consignment sales

Consignment Bliss

Well another Consignment sale has come and gone.  And if you know me at all, you know how much I love participating every fall and spring.


This year, I’m getting the full experience because I’m actually consigning some of my own items!  I dug deep into my maternity clothes, books, baby apparel, and gear that I didn’t really want to store nor move.  Of course everyone always follows up that statement with, “are you done?”.  Wayyyy too soon to make that call.  What I do know is if I am done, it’s going to be a lot easier (and more cost effective) to part with it now.  And if I’m not done, who knows if #3 will be a girl?  Or if she’ll be born in the right season?   And don’t even ask N about it.  Last night we were watching some videos from newborn Bea and he stopped to look at me and say, “I want another one.”  Hold those horses.

Consigning meant I got limited access into the pre-pre-sale which was AWESOME!  Having the pick of the litter on clothes and shoes was great.  I scored big on Hanna Andersson, Boden, Baby Gap, Children’s place, and a few boutique-y items.   Oh and let’s not forget the shoes!  Real leather cowboy boots, Robeez, $3 suede boots, and never been worn tennis shoes.




…AND matching Halloween costumes for the girls.  No pics yet, you’ll just have to wait and see :).


I also got a Little People’s doll house, pop beads, and this:


Which was the number one item on my list and it was almost stolen from underneath me, saved in the last second, and then I almost lost my claim ticket for it on the sorting table.  Phew!  Welcome home, Radio Flyer.  You were meant to be!


Surviving Mamaland: Consignment Sales (part ii)

Here is my first post about consignment sales.  And my second.


One of my absolute favorite things to do every spring and fall is shop the baby consignments.   I started going to these back when MG was just a poppyseed in my belly and I’m still going strong.  I first heard about them when searching on Craigslist to find things like “baby bjorn” and started seeing them advertised.

Back in those days, I furnished much of MG’s wardrobe and found amazing deals on many baby essentials.  But what I didn’t know then is that there is a whole underground network of pre-sale passes that are such a hot commodity, you will find yourself meeting friends at a shady corner of a local gas station to exchange passes through the window (totally not at all like a drug deal).

Anyway, I got in totally legit  the night before the sale opened to the public during one  of the prearranged time slots.  Now you definitely don’t have to arrive at a presale time to get good stuff, but it is my favorite way to play.  I love the adrenaline of the long entry line, the frenzy of all the hormonal pregnant women, and the mad dash throughout all corners of the gym in search of the best deal on that one item on your list.

I have been very pleased that MG has adored all of the toys I have purchased at these things (still going strong with the singing teapot, pug purse, shopping cart, etc.)  and I’ve loved the discounted equipment and most especially the clothes.

This year, I walked away with: a Bjorn papasan lounger,


a twilight turtle (lights up and shines stars on the ceiling)


brand new tiny diners mat ($2) {parents, do you own these?  We have one and love it for eating out}! ,

a pottery barn brand boppy newborn head rest,


and a leapfrog lap game + a few other electronic toys for car trips.

In the clothes department, I scored big in dresses for MG. (sidenote: moms of girls, don’t you just love dresses?  They fit through several seasons/sizes.  And now that MG is no longer wearing diapers, she’s having a hard time keeping her 24mo. pants up around her waist but they are getting too short around the ankles.  That means lots of dresses for us!)


Nearly all of my takeaway included brand names like Mini Boden, Gap, and, Ralph Lauren.  I passed on a few Matilda Jane, tea,  and Mudpie that either weren’t the right size or price (fingers crossed, they’ll still be there on Saturday 1/2 price).

 My favorite being this smocked number which I definitely paid the most for ($10), but up here, these are few and far between…so you have to get while the gettin’s good.


She also got shoes, sandals and stride rite sneakers for this summer.


(her faves)

Mayby didn’t get too much but a few zippered sleepers in sizes we’re lacking and one Gymboree romper with matching hat and shoes (couldn’t resist).


Finally, I scored big on some big bows for both girls that only cost me $2.


 Al in all I spent just over $100 for everything. (which is my normal takeaway for these sales)

Another consignment sale victory for the books!


Here is a quick look at our (extended) weekend:

-Wednesday night: went to a huge kids consignment sale (my favorite).  Spent less than $100, walked away with a few outfits, about 8 pairs of shoes/boots (including pedipeds and some nice suede boots), a “my brest friend” {for future “hopeful” babies}, and all of these toys:

It was a huge success!  And I got to do it alongside a few girlfriends who all have kids around MG’s age so they helped me decide what to keep and what not to buy (but they all have boys so there was no competition for me :)).  The best!

-Thursday & Friday morning: MG and I had our usual book/cuddle time when she woke up.  I asked her if she was ready for breakfast and she enthusiastically replied, “Yeah”.  I let her lead the way and as soon as she exited her room, she looked to her left and then did a DOUBLE-take when she saw the new toys.  She instantly gravitated towards the baby/carseat, pug purse and shopping cart (the rest of the toys were stored for a later day).


She decided that she no longer wanted breakfast.  Note that this happened two days in a row.  Well, make that four if you include Saturday and Sunday.  Which you should.

-Friday MG stayed busily happy with her new stuff and I worked up a frenzy of adrenaline that I had been waiting on for about two months now.  I started on one end of the house, cleaning out my closet and weeding out clothes that I had not worn for over a year.  At least.  This gust (and a happily playing child) led me to the next closet (guest bedroom) and then finally to MG’s closet to pack away summer and pull out fall (made more fun by the addition of newly acquired clothes).  It went so well that we never even changed out of our pj’s nor stopped for a mid-morning snack.  We finally ate lunch at 1:45pm and then exhausted, we both napped.  Here is the end result:

Surprised I have any clothes left?  Me too.  While I can happily rest in the fact that the nursery and guest closet will most likely stay fresh and organized until spring, I have a feeling that my closet will all too easily become stuffed again long before that. What can I say? Clothes shopping is my favorite past time!

-Saturday was the 1/2 price consignment sale (where I managed to snag a few more desired items…including these cute Matilda Jane pants),


followed by the cutest Elmo birthday party for a little friend, visiting with Grandma and home just in time for a long nap. It was capped off by a spontaneous overnight visit from some dear friends, Mexican food, and staying up too late laughing and sharing around the chiminea pot.  S’mores most definitely included.  A perfect entry into fall.

-Sunday was breakfast out at a local diner & the best bacon & cheese omelet I’ve ever laid on my tongue.  We walked around the local historic park in the breezy morning and then it was an early nap for the little one.

-The fun continued into the night with more family: both of the facetime and tangible variety, one gluten-free
Gigi’s cupcake, Panera bread company, and watching our girly girl dig around in the dirt.  Which, of course, warranted a quick pre-bed bath.

May there be many more weekends of this exact flavor in our near future!