My Cookbook: Autumn recipes

I wanted to share two great recipes I’ve discovered lately that have helped us make the transition into Fall. (it is Fall, right?  Because it certainly doesn’t feel like it here!)

MG is still on her restricted diet (dairy, gluten, spicy and acidic foods are out) and I am 100% off of gluten so cooking doesn’t always come easy these days…but…this recipe was definitely a breakthrough moment.

I should start by giving two caveats: 1) I shamelessly love Indian & Thai curry and yellow curry is my favorite 2) though I am NO Ree Drummond, my cooking style is very pioneer woman in it’s measurements and directions. I never make something the same way twice, nor follow recipes word for word, so bear with me on  my ingredient allowances

Dairy Free (and gluten free) Yellow Curry

-raw chicken breasts
-variety of frozen veggies
-oil (I like sesame oil for Asian dishes but any kind will work)
-dairy free milk (I had almond but coconut is even better for curry)
-salt, red pepper flakes (to taste)
-curry powder
-sugar (or some kind of sweetener…maybe a quarter cup?)
-coconut butter (optional but really gives it that rich taste, ESP if you don’t use coconut milk)
-corn starch (optional) thickener
-basil (optional)
-peanuts (optional)

Directions: sauté chicken and veggies in oil. When chicken is cooked through and veggies are soft, sprinkle on spices and sugar and then add about a cup and a half of the milk. Turn up the heat to just before a boil and let simmer, cooking off some of the water in the milk. Taste occasionally and adjust spices. I continued to add curry powder but held back on the pepper flakes to save MG’s stomach. After the liquid cooked down just a bit, I added some cornstarch to thicken it up even more. I like a nice, sticky, gravy curry if you know what I mean 🙂 I ran out of cornstarch too soon and I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed about this, but you know what I used in its place? Some rice baby cereal we had left over from Bea’s purée days (!)…and it worked like a charm! I tasted it again and that’s when I decided it needed a finisher like coconut butter. That have it a true, rich curry taste! Had I used coconut milk, I might not have needed it, but the curry is definitely enhanced by that tropical flavor! Finally, I garnished with basil.
The result?


Almost a perfect dupe for my favorite Thai place. All that and no allergens? I’m in love!

And almost no meal is complete without a little sweet treat (at least in or house). Check out this delicious pumpkin spice latte dupe from my friend Tricia.  She always has the best recipes!


Happy fall eatin’, y’all,


Happy Easter 2014!


This was  probably my most favorite Easter (and maybe even holiday?) in a long time!  MG was so cute to watch as her excitement level gradually grew as the day neared.


We spent a lot of time this year talking about Easter, watching toddler-geared Easter videos, and opening Resurrection eggs.  There is still so much she doesn’t understand but it is amazing what the Gospel story lends itself to just a tiny three year old.  For example, we had our first real bona fide sinful moment pop up this week.  Something that had happened previously, that we’d thoroughly discussed and asked her not to do again.  She definitely understood the error the first time and felt bad about it and promised not to do it again.   And she did it again….deliberately, intentionally, in a somewhat shameful way.  Great interlude into an explanation of sin.

Secondly, she has been somewhat riveted by the cross, death, and the tomb.  We have never explained death to her and didn’t gloss over the cross but tried to explain it in age-appropriate terms.  Two separate times she said to us, “But I don’t want to die on a cross”.  Terribly heart-wrenching to hear as a parent but thankfully we had the “perfect” answer.  Jesus did so you don’t have to.


I can’t tell you how my heart has longed for this Easter.  I always appreciate it more when it is a bit later in the year, allowing the earth to warm a bit.  I ordered the girls’ dresses a few months prior, daydreaming of the warm weather when my family would all be together to celebrate the meaning  of this day.

I knew this would be our first holiday in our school house and wondered what that would feel like.  Together, N and I observed Lent and followed an excellent devotional that fostered a lot of good conversation in the six weeks prior.  This Lenten season started shortly after my birthday….What feels like a lifetime ago. It has been a long time coming.


We began our festivities yesterday with a family dinner, hosted at our new place.  We finally used the fine china passed down from Nate’s Great Grandma that we never had room to store in our last house.  I hope it makes many appearances here.  Served on it was probably one of the best meals our combined efforts have made…ever.  So much so I am going to share the recipes with you.  So easy and soooo good.

2014 Easter Menu

Emeril’s Chimichurri Skirt Steak

Pioneer Woman’s Au Gratin Potatoes

Ugly Beans

-Deviled eggs/salad by the Gma’s

-GF Coconut Bunny Cake (follow this recipe and sub in GF flour if desired……best GF cake I have EVER had!!!)  Follow these instructions to make the bunny shape

(all of these recipes can also be found on my Pinterest page)

Here are a few more pics from our day:

bDSC_0139 bDSC_0036 bDSC_0002





bDSC_0013 bDSC_0014

bDSC_0070 bDSC_0054 bDSC_0089


bDSC_0168 bDSC_0164 bDSC_0156

Thank you, Jesus, for dying for our sins so my babies and I don’t have to!