Last Thursday (we go to church on Thursday night so we can save Sunday for an entire day of family), we had our Sweet Bea dedicated at church.

As I was laying out the clothes for the girls (smocked of course 🙂 :)).  I contracted a case of the butterflies.  This is one of those days in your child’s life that you only get to do once.  It takes up an entire page in their baby book, and is one of those milestone events that you will someday explain to them.  The fact that we’ve been able to do this now twice is simply put: a dream come true.

That night we stood on the stage physically in front of a few family and friends, but also spiritually beneath a great cloud of witnesses, both on earth and those who have passed before us.  They will hold us accountable to the promise we made that night to raise our Bea in a home that honors, loves, and obeys the LORD and teaches her to do the same.  We will.

Before we were called to the stage, the evening opened with worship and the team belted out the most beautiful country version of “I’ll Fly Away”.  This was the first time MG was in the service with us, but I am proud to say she was able to sing along as this is in our nightly bedtime lullaby rotation.  As I watched her sing with Daddy encircling her, clapping her hands, looking down at sweet Bea resting in my arms, I was overcome with emotion.


This, this is what I imagine, pray, dream Heaven to be.

May you follow us there, dear girls,