Happy Ten!

Ten years ago on July 22, 2006, under a beautiful St. Louis sky, we said, “I do!”


(I know my wedding dress was plain, but I picked it knowing I would still look back on it with love ten years later.  And I do.  I still love it to this day.)


Ten years is a big one and it’s hard to imagine us as shiny newlyweds on that day, full of hopes and dreams.  This year, more than ever, so many have come true.

In ten years we’ve had three babies, lived in four houses (soon to be five!), and had six jobs between us.  We’ve traveled, cooked, done house projects, fought (mostly when doing house projects), budgeted, and created a sweet little life together.

One particular anniversary, our seventh one, is particularly meaningful because N accepted his job in Marion on that day.  We didn’t know it then, but it would kick us off on an adventure to moving back to Upland and then give him the experience he would need to get the next one.


On that anniversary, we had a two month old Bea and now today, we have a nearly two month old Sibby who had the pleasure of accompanying us on our ten year anniversary Germantown progressive dinner.

My sister actually brainstormed the idea with us in the pool at Rosemary beach and then she and N ironed out the details.  We went to Silo for appetizers (deviled eggs! smoked oyster dip!), 5th & Taylor for soup/salad (lobster chowder), and Germantown Cafe for the main course (filet with mashed potatoes and jalapeno creamed sweet corn).  Oh my goodness, were we stuffed by the end, but it was worth every bite.  The best part was all of these restaurants were in the same strip so we walked to each and the entire meal took us about three hours, start to finish.

It’s a good thing we had so much to catch up on after being apart the whole week!

For dessert, he went to Vegan Vee’s and purchased a delicious gluten free cake.  My parents kept the older girls while we spent the night downtown.  I ended up booking through Hotwire and got a great deal.  When we got there, with the mention of our anniversary and a little “incentive”, they upgraded us to the $400/night suite and brought up champagne…sweet!

For our ten year anniversary, I had a imagined a big trip, perhaps to Europe, or maybe a vow renewal ceremony at our schoolhouse.  This was nothing nearly so grand or memorable, but it was perfect, for us, for now.

Happy decade, babe!





Anniversary Party

I had the idea I wanted to include the girls in our anniversary somehow this year.  Though Bea is way too young to understand, I knew MG would find significance in anything that resembles a princess type setting.


We waited until the puke virus had cleared the house (or so we thought) and then told the girls we would be celebrating that evening.  MG helped me make frosted cookies (couldn’t find anyone to make a gfree cake last minute) and we talked about getting married and how special it is.

After dinner, we turned on the wedding video (well, the edited one, only about 11 minutes long) and MG was enthralled.  As much as I had prepped her for all of the wedding details, I sort of forgot there would be people in the video that she knew: Granny and Grandma being her favorite finds.

After it was over, we asked her if she wanted to get married one day. And, well, see her response for yourself:

MG on weddings from Kate on Vimeo.

Heart strings = tugged.


Eight the Great

Today marks eight great years since our wedding.

One year ago today we found out N was going to be offered a new job…the one he eventually accepted and led us to sell our house and move here.  It has been quite the tumultuous (see this, this, and this to give you an idea) year…but I hesitate to say, one of our best?

Maybe a little change is good for us every once in a while.

One of our married friends who has a few years on us (and ironically owner of the house where we were engaged) likes to say, when referring to their marriage, that they are “stitched together”.  I like that image.

Each large purchase, job change, relationship spark, new hobby, shared interest, deep conversation, good meal, tropical vacation, every victory, failure, birth, death, all the good and all the bad in the past eight years have stitched the lining of our hearts together.  The longer and more tightly bound we are, the harder it is to pull us apart.

Year eight’s stitch I imagine to be from a heavier-gauge, thick, white embroidery thread.  A little bit of tension to it but ultimately very strong.

Occasionally as a seamstress, the thread tension on my machine will go awry and create a mess of gathered fabric that I will have to meticulously remove with a seam ripper and start over.  However, if I am trying to create ruffles or smocking or a gathered edge, I intentionally adjust the tension to create these intricate details.

I’d like to think of year eight as the beginning of an intricate, beautiful creation.  Something we have yet to fully see but instead are just starting to grasp.  I think we will rest in that vision for a while, seeing what the Creator is going to make out of us in this time, in this place, in this year.


Scratch, scratch

Today is our seven year wedding anniversary.

Here is a recap of what our past anniversaries have entailed.

Tonight involves dressy shoes, a babysitter, and a gifted gift card  to a restaurant where most of our dinner will be smothered in either sharp cheese or dark chocolate.


(heels, oh heels, how long has it been??)

Last year we were riding on the coattails of a disappointing summer and a painful miscarriage.

This year we will be kissing our two girls goodnight and thanking God for His timing.

To say we haven’t itched a bit this year though would be a lie.  We’ve strived and relaxed, we’ve sighed contentedly in our familiar comforts and bandied about some crazy ideas for change.  We’re both still harboring some restlessness from last year and it doesn’t seem as though we’ve reached the final page in this small chapter of our lives.

Year eight?  We’re comin’ for ya {hand-in-hand}.

Six Years

Today, July 22, 2012, marks six years of marriage.

Six years!

Which, in theory, still kinda sounds like we’re newlyweds, but we’re only a year out from the not-so-newlywed-sounding year number seven.

In some ways, this year has been the fastest on record.  This time last year we were basking on the beaches of Mexico and the time in between that and now has been like a snap of the fingers.

On the other hand, this year has been one of the most challenging years to date.  Not because of newness and changes but due to the lack thereof.  Even though we have tried to move out of some circumstances and beyond old things, God continues to place us back where we began.  It feels as though the so-called seven-year-itch came a bit early.  Not so much the yearning to be with different people, but the yearning to be in different circumstances.  We’ve begged God for certain changes, challenges, and outcomes and yet, here we are with a life nearly identical to the one we had one year ago. And that in itself has been the greatest challenge.  I think we will look back on this time as one of the most trying times in our life.  There are many thoughts and stories to go behind these challenges and they are forthcoming.

But for now, we are just reveling in our accomplishment of making it this far.

 One year.  So young and naive.  We were just glad that we had survived the first year that everyone warns you about.  We think we came out mostly unscathed 🙂
 Two years. Walking at night on the beach in Florida.  We went to see The Dark Knight on that trip also, making it all the more fitting to go see the final Batman movie last night.
 Three years.  We were blissfully happy with 2 great jobs, 1 low-maintenance pet, and zero responsibility. Little did we know there was a major game-changer coming our way soon.
 Four years.  We went to the Melting Pot and talked about all the changes coming our way.  (that is an MG belly I spy, NOT a post-melting pot indulgence belly 🙂 )



five years.  we marveled over all the changes God has brought us through in being new parents. we celebrated by stuffing our faces with Mexican food.  Hey, when in Mexico!

six years.  a lot has changed.  happy to be with each other and our much-loved baby girl.  Even though things haven’t much changed, there is no doubt that God has truly blessed us.  We have 1 fulfilling job, a charming little house, and a sweet girl that we love more each day.  Really, what more could we ask for?

on to year seven.

With hopefully another ten times that more to go.