highs and lows


It’s Monday.


Am I right?

It is a drizzly, pre-winter (yes that is all you are to me, Autumn) day.  We are coming down from the high that was last week.  Let me give you a little preview:

september7thru14 copy

Granny came…MG was in a dreamy, princessy Heaven the entire time.  Chick-fil-a and the Children’s Museum were made so much more magical by hearing the two of them giggle and play together. One afternoon G took MG out on a special outing to visit daddy, snack on french fries, and pick out a toy (a PRINCESS toy of course).  My grandmother used to always take M and I shopping when we would visit her so of course this brought back sweet memories.

On Wednesday, I left the house for SEVEN HOURS by myself.  I shopped, I met up with a friend, we ate without feeding anyone, we pre-saled the baby consignment, and I walked away with most of the girls’ fall wardrobes.

I lost my favorite pair of jeans and found them again (how’s a girl to face Fall without her favorite pair of denim).

MG poured all of her extra Granny affection into her sister; combing her hair after bath, and Bea even began responding to MG’s requests for kisses.

Granny watched the girls while N and I went on a date (crepes & froyo of course, 2nd time in a week #notsorry).  We finally figured out our fireplace + Internet plans (our two major bugaboos right now) and even had time just to talk about nothing. So needed.

MG drew her first family portrait!  She enjoys art but is not one to pick up a brush or pen unprompted.  I wonder if this will change.

On the morning of September 11, I was surprised by a beautiful display on TU’s campus.

Our Internet has been fixed (after 10 days of completely spotty service).  And this week we had cable installed for the first time in 8 years!!  When we got married, someone challenged us to go the first year without it.  We did and never looked back (especially since we discovered Hulu, Amazon Prime, & Netflix soon after).  But I’ve mentioned our Internet woes here and we have spent countless hours trying to figure out a solution.  In what I’m hoping is our last compromise, we successfully haggled with the company for a rate we can live with (plus cable) to be what we were paying prior to last week.  Since watching a few shows here and there (like <5 hours of tv a week) was hogging all of our bandwidth, this will be hopefully a solution we can live with.

So for the next few hours, I’ll be drowning my sorrows on a few episodes of House Hunters and trying to pretend it’s not Monday.




After our little ER incident and illness, we are slowly recovering over here.

Yesterday was touch and go.

Low point:  Waking up at 7:30am after a restless night of sleep and multiple trips to the nursery to comfort our sick girl.
High point:  Getting new clothes for my gal and I at Old Navy.  Spent $60 got $30 back in ONbucks.  Went to CVS to pick up some reinforcements (Infant Advil, popsicles, nail polish).  Won $5 in CVSbucks on my receipt, enabling me to get that other bottle of nail polish I was eyeing.

Higher point:  It was 84 degrees here!!!  The sun was out.  We wore shorts.  We took 2 walks.  I can’t remember a March 15 this nice since my Mississippi days. 
Lower point:  MG got her first boo-boo when we she tripped on the sidewalk.  Oh it just hurts me to see that perfect little knee with baby-soft skin so scratched up.

Lowest point:  Catching Atticus vomit with a pair of my shorts from the laundry.  This sickness is welcome to leave our house now.
Highest point:  After her afternoon nap, MG’s fever finally broke.  Praise the LORD, our Comforter and Healer!

Today?  Today it is 80+ degrees out again.  I’ve got a sleeping baby, clean laundry, and a scoured house.  I’m wearing new clothes.  I’ve got the start of my summer tan.  I’ve got a Dove Gray and Coral Reef mani/pedi.

All points considered, we’re looking to be flying pretty HIGH today.