Nine Months


Well today is officially my due date and I honestly never thought I’d make it to this point (especially since I calculated my due date to be more like a week ago!).  Everyone says the third child is a wildcard and I’m definitely buying into that.

Truthfully I’m glad she didn’t come today or yesterday so that I can be present for Bea’s birthday.  And…the further away from this date we go, the easier it will be to celebrate both girls in the future, I’m sure.  I had a long appointment yesterday with my doctor and the whole workup (ultrasound, NST, etc). I’ve mentioned before that I’ve carried some anxiety with me throughout this pregnancy and it was nice to get some good feedback. Ever since then, I’ve been feeling more positive and peaceful than I’ve felt this entire month.  Not only has this month been tough physically (you should see my bed-rolling-over-skills :)), but also mentally (being ready to go at any moment and yet having to wait for an unknown length of time).

My parents have both been here and my mom is staying for the duration.  It certainly relieves some stress knowing we can leave at a moment’s notice without having to arrange childcare for the girls.  Bonus: we’ve been eating like kings and my house has never been cleaner.  Plus the girls are doing well with all of the extra attention they’ve been receiving.  It is tempting to just live like this for a while!

After seeing the doc yesterday, it made it all the more clear that the end is in sight and I should just enjoy this time I have left with the girls and N before things change…permanently.

We did get some good answers at the appointment for why my body seems prepped for labor but it hasn’t happened yet (i.e. tons of Braxton Hicks and other early labor symptoms).  The baby is floating around and high in a lot of fluid (on the higher end of average).  She is presenting posterior, so not exactly favorable for engaging and starting the process.  The best we can hope for is for her to turn face down before my water breaks and then it should go (hopefully) pretty quickly after.  I’ve been given some good tips on how to get her to turn so I’ll be working on that as much as possible in the upcoming days!

It was fun to see her on the big screen again, although she was too big to get any good shots of her face.  When the tech first pulled her up, she commented on what a big baby she was based on her chubby cheeks and arms (this is totally expected since my other two were upper 8’s!), but then when she did the measurements, she came more in the 6-7lb range.  I know these late ultrasounds can be very off size wise but I was still surprised to hear that and I am certain it is at least somewhat inaccurate.  The best part of the ultrasound was when she said, “it looks like she has a ton of hair!” and then pointed out some hair waving around on the back of her head.  I never know if I’m going to get one with hair or not so this was especially comforting to hear-ha!

Any day now and sometime in the next two weeks I guess all of these mysteries will be revealed!  I’m starting to find some fun in the anticipation of it and I think it helps knowing there is a definite end in sight.

(Final name clue to come tomorrow)


Eight months 

 Eight months today and feeling….well…not great?.?

It seems not a person can pass me by without asking me how I’m feeling, when the baby is coming, or what I’m having.  I don’t mind the attention, of course, but I’m getting tired of hearing myself repeating the same answer after answer.  The last question has incited a lot of enjoyable “mom of 3 girls stories” and I’m ever more excited to be welcomed into that circle.

I’ve hit a wave of nesting energy and I’m sleeping great at night.  I just wish I had the forte to tackle the one project on my list that is driving me the most crazy but seems the most out of reach (right now): cleaning up the yard beds.  I swear I will get a contraction one minute, glance out the window and see a weed the next and my body instantly recoils and says, “nope, not today”.

Admittedly, I have been unreasonably irritable lately (but nothing some vitamin D can’t fix, thank you, Lord, for the change of seasons), I am starting to experience some swelling (never had that in my other two pregnancies), and I have so much Relaxin flowing through my body that if someone were to tap me behind the knees, I think I would drop to the floor.

If you google the signs of early labor (trust me, I have), I’ve experienced pretty much everything on the list except for losing water.  This is the first time I’ve experienced any labor progress early, so I guess I am paying extra attention right now too.  On one hand I feel like my water could break any moment, on the other hand, I feel like it’s the third pregnancy so my body is extra jumpy and she will keep me waiting every single day of this last month.

This is also the first pregnancy where I’ve experienced any sort of Braxton Hicks but as of this past week, now I know why all the pregnant ladies complain about them.  Saturday night I had about three hours of non-painful ones coming every 10 minutes.  Obviously it didn’t amount to anything, and thankfully so because it still is just a bit too early, but I am starting to warm up to the idea of an April baby rather than a Mayby, if need be.

In the killing of time and burn of nesting, here are some projects I’ve made recently:


The girls decided I needed some extra additions in my hospital bag (which is mostly packed but I can’t quite bring myself to finish it yet):

See you in the next 4 weeks, Mayby!  We CAN’T WAIT to meet you -xoxo!


Lettuce Have a Baby 

Today marks 7 months, or just over 32 weeks.  Now that we are in the single digits for weeks remaining, time is just flying!

The baby is the size of a head of lettuce (but it went from a butternut squash, to a coconut, to a lettuce so not sure what that’s about).  She weighs four pounds and has almost reached the length she’ll be when we meet her.   So basically from here on out, she just fattens up and gets ready for birth. (Sounds familiar ?)

Speaking of fattening up, I am feeling so large and maxed out.  My skin feels tight and stretched to impossible proportions.  I’m just not sure how (or where!) I’m going to continue to grow for two more months.  At the same time, the thought of bringing home a newborn right now is a little frightening, so thinking about having two more months to prepare for that feels necessary.

Physically speaking, I’ve been sewing a few more items and buying a few little things here and there to make this birth special.  I’ve washed and prepped all of the newborn clothes and they’re all hanging up in her closet.  I don’t think I will do very much to the already existing nursery, except kick Bea out at some point-ha!

Last time I wrote that I thought she may be transverse, but I’m pretty sure I felt her move that very same day to head down and I would bet that she is still there now.  The trick is to keep her that way and also for her not to be sunny side up like MG, because back labor is for the birds. (so for whomever prayed for her to move head down last time, can you keep up your prayers for me??)

My bladder feels like it has a bowling ball on it and my stomach, cramped in place, has lost it’s voracious appetite of the early days.  I can never get enough water, however, and it must be ice, ice cold.  This baby is so high up that I have no waist left whatsoever (speaking of bowling balls….).  I hate bending over and will avoid it at all costs if possible.  Thankfully my girls, who naturally are a lot closer to the ground, are willing to retrieve dropped items for me, saving me the agony whenever possible. My skin is so veiny, it is almost purple, and a nurse confirmed that “I’m a bleeder” after giving me a shot in the arm.  Basically I’m a walking pregnancy ad.

I’m still sleeping well and praying off insomnia for now.  I’m starting to get a little more energy back in the afternoons but a busy day really wipes me out more so than ever.

Mentally, my preparation has been a bit off.  I haven’t given much thought to labor or even very much about the logistics of getting the girls taken care of while traveling the hour to the hospital.  I think this is mostly because I know I can’t control either of those things so I find it easier not to overthink them.

I have been feeling a lot of stress this month, especially, and I don’t know if it’s coming from something external or just an off-shoot of the aforementioned attempt at not being stressed.  With MG, I was blissfully excited and a little naive; with Bea, I feared labor and delivery, but this stress feels different than both of those feelings.  Sometimes at the end of the day, my stomach muscles feel tight, hard and achey, almost as if I’m carrying the stress there.

My Sunday School teacher (Mr. Jay Kesler, for those of you from TU or evangelical parents in the 90’s-ha!) gave me an image I’ve been meditating on this week.  He said he was recently visiting a good friend who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  This friend was having a moment of clarity and said to Jay, “My mind isn’t right these days.  But you know that painting that hangs in the church of Jesus with the lamb?  I am the lamb, Jay. He is carrying me” 

I’ve seen this painting, or some form of it, probably 100’s of times in my life.  It is so background to my visual that it never really meant anything to me or really even registered with me.  But as I thought about the little lamb being carried by Jesus, it instantly brought me peace.  It also reminded me of this verse, one that has always meant something to me with each pregnancy, “He tends His flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.” Isa 40:11

I am meeting with my doula in a few weeks so I will have to start giving some more thought to labor, but after I hope to compile some other verses that have helped me through labor as well as my playlist for birth (#hippie).  My plan is to share them on here when I do and also on my @051816mayby account as well.


P.S. here is my 30 week update with Bea

and here is my 32 week update with her.  Funny how similar the feelings are to last time at this point.


Cool as a Cucumber 

Today marks 28 weeks and the start of the third trimester.  That means I’m two-thirds done with this pregnancy! At most I have 14 weeks left, but potentially a lot less. It’s definitely starting to feel more real….

…as well as look it too.

While baby is now responding to my voice and is apparently able to dream, I am starting to become more and more aware of my larger size and growing belly.  Strangers are too as this month I’ve received my first “out of the blue” pregnancy comments, always a fun milestone to cross off.  I don’t mind these as the ratio of good comments far outweigh the insensitive ones, and I soak up the wisdom and wistfully loving looks given of the older generations.

Some of my complaints include rolling over in bed, getting up from a seated position, easily becoming tired, and running out of breath a lot.  I definitely don’t have the energy I did last month and could nap again almost every day if time allowed.  Honestly most afternoons, I feel just plain lazy.  I know this is just a passing phase though and nesting energy will hit soon enough.  When it does I will use it to my advantage, but until then, I am taking the time to rest according to my body’s demands.  Starting at the beginning of this pregnancy, I intentionally  cut back on outside stress and commitments and I’m so thankful I did, especially right now.  I’ve had more than one person remind me that stress is not good for the baby (or myself, really), and I’m thankful for the ability to mitigate it as much as possible.

Conveniently, Bea and I seem to be on the same schedule: go to bed early, but stay awake until late, wake up a few times a night and then for good bright & early, naps required in the afternoon. I don’t know when she’s going to drop her afternoon nap but I’m thankful for every second of peaceful rest I get and crossing my fingers it either ends soon or lasts well past Mayby’s newborn stage.  I just don’t know if I can try to “nap when the baby naps” as well as try to teach Bea the importance of quiet afternoon rest time.

With my other two girls, I only experienced a little bit of heartburn, just enough to make me hope they were growing hair (old wives tale).  This time it’s been a lot more pronounced, not to the point where I’ve medicated, yet, but uncomfortable for sure.  I’m praying she comes out with a head full of black hair.  In my humble pregnant opinion, salsa, tomato sauce, and chewy sprees are the best hair growing tonic I’ve found.

I love feeling her move around as it is always reassuring.  Her movements are a lot more energetic now and I can even feel the subtle ones too.  The weirdest sensation is getting numb spots on my stomach, almost as if it’s falling asleep.  I usually get these when I’m up and moving around; perhaps she’s found a nerve?

Based on her movement, if I had to guess, I would say she is transverse with her head slightly angled down.  I get so many, well actually all, sharp kicks on my right side.  It is rare to feel anything but little jabs on my left.  She still has plenty of time to go head down but I’m praying she does in the next ten weeks as no doctor will naturally deliver a transverse baby.

Next week I have my glucola test and I graduate to bi-weekly appointments.  Even though my doctor is an hour away, I enjoy these mornings with the girls.  It was a special time for MG and me last pregnancy and it is becoming that way again as the girls know what to expect each time and also learn a little more about the baby as well.  I’m certainly enjoying my car- seat free arms as well as stroller, diaper bag, and heavy-baby-carrying free hands as well.  Although I can’t wait for her to hurry up and join our family already, I know, just like last time, I’ll look back and relish the days when “it was so easy”.

I can’t remember if this plagued me in the last two pregnancies at this point but I’m having some fears over the baby.  This time I don’t fear the delivery like last time (although maybe that will come as it nears), as Bea’s birth was my redemption birth, my confidence booster. But I do fear something happening to this baby.  Every day feels like another step taken, closer to meeting this baby, but also harder to let go of her.

It feels too good, and slightly unfair, that we would get not one, not two, but three healthy girls to take care of.


P.S. here is Bea’s pregnancy cucumber update 

Sweet Corn

Time for a bumpdate as I have officially grown past 5 months and have now moved into my 25th week.


(here is my 22 week update with Bea right around the same time)

Month five has meant feeling great, all things considered.  The baby is now the size of….an ear of corn?   If pregnancy enjoyment was a bell curve, month five has to be the middle arc.  I’m way beyond the misery of tri 1, but just about to hit the downward slope of large and uncomfortable.

Just a few precursors to that stage have started to hit this month like the tossing and turning to find a (safe) sleep position and the slight –urpiness– of bending over or leaning forward too suddenly.  I’ve also gotten at least one good kick to the stomach that sent food back up into my mouth–bleh.


This pic cracks me up because it shows the difference an angle makes.  With all three girls, I’ve carried high and wide and always seem to expand in both directions at the same time-ha!

Speaking of kicking, she is a pretty athletic little thing, twisting and moving around quite a bit. I love the reassurance of these kicks and also the milestone of reaching viability this week.  Sometimes she jabs me so hard, I can see it from the outside.  N has been able to feel her kicking and has been quite impressed.  MG has been kicked a few times, too, but hasn’t been able to recognize it.  A good impression of her expectation level is coming up out of the blue and pressing her hands deep into my belly for approximately two seconds before declaring, “I can’t feel her moving!”.  Or she lifts up my shirt and talks/yells to the baby through my bellybutton.  “Do you think she can hear me?  I can’t hear her!”

Cravings have been next to nothing but my appetite for home cooked food has improved and I am making some pretty satisfying dishes in the kitchen (think creamy, hearty, comfort food). Just like my last two pregnancies, I am greatly enjoying citrus fruit this winter and also keep a bag of sour candy on hand for when I randomly get weird tastes in my mouth.

My to-do list for this baby is probably the shortest yet and mostly involves prepping the girls, the house, and my hobbies for her arrival (i.e. get both girls sleeping well in the big bed and finish the 2015 scrapbook).  I’ve been having fun, as I mentioned, with my sewing machine and snap setter and have been making a few gowns and newborn outfits while I’m in this sewing stride.

IMG_5054 IMG_5080

The “M” is for our last name, the other initials have been covered up, for now :).  I love newborn gowns for easy diaper changes and these knotted ones will keep little toes and frog legs warm throughout the night.


My snap setter is SO FUN and easier to use than I imagined.  I purchased it from here.  It definitely helps my baby/toddler clothes making skills as I was previously sewing in snaps or buttons (I HATE sewing button holes!).  Also, I had to cover up her name on the first outfit 😉


I also wanted to make some paci clips since I received the end pieces free with my snap setter.  The leopard one is a leather and the other two are made from teething-friendly silicone beads (the giraffe is a silicone teether too).  There’s nothing like a new pregnancy to inspire some creative notions 🙂

Everyone warned me this would happen but this pregnancy has gone by incredibly fast.  I am in disbelief that we are already past the five month mark and that I have already spent more time being pregnant than I have left!  Right before we got pregnant, I prepared myself for this to be the last one and as I went through the morning sickness/fatigue/baby blues, I was more sure than ever that I wouldn’t be doing this again.  Now that I’m feeling better, I’m starting to entertain the idea of a fourth, but I think it may just be sentimentality.  The funny thing is, in the beginning N was wanting a fourth but now we have flip-flopped and he’s saying he thinks this will be our last.  Either way, I’m going to try to enjoy every kick, every daydream that brings a smile to my face, every ounce of anticipation for this new life that I can.  Four months is going to be here in a blink.


P.S. I’ve been writing pregnancy updates as well on my Instagram page that is solely for this pregnancy. If you want to follow along, join me here.