I’m signing off for a couple days until I have something, well, a little more exciting to write about.

I’m busy in time and short on inspiration and now just feels like a good time to take a {brief} break.

Not that you necessarily cared to know this…but….it makes me feel better to acknowledge it.  So there ya go.

I’ll be back in a bit.  Hopefully with lots of new stories, pictures of my daughter (of course) and possibly a new watermark (working on it).  Maybe even a blogroll?  {Currently working on compiling a list of the (dozens of?) blogs I find inspiring/uplifting/encouraging.}  P.S. In the meantime, if you are pregnant or a new Mama, check out this blog, The Wise Baby, started by a fellow ’02 Lancer.  It has tons of comparisons, buying guides and is really concise.  She makes good recommendations too.

So thanks to all of you who faithfully read my little ramblings.  It means a lot that you are here day after day. And I’m most especially grateful to those of you who find the time to write me little encouragements or bring it up in conversation or just find a way to let me know you care.  You have made me feel so very loved!

See you soonish,