highlight reel


grid copy

…bundling up (in May and June?), modeling for newborn photo sesh (will share pics soon!), my sweet girl becoming more alert every day,

visit from G&G, 2 week check-up (10 lbs, clogged tear duct), “I love my sister”,

Conner Prairie,

always sleeps with her hands up, rare family pic, all dressed up for church


My family left this afternoon (boo-hoo).  Time to do this 2 kid thing for real.

Summer has officially started.

Our doula is visiting tomorrow and will drop off pictures and her version of our birth story.  My version is still in progress but I plan to share soon…

But for now, naps.

Week Wrap-Up

This week has been busy + productive!

Daddy was off on Monday AND Tuesday so we had an extra long weekend—FABULOUS!


I finished MG’s quilt and we are working on painting her new room and bathroom.  She is wildly excited about everything “BIG GIRL”!

quilt copy

On Monday, N pulled down all of the boxes of baby clothes and toys down from the attic.   They were fairly well organized in boxes by size, but due to some dresses and other things lasting for multiple seasons, everything needed to be re-sorted.  It was a 4+ hour project.  But I’m happy to say that Mayby has a stocked closet of 0-6 month clothes and toys ready to go.  It was so fun seeing all of those clothes again and I’m so glad  she will be able to re-wear a majority of them.  Precaution was taken to HIDE them from MG as the two pieces she happened to stumble across, she was already claimed for her little doll posse.

On Wednesday I had my glucose tolerance test.  MG accompanied me for the hour+ appointment.  I was a teensy bit nervous to bring her along, seeing as it is such a long appointment, but I had nothing to fear.  I have come to the realization that we have crossed over from her being my “little charge” to my “little buddy”.

She asks all kinds of curious questions, “Mama, juice?”  No baby, this is yucky juice.  I love hearing about all of her observations.  She thinks the wavy walls are snakes and the window ledges are benchesAnd her special treat is picking out a dum-dum for when the doctor comes in the room.  She always picks pink.

It also doesn’t hurt that there is a fully stocked kitchen and toys–most importantly a baby–in the waiting room.  We breezed through the appointment and she was sad when we had to leave.

To reward our efforts (me passing, she attending), we enjoyed a cozy lunch at Culver’s.  Another fun thing about this age is going out to eat.  She will eat slowly and thoughtfully, watching everyone around her.  N and I are always amazed at how much conversation we can have at a restaurant now!

And she was so thrilled about her cheeseburger, fries, and a “big girl” cup of water that she continued to give me spontaneous hugs and kisses throughout the meal.  Have I mentioned how much I love this age?

Although it still makes me a little sad to change up our comfortable routine, I am excited about having two curious, excitable, loveable little girls in my brood.  I hope MG teaches Mayby all of her sweet sisterly ways.  If hugs and kisses count, she is well on her way to being fully stocked.



Twelve weeks and counting!



oh, twenty-twelve (or it is two-thousand-and-twelve?)

how you changed us.
in january, you brought new steps and the final crawls; a little bit of snow and a lot of mild winter weather; new hairstyles and tiny handprints everywhere; tired, old sickness and a new endeavor.
february, you were a nice surprise. even milder weather and lots of time spent outdoors. new adventures like crayons and swim lessons.  the beginning of a budding baby obsession. the ending of the chapter entitled, “all things baby”.
in march, you continued the trend of nice weather. we wore shorts and tank tops.  i said, “hello” to twenty-eight.  we swung a lot. we experienced our first emergency room visit.  i packed our winter clothes away.  we welcomed spring with pretty toes.
april fooled us.  at first glance it seemed small and insignificant, but it brought us many lovely things.  spring break in california, new teeth, a beautiful easter sunday, a favorite new toy and a mystery date night to remember.  a joy-filled month that was to stay us for hardship on the horizon.
may, you were good to us.  despite yet another illness to plague us, we found it didn’t hold us back.  mother’s day celebrations, berry picking, and road trips.  may is the opening season for everything: the pool, the parks, the farmer’s market.  we did it all and towards the end, we ached for summer like never before.
june. what to say about you?  you were cruel.  just like a school bully, you dangled toys in front of us and then snatched them away. we tried to understand you, but we just didn’t.  oh well.  even though you let us down, our friends and family didn’t.  we got the best we could out of you and didn’t mourn your passing.
july. just like the wind-whipped ocean, you tossed us around. even more.  one minute brought much excitement and anticipation, the next disappointment and deflation.  the higher the level of excitement, the greater the fall.  but if there’s anything june taught us, it was that we wouldn’t be conquered by disappointment.  we followed our hearts and found ourselves at the beach, the zoo often, and celebrating year six.
oh august.  you were a sweet resignation.  a house redecoration project.  a trip to the fair.  a peace that passes understanding.  the endcap to our summer.  i aleady miss your warm days but i don’t long to return to you.
sweet september, what a welcome relief you were.  we were skeptical of you, afraid that you would bring us more bad news.  but instead you gave us much joy: found in the most unexpected places.  and then you made our hearts skip when you brought us the most beautiful gift.  even better than we imagined.
october, you are a blur.  much of our days and nights were spent appreciating the sickness you brought us, but greatly longing for it to be completed. and somehow in the midst, you passed us by.  but not before we were surrounded by all of the beauty you had to offer.  thank you for not letting us miss that.

november, you did not disappoint.  from new hobbies, to new toys (both young and old), to a california thanks-cation, to a second birthday bash.  you were everything we wanted and more.

and finally december.  we never saw you coming.  time with family, a blizzard, more time with family, christmas eve surprises, and auld lang syne.  true to form, you went out with fireworks.  december, you will be missed.
oh, twenty-twelve.  you went from good to bad to great.  how you vexed us.
but it’s already time to move on, whether we’re ready or not. resolutions have been made.  calendar squares have been inked.  preparations have been underway. so we move on.  but carefully.  with change in our hearts and hesitation in our step.  we will not forget the lessons that you brought us.i’m not fond of odd numbers, the least of which being thirteen. but twenty-thirteen, after a year like this, we move into you with hopeful expectation.
so please don’t disappoint,


Highlight Reel

Some recent highlights:

Story time at the library.

One of the little boys started “woofing” when he saw a picture of a dog. The librarian responded, “Someone must read to you at home!”   We’ve since started working on our animal noises.

There was a bubble machine.  Not sure what it had to do with story time…

but it was thrilling.

The Farmer’s Market opened for the season this weekend!

MG has discovered the joys of the little bitty strawberries.

Using cilantro we purchased there, I made salad dressing inspired by Little House on the Prairie blog.

Ingredients: cilantro, olive oil, salt, Trader Joe’s orange muscot vinegar & basil.  Process all ingredients.  Oh it’s good.  Thanks, A!

Granny came for a visit.

Which was, by far, the highlight of MG’s week {ours too}.

Seeing as we’ve had heat in the upper 80’s, we decided it was time to open the pool:

I’m convinced: this has to be one of the best times of the year.  The air is ripe with sunshine and summer.  We are enjoying the new blessings of each day and anticipating many more highlights to come!