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My blog was nominated for the Liebster award which is pretty much as awesome as it sounds:

“The Liebster is a blogger-to-blogger award designed to encourage and direct deserved attention to smaller blogs.  “Liebster” is German for “beloved, liked very much” and a bunch of other similarly wonderful words.  You could even say, “lovely”.”

Thank you so much, Sara, for nominating me; I truly am honored! (Sara writes a beautiful blog called Find the Lovely and we found each other through MOPS)

The rules are simple:

1. Post the award on your blog

2. Give a shout out and link-back to the nominating blogger

3. List 5 random facts about yourself

4. Answer the 5 questions the nominating blogger gives you.

5. Nominate 5 other bloggers who deserve some blog love and have less than 200 followers.  Then ask them to answer 5 questions.  Participation is optional 🙂


OK, here are my 5 (completely) random facts

1) I am an onomast, which basically means I am a name enthusiast.  I’ve talked about my love for baby names before and it still holds true.  Sometimes I dream of having a dozen children just so I can name them

2) I have synesthesia, which basically means I often have two senses overlap each other at the same time.  For example, my brain has linked certain “tastes” to different words and certain “images” to others.  This started  when I was very little but I only discovered that it was an actual “thing” in recent years.  To give you a tangible example, whenever I hear or say a day of the week, I immediately picture an object in my mind.  I’m not going to tell you what object because they are all silly and nonsensical, and probably have something to do with my limited brain synapses at age 4 when I was learning these words.  Remember how I have a thing for baby names?  Well there are many names that have a “taste” for me.  Mindy = white chocolate frozen yogurt, Pam =pancakes, George = sharp and silvery, Lucy = slippery and oily.  Some of these make sense (Pam sounds similar to pancakes) and probably have to do with whatever object I associated them with the first time I heard them.

3) I have moved every six years of my life.  There was no intention to adhere to this 6 year rule, it just sort of worked out for me.  I was born in NC, moved to MS at age six, STL at age 12, college at age 18, and then we lived in our house for 6 years before moving to our schoolhouse.  Not surprisingly, I start to get the itch to do something drastic as we near each 6 year mark.

4) I missed being a Leap Day baby by this much and I’m kind of sentimental about it

5) I did not inherit any sort of “jewelry gene”.  I am terrible about remembering to put on jewelry every morning.  In fact, if it’s not something I can sleep, shower, and work out in, I just plain don’t wear it…unless it is a fancy occasion like a wedding or a date.  People that change their earrings everyday to match their outfits or coordinate their necklace to their three bracelets I am in awe of.  I honestly never even think about adding jewelry to my outfit.

And here are the questions Sara has asked of me:

1. What super power would you have and why? In all fairness, I’ve thought about this question a lot.  Probably more than most people.  Why?  Well that’s what us introverts do when we stare off into space. 🙂

My first answer that always comes is “to read people’s minds”.  But then I think I’m already pretty good at it, being an intuitive introvert and all, and maybe I really don’t want to know what I’m missing out on. 

My second answer would be that I could re-live moments of my life.  I am terribly sentimental and often will mourn something ending before it is even over.  But I have an inkling that I will be able to do some of that in Heaven.  So I’m going to save that hope for then.

So my final answer is, “to be able to portal travel”.  I actually think about this quite a bit too.  How nice would it be to snap your fingers and be instantly transported to the place you were thinking of.  I HATE to travel.  HATE to drive.  I find myself very impatient with the process of packing (think about it, you’d never have to pack if you had this ability.  Believe me, I’ve thought about this), getting in and out of the car, etc.  But I love to be places.  I would love to have the ability to go here and there without having to put any effort into it otherwise.  To be able to travel yet still sleep in your bed every night?  Oh the possibilities…

2. If you could relive one year of your life, which year would it be and why? Actually, I’ve thought about this question quite a bit too.  As of late, I’ve almost obsessed over it.  How I wish I could go back to my days, pre-baby and open up my Etsy store and also begin writing then.  How I frittered away my free time then and have very little to show for it.   If I had to choose only one of those pre-baby years, I suppose I would go with the year that we found out we were expecting MG.  That was one of the sweetest times in my life, and one that is hard to capture on an emotional level again.  Something about knowing your life is going to change and all of the new emotions you find filling up your heart. 

Plus, I would write my heart out during night insomnia. 

And sew.  Sew to my heart’s content during all of those days of summer break….

3. What is God teaching you through your blog?  I care way too much about how people perceive me.  (I suppose that’s why I want to read minds so I can manipulate that!)   Writing a blog has forced me to let go of that…a little bit.  I put my best foot out there, but knowing that my writing isn’t always up to its best.  And I put my heart on my virtual sleeve knowing that others may completely reject it.  I’m learning to be okay with that and it has changed me in “real life” as well.

4. What is the last brave thing you did, big or small?   This year has tested the throes of my bravery.  In the past calender year, I’ve moved twice, tried to nurture a  house I really didn’t care for all that much, had to deal with a lot of things going wrong in that house, taken my girls in the middle of the night to live in a different state for 8 weeks (this is what I call bravery motivated by fear), moved again, weathered some scary health changes with my eldest daughter,  rode the waves of a volatile job with my husband, and opened up a shop to sell handmade things.  Any one of these things placed in a different year could have broken me…I really do believe that.  But though I felt at times very afraid during these trials, I also felt confident in the LORD’s will that I was doing the right thing.  So I guess that can be considered bravery.

5. The biggie: PC or Mac?  Defend your answer.  I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of either.  Technology is just a means to an end for me.  Really I guess I would choose both because I use them both for different reasons.  Both infuriate me at times and make me want to throw them through a window.  It’s all love hate and I really don’t think I could side with either. 

That was fun (and hopefully not to boring to be on the receiving end).  Thanks for nominating me, Sara!

Now I would like to nominate:

-Abby Clark at To Form a More Perfect Union (a mama of four who writes about life, recipes, and her muses…I’m always inspired)

-Holly Brown at The Brown Tribe   ( a fellow MOPS mama adding her beautiful voice to the Internet)

-Lisa Brown at Me Too Moments for Mom (another MOPS mama who wrote about fear recently)

-Tricia at Going Homemade (I just featured this very talented mama recently)

Ladies, here are your questions:

1) What is your earliest childhood memory?

2) What person/place do you miss most?

3) What is the best book you’ve read this year?

4) What is your favorite source of inspiration?

5) How did you decide on the names of your children (<<had to :))?

Looking forward to reading your answers!




oh yeah, I forgot this was a LEAP YEAR?!”

I am always a little taken aback when this phrase comes up in conversation. You won’t hear that from me, mind you. Leap Year never, ever, ever catches me by surprise.

Why am I hyper-aware of this non-important-holiday-day?  Well, I guess that’s what happens when it is the day before your birthday.

Yep, that’s right, every time Leap Year rolls around, it means one thing: I have to wait an entire extra day for my birthday.

I was born on March 1, in a Leap Year.  I missed a Leap Day birthday by 8 hours and 14 minutes that much.

(So now can you guess how old I am..I’ll give you a clue: I’m still in my twenties. {But that’s all I’m saying. And I may be saying it for a few more Leap Year Birthdays too…but only as long as I can get away with it.})

I do  have to admit, every time Leap Year comes around, a little part of me still regrets that I wasn’t born on that day.  

Are you scoffing?  Most people do.

Followed by a variation of the following phrases:

You would only get your birthday once every fill-in-the-blank  years!”   This is another thing that always surprises me: the same people that forget it exists also can’t remember how often it comes around. It’s four. NOT six, seven, or ten years.

What would you do??  Would you just pick the 28th or the 1st to celebrate on?” I realize that most people are just verbally processing when they ask this…but the answer is yes.  And you would be surprised how often they do!   In my family, we rarely celebrated on the actual day anyway.  We usually did cake on the day and then a party on the weekend before or after.  So not having an actual birthday wouldn’t have been much of an issue.  Heck, we probably would have eaten cake on the 28th and the 1st.  Just because we could.

You wouldn’t be able to get your driver’s license…Because you’re not sixteen, you’re four.” Yes, someone actually tried to convince me of this once or twice.

Don’t you ever wonder: what would it really  be like to have the rarest birthday in the world?  It could be one of those fun party icebreakers:  “How old are you?”  “Six”. You could join a group and commiserate/celebrate with other Leap Day babies.  And when you get to that age where birthdays are just embarrassing (now), you could completely ignore it if you wanted.  Oh, the possibilities.

As much as I sometimes wish I had been born on Leap Day, I do like having a March 1 birthday just about as much.  I kind of have a thing for numbers and I just think the first is a much “prettier” day than the 29th.  March firsters also get their own “special” day:  “In like a lion” day (bet you didn’t remember that one either).  And March is generally just a much nicer month than February.

That, and having an aquamarine birthstone alone makes it worth it.  Not even a purple amethyst can dissuade me of that.

And let’s be honest, even though I wasn’t born on Leap Day, I pretty much claim it anyway by telling nearly everyone that I was almost born on Leap day”.   My own little claim to fame.  I get all of the benefits of a Leap Day birthday and all the benefits of a March 1 birthday.  I guess that’s worth making me wait an extra day to celebrate every four years.

So, dear friends, I hope you find something adventurous to do on this 2012 Leap Day.  Remember it only comes around once every FOUR years and only in EVEN years divisible by FOUR.  But don’t worry, you can count on me to remind you in 2016 (wink).

And to all of my full-term pregnant friends…maybe consider a little…. castor oil…..today???!!

Happy Leaping,