly after my cousin’s), Mallory, and Lucy

Then came Cabbage Patch dolls and it felt wrong to name them anything other then what their birth certificates christened them.  Mine were:

Sherry (ironically), Yolanda, Dustin (a name which, no offense, my mom abhors and has made me swear up and down that I would never name a son that.  Also ironic.)

7-9 years: I received one of my deepest desires–a doll that looked and felt like a real baby.  I blessed her as

Ruth Jane

had she been a boy? Peter.  I thought long and hard about those names and I remember them feeling “just right”.

9-11 years: I went through a (weird?) French phase and was really into having triplet sets of kids with similar names:

Collette, Babbette, Suzette

12-14 years: And then middle school came and my list became decidedly American

Kimberlie, Jacqueline, Kori/Korinne (Korinne was one of the first names that I ever truly fell in love with.  No idea what the inspiration was behind it, but I still smile extra big every time I meet a living one), Joshua, Tommy, Jason

15-16 years: Then I took Spanish class and (<<squeal>>) we got to pick our own names that the teacher would call us by every single day!!!  I carefully poured over the list of Spanish monikers and chose after much consideration


Still love it (especially with the “f”, as opposed to the “ph”).  Too bad about 7 years later it exploded in popularity.

Senior year, I made the leap from Sofia to


as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty had been a favorite since childhood.  (But not sure it exactly rolls of the Spanish tongue)

18 years: In high school, my favorite names began to sound a bit more preppy.  My “Baby Think It Over” in Child Development Class was thoughtfully named

Peyton Reed (boy) (long before “Peyton” became a unisex name)

College: My names swung a bit hippy

Willow, Sierra (another name that I truly, truly loved but has since been ruined), Mara, Malachi, Jonah, Cohen

Early Marriage: I put N through the gamut of names. I loved creative and unique names from place names and nouns to the Old Southern namesake names.   Because these names were all wildcards (for me), they didn’t last long on my list, but I had fun dreaming them up:

Mercedes, Stila, Hartley, Arden, Luna,

Gunner, Arlo, Emmett

N, the ever conservative, probably wouldn’t have gone for them anyway; but one phase we did go through together was a color phase.  We thought it would be fun if we had twins to name them matching color names.

That phase didn’t last, but our inspiration did.

Clue #2:

MAYBY’s third name will be the name of a color.  Just like MG’s.  This allows us to add a little unconventional flair to her name that really won’t be present in any documents other than her birth certificate and SS card.  Because of this reason alone, I debated continuing with the trend of a second middle name, but Daddy (ever the second-child-advocate) insisted.  And I’m glad that he did.  I just didn’t want to make the decision all by myself.

Considering MG’s color name is a name that you may not have heard before (unless you are an oil painter or Pantone color wheel enthusiast), you can probably (safely) bet that this baby’s will be something other than Scarlett, Violet, Amber, et. al.  But I’ve said too much already 🙂

More about her first two (and more commonly used) names next Friday,

clue #3

Baby Name Game: Clue #1

*In case you missed it, I posted a Baby Name Game: Intro yesterday and you should probably read that first*

My love for names reaches all the way back to when I was a little girl as I would keep lists of potential names for all of my future children (back then, I wanted at least a dozen because that meant more naming possibilities :)).  My list has grown and shrunk, been crossed through and thought over many times since then.  But probably THE MOST important thing to me is finding a baby name that I have loved for longer than a few months.  Knowing how impulsive I can be (and more importantly, how often I change my mind!), I want to make sure it is a name that has lasting value for us and not just a crazy fling that we later regret (ahem,  Rainbow Aurora*).

(*latest celebrity name to come across my newsfeed)

While I mentioned last time that I love hearing other people’s choices for their babies, it is incredibly difficult for me to truly name my own.  Whenever I hear my friends choices, I usually think, “Wow–that is a perfect baby name for them, but it definitely won’t work for us.”  So on top of wanting to find a name that we like for a reasonable amount of time; combined with a husband who has absolutely no suggestions, just vetoes (but really, I’m okay with that); and a wife (i.e. me) that thinks way too much about baby names and could talk about them for days; coupled with the pressure of finding the perfect gem in a sea of names; well you can see this is a  role that I take none too lightly :).

Understandably, Mayby’s name has been in the works for a few years.

When MG was born, we kept her name completely quiet until her birthday and had a few potentials on standby, just in case.  I mean, what if she didn’t look like an MG?  But since then, we’ve scrapped those second and third place names (and really, how can you give another child your second place name :)?) and found some new inspiration.

When MG was about 4 months old I had a burning desire to officially name her siblings.  With no potential names on our short list and the possibility of more children in the future, I wanted to find something to fall in love with for a few years before we had to think about it again.  And that’s when we came up with Mayby’s name.

Naming subsequent children is much, much harder than naming the first.  (parents, am I right?)  You have to find a name that not only works well with your first child’s name, but that you love just as much too.  Add to that: must work well with your last name, must have a good standing with Google, must not sound too similar or too different when said with eldest child’s name,  must have strong initials (and monogramming ability, of course), and must take into consideration room for future children (if you so desire)

Whew, talk about stress.

But after all of that, we found her name.  Mama suggested it, Daddy loved it (so much so, he said, “that’s the one!” and began calling our future daughter that before we were even pregnant.  This was such a rarity that I knew it was the one.)

One the day of our gender ultrasound, after hearing those beautiful words, “Well I think you can expect another little girl!”, we finalized it.  We carefully poured over the spelling, questioned a few potential changes, and then said it aloud over and over.  And that was it.  Her name was set.  (and shortly thereafter, MG picked up on it so there was no turning back even if we wanted too :))

So, without further ado, the first clue is:

MAYBY will have 3 names.

As in a first, two middle and a last.  ( I know, how very royal couple of us).  This is keeping in the tradition of  Daddy,’s Mama’s, and MG’s names.  We all have two middle names.

To read further how these names will be arranged, join us next Friday,

clue #2

The Baby Name Game: Intro

If you know me well, you know that I have a thing for baby names.  I have strong opinions about what people should/should not name their child.  Name a celebrity and I can tell you the name of their children (I have to keep current on what names are trending these days :)).  And you better believe one of the first things I did when I visited MG’s preschool was sneak a peak at a list of all the students.  (mostly because I wanted to make sure Mayby’s wasn’t springing up everywhere but also because I wanted to get an image of what MG’s friends and classmates would look like.)

One of my very favorite things about being in this season of life is having so many pregnant friends.  I love the nine months of anticipation, the changes that we laugh about going on in our bodies, and most of all, I love hearing the names that my friends choose.  When I hear the chosen name, whether it be 4.5 months in, or on the day of their baby’s birth, it affects me.  I think about it, I roll it around on my tongue, I make a mental image of what that child will look like.  Hearing the name that will be said for the rest of their life is nothing less than an earth-stopping moment for me.

And that’s why we like to keep our baby names secret.  I revel in that very dramatic moment of the all important name reveal on the day of their birth.

All that being said, I’ve decided that I’m feeling brave enough to let you in on a few clues to our baby’s name. From here on out there will be one clue posted every Friday (fingers crossed) until she’s born (starting tomorrow)

The purpose of the clues is NOT that you will be able to guess her name, but just that you can have a hint about what to expect (and if you do happen to guess her name, we still won’t tell you :)), to build some excitement/intrigue, and just like Big Sister’s, Mayby’s name has some backstory behind it.  So the more we explain now, the less we will have to explain later.  Make sense?

If you want a real clue to guessing her name, simply mention the following words to MG: “sister”, “tummy”, “baby coming”, “girl”, “belly”, etc.  She has picked up on the baby’s name and has been freely airing it for about the last ten weeks (not that you’d be able to understand her), but it’s made for a lot of awkward conversation as people say, “what is she saying”?  And we either play dumb or move on while she continues to cock her head and say, “Mayby, Mayby, Mayby, Mayby” (like don’t you understand??).  Endearing and funny at the same time.

So there ya go.

Clue #1 coming your way on Friday (tomorrow).

clue #1

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