what are you

What are you…

Seems like now is as good a time as any to do one of these…

Eating:  Tonight hot dogs and s’mores!  On my menu this week: chili, BBQ chicken, and anything Fall related.

Watching: N and I watch Project Runway together on the weekends while folding laundry.  It’s one of the few reality contest type shows he can handle.  We always find ourselves in an interesting discussion over who should stay and who should go.  We don’t always agree with the judges, or each other.

Patiently waiting for Fixer Upper to return…

Listening: Pandora, shuffled, is a favorite while I’m working and I’m still heavily into my podcasts.  This American Life and Radiolab top the list but I will try anything in the top charts once.

ReadingDead Wake   I found it a bit dry in the beginning at times, but it builds to a very suspenseful near-end followed by a very haunting end.  Next in my queue is Station Eleven.  A “new” Kindle acquirement has opened up even more book possibilities.

Working on: Well I have intentionally let SMM slow down to a crawl.  I’m taking on about 1-2 custom orders a week which allows me plenty of flexibility with my time.  Burning the candle at both ends burnt me out for a while but I am managing my time better with more of it to spare.  I also hope to channel this free time into more writing…

Writing should be less stressful as I plan to tackle a computer organization/overhaul in the next few weeks.  I finally found an external hard drive that should work for my Mac and I hope to transfer over all of our old pictures onto it.  The new iCloud plans have also come at the perfect time and I’ve been playing around with how to virtually store pictures on there.  You may have notice that my posts have been a little picture-lacking this year, well hopefully this change will help that moving forward.

Looking forward to: September is always a full month.  Last weekend was spent in Nashville with my sister and cousin for a much needed girls weekend.  Tomorrow is the big baby consignment sale followed by MOMcon this weekend.  I also have an upcoming Salt Lake City trip planned, a visit from Granny to look forward to, the startup of MOPS and Bible study, N’s birthday, and the seasonal fall activities all in the near future. It’s no wonder that winter always feels like a letdown!


What are you…

Time  for another round of what are you…

Eating:  Anything with strawberries!  We went picking last week and have made strawberry muffins, pancakes, and waffles for breakfast almost everyday since.  Other than that, a little boring.  Tonight we are having turkey, mozzarella, and spinach meatballs.

Watching: Not much of anything.  Too busy to sit down for a show and our Internet (satellite) is the pits here.  Easily my least favorite thing about living in the country.

Listening: On the other hand, I have been listening to so many podcasts lately both as I drive to and work around the house.  I’ve been on a This American Life kick lately. If you are new to the show, start here.  I didn’t, but most of my faves are on the list. (currently working my way through the short list)

Reading:  Fiction: Defending Jacob, Empty Mansions

Nonfiction: Really intrigued by Spiritual Mothering.  Haven’t read it yet, but it’s in my queue.

Working on: oh just the never-ending house list.  N has been ripping out ceiling wainscotting and whitewashing the planks underneath.  I have been painting trim and banisters.  Pricing out carpet, wood, and tile for upstairs.  Doesn’t get much more “welcome to adulthood” than that!

Looking forward to: Other than our upcoming family vacation (!!), just simply enjoying the spoils of summer.  Having N around is always a luxury.  Time has just creeped along this week as everyday has felt like a Saturday.  We have picnicked, zooed, biked, field tripped, and just soaked up time together.  Both of the girls really seem to eat up all of the extra attention.  I love it too.


What are you….

Eating:  Perhaps it’s the winter blahs, perhaps it’sBea’s growth spurt but I have been extra hungry lately.  These days my weapon of choice is

photo 2

pistachios and pears…..

photo 3

with a healthy slice of chocolate pie for good measure

Watching: We have been watching so much Netflix lately.  At night we watch documentaries and I shared already (on Facebook) my top 10 favorites, but I thought I’d share them on here too:

1. Undefeated
2.The Queen of Versailles
3. Blackfish
4. Nursery University
5. The Business of Being Born/Pregnant in America (prob only interesting if you are pregnant and or wanting a natural birth)
6. The Lottery
7. The Hollywood Complex
8. Holy Rollers

9. Becoming Chaz

10. It’s a Girl

(all of these docs received a 5 star rating from me based on their ability to make me think, how much they piqued my interest and/or how long they stayed with me)

Also…balancing all of this seriousness with a little, mindless 19 Kids & Counting….which makes me really want to move to a farm and have a really big family.

ReadingRules of Civility by Amor Towles.  Very good so far, in a Gatsby-ish way.  Balancing all of the mush with a little Nourishing Traditions.  (which makes me REALLY want to move to a farm and have a big family)

Working on: my sewing has slowed, although I still have an A-line project to finish.  Currently, I am wrapping up our 2013 family scrapbook and updating Bea’s baby book.

Balancing all of this sitting by adding in some new workout sessions to keep things entertaining.

Looking forward to: SPRING, SUMMER, HEAT!  I don’t handle this cold too well…and apparently neither does the rental house.  Dreaming up a family vacation for this summer.


……balancing this of course, by not wishing time away,