I’m signing off for a couple days until I have something, well, a little more exciting to write about.

I’m busy in time and short on inspiration and now just feels like a good time to take a {brief} break.

Not that you necessarily cared to know this…but….it makes me feel better to acknowledge it.  So there ya go.

I’ll be back in a bit.  Hopefully with lots of new stories, pictures of my daughter (of course) and possibly a new watermark (working on it).  Maybe even a blogroll?  {Currently working on compiling a list of the (dozens of?) blogs I find inspiring/uplifting/encouraging.}  P.S. In the meantime, if you are pregnant or a new Mama, check out this blog, The Wise Baby, started by a fellow ’02 Lancer.  It has tons of comparisons, buying guides and is really concise.  She makes good recommendations too.

So thanks to all of you who faithfully read my little ramblings.  It means a lot that you are here day after day. And I’m most especially grateful to those of you who find the time to write me little encouragements or bring it up in conversation or just find a way to let me know you care.  You have made me feel so very loved!

See you soonish,

So we meet again….

blog world!

Last week I took a {brief} blogging break and enjoyed some refreshing creative enrichment for some inspiration.  Top on the list of things that inspire me: my husband.  Because you just never know what to expect from him!  This week it has been a dizzying whirlwind of cleaning out closets, cabinets and the much-neglected garage.  Why?  Well one day Daddy just became frustrated because the downstairs coat closet didn’t have enough room and the next thing I knew our entire house was being turned upside-down into an entirely new system (did I mention he never does anything half-heartedly?).  {shout-out to B who helped him out on a rainy, Friday night….I still don’t know where my baking sheets are, but I’m pretty thankful I didn’t have to touch any of that mess}

Usually I am the one who is cleaning and organizing, so it was nice to be on this side of things for once.  I just sat back and let him work his magic.  And it was magical.  One way that he far excels me in this area is that he is willing to give anything and everything away.  Me?  I’m much more of a sentimentalist.  Sometimes I hold onto things simply because they have a memory attached to them—be it big or small.  He, on the other hand, abides strictly by the one-year rule and will either it throw it away or donate it to a local mission we support.  Sometimes, I’m even convinced that should I not “earn my keep around here” that I’ll get donated to the mission.  (side note to friends: if you ever don’t hear from me for a week or two, you know where to find me: in the blue mission barn next to our chess set)

Being the sentimentalist that I am and a former art teacher to boot, I have a hard time throwing {some} things away.  I mean, even if it doesn’t serve a purpose now, it may someday.  And even if you don’t need it in it’s exact form, you may be able to repurpose it and use it somewhere else.  This is where N and my mom (yes, her too!) say no: throw it away.  But what if, what if you get rid of something you later need?    But what if it’s something that is really hard to find and you always regret getting rid of it (note: this has never happened, but it could, right?)  They would say just buy a new one. And it’s true.  Often I forget that I am saving *that one thing* and so when I need it or something like it, I end up buying a new one anyway.

So what is the point to all of this?  The point is that our book club is hosting a twenties-themed murder mystery dinner night.  I was cast as the jazzy nightclub singer with a seedy past (okay, I threw that last part in there, but is does make her sound more interesting, no?).  And her suggested costume is: a sequined evening gown.  The problem is, I don’t own any evening gowns.  I did once in my life, but seeing as it had been a whole year since I had worn them, to the mission they went.  That meant I had to buy a new one, but I was sure I wasn’t going to spend more than $12.  So what’s a girl to do?  Goodwill of course!

It was Friday.  There are two GW’s in close proximity to our house, but we were crunched for time and therefore ended up at the closest one…also known as the one with the crabbiest employees.  Hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

With MG in tow, I refreshed my mental image of what I was looking for.  In my phone, I had made a note of some twenties-type fashion inspiration:

-long pearl necklace…knotted?
-noir makeup
-baggy forms
-hair pieces/cloche
-ribbons around waist
-fur coat
-long cigarette
-art deco
-fake mole

I imagined my gal to look something like this:

(image from here)

I gravitated immediately to the wall of color-coordinated dresses.  I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I carefully examined each one for size, length, and sequinning ability.  This was not just a shopping trip, this was a tactile experience.  You just can’t pass anything over too hastily.  I was almost to the end of the rack of blacks and then…
and then
I saw her.
Perfect condition, just as I had remembered her.  Long and sleek, just as I had remembered her.  Byer Too, size S, just as I had remembered her.  

My freshmen year homecoming dress, just as I had remembered her: 

(wan’t she a thing of beauty?  black, polyester blend with a jewel encrusted starburst erupting from the left hip)
So we meet again.
I don’t remember when we parted ways.  Perhaps it was in the last 5.5 years due to the prompting of my husband.  Perhaps it was in the last 10 years due to the prompting of my mother.  But I knew one thing: only the hands of Fate could have brought us together on this day. I had to have her back.
I apologized for giving her away.  She assured me that in her fourteen years,  she had happily served many more while she waited for my returm.  I quickly emptied the cart of my two maybes and removed her from her wire hanger.  She wasn’t perfect, but she would do.

I suppose N and mom were right. I don’t regret having to pay the $6 fee to get her back.   Because in the meantime, hopefully other girls were able to feel just as lovely as I once did in her while my closet expanded to hold more practical items.  My only remorse is that I don’t have a picture of the two of us in all of our original glory.  Probably thrown away due to the proddings of my mom/N.  ***On second thought,  I really should be thanking them.***

This weekend, I have big plans for my old, polyester friend–namely: sequins, feathers, and an elastic waistband.  But underneath, she will still be that black evening gown I put on fourteen years ago and felt oh-so-grown-up in.  So we meet again, old friend.

And so I walked away with a valuable lesson that day:  never hesitate to give away your things to others because whenever you need them again, they are sure to find a way back to you.