Month: July 2012

Baby Shower Season

It seems as though just about every week there is a new baby announcement amongst friends and acquaintances.  For every month between now and February, I know of a baby due within my circle.  How exciting!  This season of life has to be one of my favorites: I love the anticipation of the gender, the stats, the name (quite possibly my favorite part), the hair or no hair, the guess to determine who he/she resembles, and all of the shared love and joy that goes into welcoming new life.
In the next four weeks, I have four baby showers (!)  Two out of the four, I am heavily involved in.
Yesterday was one of those two.
We met in Chicago to celebrate Baby P (coming in about six weeks, give or take).
(Baby K coming in October!)
Seeing as Baby P’s name has not yet been revealed, and that in the meantime, her nickname has been dubbed “Little Pea”, we concluded that a Sweet Pea Garden theme was only appropriate.
Baby Wishes from each guest were written for Baby P to one day read.
(free printable found here from unitednotions)
And what would a baby shower be without a little friendly competition??
(Don’t worry, Baby P, we all know you will be a lot cuter 🙂 )
(for the record, I was off.  Way off.  I guess you could consider it payback??)
(mildly inappropriate jokes were made at the expense of pregnant women all around the world.  it IS a baby shower afterall 😉 )
And of course the best part of the party–the presents!
After signing the guest book,
(carrying on tradition, we framed a beautiful pregnancy picture of Mrs. P and signed our names to it.  I still have the one I was given at my shower for MG and it sits in her room next to the rocker.  I often would read and reread my friends’ wishes as I would feed her late at night.  So special.)
and then guests were given a “dirt cup” and, fittingly, sweet pea seeds to take home.
This shower was a wonderful celebration of new life and a reminder of what a fun and joyous season this is.  Baby Shower Season is officially open! Hurray!


My Little Me

We’ve quickly rounded into 20 months of life.  And Little One’s personality has really started to shine.
Often, it feels as if I’ve been given a second childhood.  I get to watch myself grow up.  I get to raise myself (oh joy!) and I get to rediscover things about myself through mature eyes.  Mostly because she and I have eerily similar personalities (so far, at least)
She is, afterall, our first-born and that alone gives her and I a huge thing in common.  One of the many things we share.
When I took the following video of her, I loved it for two reasons.  One, because it is so her.  Being the eldest often comes with a longing to do bigger things and have more responsibility.  I, myself, was no exception to that and so I secretly love/fear that trait in one of my own.  She loves to copy in vivid detail the things she sees grown-ups doing.   Never mind that her end result may be a little flawed 🙂
And two, this video showcases a little piece of MG and Daddy’s relationship.  A relationship that has really taken off since he has been ever-present in the last six weeks.  She has gone from being a fierce Mama’s girl to it-depends-on-the-day-girl.  I secretly love/fear that too.  Just as long as she doesn’t completely edge me out, I think I can handle it.  Right?


Six Years

Today, July 22, 2012, marks six years of marriage.

Six years!

Which, in theory, still kinda sounds like we’re newlyweds, but we’re only a year out from the not-so-newlywed-sounding year number seven.

In some ways, this year has been the fastest on record.  This time last year we were basking on the beaches of Mexico and the time in between that and now has been like a snap of the fingers.

On the other hand, this year has been one of the most challenging years to date.  Not because of newness and changes but due to the lack thereof.  Even though we have tried to move out of some circumstances and beyond old things, God continues to place us back where we began.  It feels as though the so-called seven-year-itch came a bit early.  Not so much the yearning to be with different people, but the yearning to be in different circumstances.  We’ve begged God for certain changes, challenges, and outcomes and yet, here we are with a life nearly identical to the one we had one year ago. And that in itself has been the greatest challenge.  I think we will look back on this time as one of the most trying times in our life.  There are many thoughts and stories to go behind these challenges and they are forthcoming.

But for now, we are just reveling in our accomplishment of making it this far.

 One year.  So young and naive.  We were just glad that we had survived the first year that everyone warns you about.  We think we came out mostly unscathed 🙂
 Two years. Walking at night on the beach in Florida.  We went to see The Dark Knight on that trip also, making it all the more fitting to go see the final Batman movie last night.
 Three years.  We were blissfully happy with 2 great jobs, 1 low-maintenance pet, and zero responsibility. Little did we know there was a major game-changer coming our way soon.
 Four years.  We went to the Melting Pot and talked about all the changes coming our way.  (that is an MG belly I spy, NOT a post-melting pot indulgence belly 🙂 )



five years.  we marveled over all the changes God has brought us through in being new parents. we celebrated by stuffing our faces with Mexican food.  Hey, when in Mexico!

six years.  a lot has changed.  happy to be with each other and our much-loved baby girl.  Even though things haven’t much changed, there is no doubt that God has truly blessed us.  We have 1 fulfilling job, a charming little house, and a sweet girl that we love more each day.  Really, what more could we ask for?

on to year seven.

With hopefully another ten times that more to go.