sixteen months

Sixteen Months

If anyone has any ideas on how to get a sixteen month old to sit still and look happy?  bemused? pleasant? for a picture, I’m all ears.



At sixteen months, Bea is down to one solid nap…and as much as I held on to her morning nap, this change has been wonderful.  She’s adjusted her mornings to sleep in till about 8 and then will take a 3-4 hour afternoon snooze.  I remember there was a golden window of napping with MG similar to this so I am soaking it in while it lasts.

Drooling, rashing, and chewing are at an all time high.  I think I’ve been able to spot molars and eyeteeth, but she doesn’t let me get too close.  Biting (sister) has also become a small problem.


Bea is adding a few words and actions to her communication skills.  She definitely knows how to get her ideas across to us and can be quite LOUD when she wants something.  But of course we all melt when she gives us our requested kisses.


Climbing is my new worst enemy.  The dining room table, the top of the playground, the window ledge; there is nary a place she is afraid to go.  Thankfully MG keeps vigil over her if I have to leave the room for a minute and lets me know if she is someplace she shouldn’t be.  I don’t think the girl is afraid of anything save for swings and being “tossed” in the air.


Separation anxiety started up this month and just getting close to the nursery doors sets her off.  Thankfully I’ve been able to leave her with sitters and grandmas as long as she doesn’t physically see me leave.  This is one area that has been a lot easier with the second.  Having MG around even when we’re gone helps normalize things for her.

A few nights ago I watched some old videos of MG around this age and just a little bit older.  I can’t believe the shift that happens between ages 1 and 2.  We are starting to see glimpses of that now and even so it is hard to imagine her talking clearly to us! We are mere months away from that.

Finally, here is a short video of some of her cute antics and the girls’ new favorite game:





There’s a new mayor in M town.

Or at least she would like to think so.

Little Miss thinks she’s running the ship around here and we are all to be at her beckoned call.

Sorry, hunny, things haven’t been that way since you were…oh… about six weeks old?

Needless to say, we are working on big words like obedience, come, and no.

And while this little training course has sucked some of the fun out of this month, now that we are nearing its’ end we have seen some very positive changes in MG’s behavior. Less tantrums, more compliance.  Less tears of frustrations, more smiles of joy (on both ends).  Less throwing toys across the room, more asking for help.  Cheers all around!

The biggest barrier seems to be communication.  She can’t tell us what she wants, so often conversations dissolve into fits and tears.  We can’t explain to her in toddler language why she can’t go in the street, so we have to tell her to stop and expect her to obey.  Just because we said so.  This is hard stuff, folks.

Plus, we’re at the height of stranger danger.  My friendly, happy-go-lucky baby now only wants Mama to do it and no one else may hold me, thank you very much!  The pediatrician assured me this was normal and said something along the lines of, “They all cry like this at the 15month and 18month well-babies.  It’s just this age.”  Phew.  Then as we were leaving she dropped this ego-buster on me, “Wow, you’ve got a feisty one there.”  Just what every Mama wants to hear after a long day!

Oh my little feisty one.  You certainly have a flair for drama!  You are mimicking everything we do: throwing paper in the trash (even paper that isn’t trash), clapping your hands along with the contestants on Wheel of Fortune, smiling cheesy smiles back at us, recreating noises that you hear Mama and Daddy make, slapping your hands on the ottoman to the beat of a song, attempting to dress yourself, pointing to, blowing on the hot spoon before you put in your mouth, trying to feed Mama your leftover cheese, passing us the clean utensils from the dishwasher to be put away and more.  Each day is a new wonder with you.  And despite all of your feistiness, we’ve seen plenty of sugar and spice and everything nice from you too.

So let’s try and channel that drama a bit next month, shall we?
(Just because we’re your parents doesn’t mean we don’t have some learning to do too.  So go easy on us.) Otherwise, you may end up as an only child.  (this is not a threat)

Love ya bunches and bunches,