January is…

Watching the minutes of daylight inch past 6pm and rejoicing with each gain.

Spending days in a row not stepping beyond your front door and feeling fine about it.

Staying up to read a good book and still going to bed by 10pm.

Feeling a little sad whenever you see remnants of Christmas decor.

Craving soups and chilis, oatmeal and grilled cheese.

IMG_5083 copy

I highly recommend this one. It’s dairy free for all of you doing a Whole30 or JanPaleo but still creamy and delicious.  I humbly suggest only using a quarter of ONE onion, the canned coconut milk (not almond), and having a small can of tomato paste on hand to thicken it up if you like (I did).  

Feeling like spring is around the corner when it hits 40 degrees.

A little self-talk required to get the mail, mind over matter when your feet hit the pavement.

Not understanding the hype of the SuperBowl but eager for something to celebrate.

Letting Downton Abbey chase away the Sunday night blues.


Watching the norovirus take down friend after friend and praying you’re not next.

Wanting to go to the one thing that starts at 7 but then 6:45 rolls around and you can’t stand to leave the light and warmth of your house.

Is planning out the perfect vacation down to the “I’m sure we could totally bring a newborn to Hawaii” mantra.  It’s all a fantasy but it carries you for a few hours.

What is February?  February is January x 28, actually 29 this year.


The List

I don’t particulary like very much about January.

It can be so cold, dark, and dreary and decidedly lacking without the novelty and magic of Christmas.

I don’t think I’m alone in my sentiments….

But there are some redeeming things about it:
 Grapefruits are in abundance.  And I just can’t get enough right now.
My outdoor thermometer reads 60 degrees and it is only supposed to get warmer
by the end of the week!!
And January always brings a fresh start and plans for some change.  That is probably my favorite thing about it.


Looking ahead to the year we have before us, PLUS a  nesting instinct that is about to drive my family insane, I have felt the need to make endless to-do lists.  My latest is of things that probably need to be accomplished in the near future to make for a smooth arrival of Mayby and an easier transition once she is here.
Here are the high points:


Number 1 starts this weekend (wish us luck…ahhhhh)
Number 2 will start full force as soon as number one is accomplished, but we’ve already stocked up on juice boxes and marshmallows (treats) and big girl pants.  She’s soooo excited!
The fabric for number 3 has arrived and prep is underway!  Pictures to come of course.
Number 4 is slowly coming together.  Recent trip to IKEA gave us a color scheme and a starting point.
Number 5 has mostly been accomplished….but probably won’t stop until Mayby arrives 🙂
For number 6, I ordered some new blankets and will buy the onesies soon.  Still haven’t put her name on anything yet.  That will make it so official-aahhh! (possibly need to schedule another ultrasound before then…you know…just to be sure)
Number 7 has already been accomplished but will probably need to happen again once MG is moved into her new room.
Numbers 8,9, 11, and 12 will probably wait until May.
Number 10 is on the books for April!
And finally number 13…one can hope, right?
With all of these fun projects to keep me busy, I have a feeling this January will be one of the best to date,