It seems as though just about every week there is a new baby announcement amongst friends and acquaintances.  For every month between now and February, I know of a baby due within my circle.  How exciting!  This season of life has to be one of my favorites: I love the anticipation of the gender, the stats, the name (quite possibly my favorite part), the hair or no hair, the guess to determine who he/she resembles, and all of the shared love and joy that goes into welcoming new life.
In the next four weeks, I have four baby showers (!)  Two out of the four, I am heavily involved in.
Yesterday was one of those two.
We met in Chicago to celebrate Baby P (coming in about six weeks, give or take).
(Baby K coming in October!)
Seeing as Baby P’s name has not yet been revealed, and that in the meantime, her nickname has been dubbed “Little Pea”, we concluded that a Sweet Pea Garden theme was only appropriate.
Baby Wishes from each guest were written for Baby P to one day read.
(free printable found here from unitednotions)
And what would a baby shower be without a little friendly competition??
(Don’t worry, Baby P, we all know you will be a lot cuter 🙂 )
(for the record, I was off.  Way off.  I guess you could consider it payback??)
(mildly inappropriate jokes were made at the expense of pregnant women all around the world.  it IS a baby shower afterall 😉 )
And of course the best part of the party–the presents!
After signing the guest book,
(carrying on tradition, we framed a beautiful pregnancy picture of Mrs. P and signed our names to it.  I still have the one I was given at my shower for MG and it sits in her room next to the rocker.  I often would read and reread my friends’ wishes as I would feed her late at night.  So special.)
and then guests were given a “dirt cup” and, fittingly, sweet pea seeds to take home.
This shower was a wonderful celebration of new life and a reminder of what a fun and joyous season this is.  Baby Shower Season is officially open! Hurray!