weekend recap


{In case you missed it, here some of the previous house updates we’ve done.}

The weather is beautiful here today.  Seventy-five, sunny, and partly breezy.  More early than late fall.  We ran out early this morning and finished our Monday errands and then ate lunch and did schoolwork (sidewalk chalk alphabet of course) outside.



It was heavenly.  I’m trying really hard not to let my mind believe what my body is telling me…that spring is around the corner.  But I’m not trying too hard, because I am of the opinion that a little ignorance never hurt anybody.

IMG_2549 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_2479 IMG_2544 (a few other fall pics snapped this week)

N was on fall break this past week and we took advantage of his time at home to get some house work accomplished.  One of our awesome sitters (holla for living in a small town in between two Christian universities) came over on Thursday and then Grandma came over on Friday, freeing up even more of our time to work.

And on that note, we put the finishing touches on the powder room!  The first room in the house to be completely d-o-n-e (for now :))!

IMG_2579 aIMG_0639 IMG_2576

bDSC_0046 bDSC_0044

(The paint color is Old Navy by Benjamin Moore.  Light fixtures are from Lowe’s.  Mirror is antique.  Shelves are made by Nate.  Illustrations on wall are from artist Mari Kloeppel)

Also, we had our fireplace installed this weekend(!!!!!!!!)  I am so incredibly excited to have a fireplace; I’ve been dreaming about one for the past 8 years.


It’s about 85% finished so more pics to come.

We’ve moved upstairs and started work in the hallway.  We didn’t have ANY hallways in our last house so I’ve had fun dreaming up possibilities for this little space.


After the stairs are finished being painted (no they won’t stay both grey and white–just grey–this was just N’s genius way of painting them while we were still able to use them) we will lay down a runner.bDSC_0056 bDSC_0049

We hung a “hometown” gallery wall in the hallway.  You can purchase some art like this for yourself in my shop 🙂


(the pink barn and field are well-known landmarks near where we fell in love <3)


N started tearing up the hallway carpeting and I think we will lay down a herringbone patterned wood floor…ideally made from an old, dead tree we cut down in the yard.  Wouldn’t that be amazing if it worked??

Next up: the wall of books to go in the “library”, painting the upstairs, and a fun little project I am working on for the upstairs hallway.

bDSC_0042 bDSC_0040

Stay tuned!!



What’s a Saturday if not for

sleeping in?

eating a hearty breakfast?

DSC_0134 DSC_0153

(Bea’s first time to try “real” food.  She seemed to like the taste on her fingers but found the texture a little “shudder-worthy”.  We did our own version of Baby-Led-Weaning with MG and plan to do the same with Bea.  The cues that she’s been giving us are getting grabby around food, using her hands to bring objects to her mouth, and she doesn’t always seem completely full after nursing.  I know, just looking at those cheeks makes you think she’s probably half-starved, right?? :))

painting tiny finger and toes “I want PINK, Mommy!”

IMG_4200 IMG_4198

crunching through piles of dried leaves while finding a brand new running route (and waving hello to some familiar faces….I love this town!)?

eating hot dogs at a football game (MG and Daddy)?

taking naps and catching up on computer work (Mommy and Bea)?

This is our first full Saturday in our new house and it’s been a while since we’ve had a true “lazy” Saturday.  We’ve got more family time on tap for tonight including a bonfire.  Can’t wait!  Feeling blessed to be settling into our new normal.



Here is a quick look at our (extended) weekend:

-Wednesday night: went to a huge kids consignment sale (my favorite).  Spent less than $100, walked away with a few outfits, about 8 pairs of shoes/boots (including pedipeds and some nice suede boots), a “my brest friend” {for future “hopeful” babies}, and all of these toys:

It was a huge success!  And I got to do it alongside a few girlfriends who all have kids around MG’s age so they helped me decide what to keep and what not to buy (but they all have boys so there was no competition for me :)).  The best!

-Thursday & Friday morning: MG and I had our usual book/cuddle time when she woke up.  I asked her if she was ready for breakfast and she enthusiastically replied, “Yeah”.  I let her lead the way and as soon as she exited her room, she looked to her left and then did a DOUBLE-take when she saw the new toys.  She instantly gravitated towards the baby/carseat, pug purse and shopping cart (the rest of the toys were stored for a later day).


She decided that she no longer wanted breakfast.  Note that this happened two days in a row.  Well, make that four if you include Saturday and Sunday.  Which you should.

-Friday MG stayed busily happy with her new stuff and I worked up a frenzy of adrenaline that I had been waiting on for about two months now.  I started on one end of the house, cleaning out my closet and weeding out clothes that I had not worn for over a year.  At least.  This gust (and a happily playing child) led me to the next closet (guest bedroom) and then finally to MG’s closet to pack away summer and pull out fall (made more fun by the addition of newly acquired clothes).  It went so well that we never even changed out of our pj’s nor stopped for a mid-morning snack.  We finally ate lunch at 1:45pm and then exhausted, we both napped.  Here is the end result:

Surprised I have any clothes left?  Me too.  While I can happily rest in the fact that the nursery and guest closet will most likely stay fresh and organized until spring, I have a feeling that my closet will all too easily become stuffed again long before that. What can I say? Clothes shopping is my favorite past time!

-Saturday was the 1/2 price consignment sale (where I managed to snag a few more desired items…including these cute Matilda Jane pants),


followed by the cutest Elmo birthday party for a little friend, visiting with Grandma and home just in time for a long nap. It was capped off by a spontaneous overnight visit from some dear friends, Mexican food, and staying up too late laughing and sharing around the chiminea pot.  S’mores most definitely included.  A perfect entry into fall.

-Sunday was breakfast out at a local diner & the best bacon & cheese omelet I’ve ever laid on my tongue.  We walked around the local historic park in the breezy morning and then it was an early nap for the little one.

-The fun continued into the night with more family: both of the facetime and tangible variety, one gluten-free
Gigi’s cupcake, Panera bread company, and watching our girly girl dig around in the dirt.  Which, of course, warranted a quick pre-bed bath.

May there be many more weekends of this exact flavor in our near future!