Month: April 2013

Baby Name Game: Clue #7

By now, you can probably guess where this is headed….especially since I’ve mentioned that the name is old-fashioned, feminine, and a little off-the-grid.  If you haven’t noticed, we’re theme-y people.  These qualities are all shared by MG’s name–and almost all by our own as well.

Along those lines, both N’s and my parents gave us names that honored special people in their lives.  One of N’s middle names is a tribute to a close family friend.

My given middle name is after my great-aunt.  She was also the inspiration behind the G in MG’s name.  The M follows after both my sister and N’s grandma.

It should come as no surprise that Mayby’s name will follow suit.

Clue #7

We are family.

Two of Mayby’s names can be found on our family tree.  The other one is a “tribute” name of sorts.

I realize that this isn’t a very helpful clue, so I will give you another bonus hint: three of our inspirational females are still alive. 

(and now for some cute pictures):

afterlight(3) copy afterlight(4) copy afterlight(5)

Seven clues down, three more clues remain.   Any guesses?

P.S. this day, April 26, is always a sad day for Taylor students and alumni.  Last year I wrote out my thoughts on that tragedy here.

clue #8

Spring Break

As I said on Monday, I had to grieve the loss of our family unit before I could fully embrace what is to come.  I know what is coming is going to be beautiful, but as N eloquently put it, “We have to wreck it only to have it rebuilt into something better.”

Now that I have grieved, I feel as though I am truly ready for what is to come.  Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  I am excited about our family’s future and can’t wait to see how God will recreate what we know and love into something better.

Here is a little video I made of our Spring Break fun:



A Letter to My First Born

Over Spring Break, after much quality family time together, I realized that a dark cloud was hanging over me.  Before I could move on and fully embrace the new life and family that was to come, I had to mourn the one I was leaving behind.  

The grief surprised me, and although short-lived, it was profound. 

Out of that sadness came this:

Dearest MG,


Though you ask questions all the time and wonder often about your little sister, I suspect that you do not realize that your life is about to change.

Change is good.  It brings us things like seasons and birthdays and new favorites.

But change can also be hard.  Especially for people like you and I, who thrive on our notions and routine.


Once this change comes, there are a few things I will miss about our routine.  I will miss our easy mornings.  I will miss our leisurely, hour long baths.  I will miss your constant musings about Mayby.  I will miss our grab-and-go last-minute dashes out of the house.  I will miss giving you my full attention during our lunch time conversation.  I will miss our weekly dates to the doctor.  I will miss you giving Mayby kisses on my belly button every night.


But I hope and pray that this change will bring about some beautiful things too.  That it will strengthen our relationship, that it will teach both of us invaluable lessons, and that it will deepen our love; both for each other and for the third member that will be joining our collective “Daddy’s girls”.

All I know is that when you came into our lives, we found places in our heart to love you that we never knew existed.  You opened our eyes in new ways to the world.  Something deep down and buried in our souls was touched.


You rocked our world but we never regretted it for an instant.

I can only imagine that there is room for more.  In all of us.

I love you, sweet girl.  You are and will always be my Big Girl, my first born, my perfectly-crafted  MG.


Baby Name Game: Clue #6

So far we’ve revealed that baby girl will have 3 names.

The third name will be a color name.

The other two names will be considerably feminine sounding.

She will have a formal name with a nickname.

Two out of the three of these names will have a vintage flair to them.

This week, we’d like to spoil that:


                                      Neither N or I have ever had a student by any of Mayby’s names.

Seeing as we have both spent a combined 11 years as teachers, plus another 5 in education-related jobs, both N and I have had our fair share of “I will never, ever be able to name a child that” moments.

These moments are the exception rather than the norm,


This means two things:

1) we don’t have any associations with her name (something that is important to me, simply for the unique factor.)


2) her name isn’t all that common right now (although I don’t necessarily see it staying that way…I have my eye on you, spawn of Kim Kardashian/Kate Middleton.

**Bonus hint: Jenna Bush Hager’s naming style is right down my alley.

Bonus hint #2: none of her 3 names nor nickname cracked the top 100 list last year.**)

Still intrigued? More next week,

clue #7

The List {an update}

Here is my pre-Mayby list that I posted back in January:

list of things copy

In three months, I’ve been busy…or should I say…motivated.  I’ve checked off all but #13.  (you can read about #1; 2, 3 &4;, & 10 here) and even added a few more things to it.

Granny is here this week (hurray!), and we crossed off #9 thanks to an invaluable Costco run.

We’ve also been busy shuttling MG on all sorts of fun field trips,


she gave us a (much-needed) date night (I got to eat without interruptions and eat a fro-yo entirely by myself), she’s been making meals for us, and right now she is cleaning our bathrooms.  What a blessing!

It’s funny how the thought of  adding a new member brings about an incessant urge to fix/clean/change things.  Even stranger, N and I both have been feeling it.  It’s as if we are preparing for the world to stop for about 6 weeks after her birth.  Thankfully, if it does, we won’t have to do anything but keep our children (mostly) alive.


Baby Name Game: Clue #5

I can’t say that I’ve always loved my given name (I remember asking my mom around the age of 6 why she didn’t name me Aurora)

I especially didn’t like that in middle school and high school my name was one of dozens in my class.  When I went to college, I made the executive decision to shorten it from its already shortened version and have loved it ever since.  I think “Kate” just fits me.

The best part about my name though, in my opinion, is its versatility.  I have the option of my formal given name or dozens of nicknames.  For a girl who likes and knows her options, this has always been extremely appealing.

Clue #5

A nickname she will have.

Following in the footsteps of older sis (and, okay, both of her parents), Mayby will have a formal name that we will use rarely and a nickname that we will introduce her as.

Last week, when I referred to three parts of her name, I actually meant her two given names and her nickname.  Not her color name.  Felt like I had to clear that up since more than a few people thought my reference to gem meant we were naming her Ruby :).

More hints next week,

clue #6

Baby Name Game: Clue #4

Don’t you just love the Smucker’s birthday announcements on Good Morning America?  The endearing nature of  Willard Scott, the difference in pictures (glamour shots vs. 30 years younger vs. the non-smilers), and most of all the names.  I just love those “century-old” names that you rarely hear on anyone outside of the assisted livings today.

Can you guess where this is going?

Last week, we revealed that Mayby’s name will sound frilly and feminine.  This week, I’d like to add that:

Clue #4

Mayby’s name(s) will have a vintage flair.

One  part of her name has vintage appeal that traces the height of its popularity all the way back to the 1880’s.

A second part of her name has a more classic sound that has seen increasing popularity in recent years.

A third part of her name peaked in popularity in the 1910’s.  However, it too has steadily seen some growth in numbers by parents who are looking for a throw-back gem.

But why three parts?  More to come on that next week,

clue #5

Pineapple Passion

This week, Mayby is the size of a Pineapple!

DSC_0003n copy

That means she’s already about the length  she will be at birth and now just packing on the pounds to be nice and cute when it’s time to come!

I, on the other hand, am ready to start de-packing some pounds.  I’ve hit that “large and cumbersome stage” where it’s a pain to sit, a pain to lay down, a pain to bend over, a pain to walk, and well, you get the idea.  Comfortable is a thing of the past.  If it were up to me, I would say the perfect gestational period would be about 8 months.  Anything beyond that just seems like unusual punishment.

On the other hand, I do know what’s coming, so I’m trying not to wish it away and enjoy all of the time I have now to do my hair, to take a nap when MG’s napping, and to stay warm in bed all night long (save for the 2-5 trips to the bathroom).  Maybe that is what the last month is for: to savor the “me time” until it gets to the point where all you want to do is meet your baby.  Even then, you still have about 2 weeks left…so by the time they arrive, you are more than ready.

My nesting energy is at an all-time low.  Thankfully, my list has been mostly checked off (update to come soon, I hope) and my new mantra is “nope, don’t feel like it, don’t care.”

As in, maybe I should do something other than sleep during MG’s nap.  “Nope, don’t feel like it.”

Maybe I should get down on my hands and knees and wipe down the baseboards and scrub the floors. “Nope, don’t care.”

Maybe I should eat something other than jelly beans and almonds for a snack.  “Nope.”

I’m surprised to say this, but I’m getting  great sleep too.  Often I will nap during the day and still get about 8 hours at night.  Insomnia hasn’t kicked in and I can’t say that I’m disappointed.  I don’t, however, remember going into MG’s birth very well rested, so I’m trying to take advantage as I’m guessing that’s going to change soon.

The crazy dreams have calmed a bit and last night I had the most wonderful dream that she arrived.  Four weeks early, weighing 8 lbs, 1 ounce, and an easy labor to boot.  The only thing not perfect about her was that she was a boy.  Which was fine, but most of the dream was spent debating over what to name her/him.  I’m going to take that as a sign that I’ve conquered my fears that she will be late with a bad labor.  Now I guess I need to deal with this subconscious fear that she’s a boy 🙂  (or maybe that I won’t be prepared??).

Speaking of preparation, in recent weeks, we’ve taken a tour of our hospital (delivering at a different one this time), taken MG on an only-child-moon (lots of pictures coming your way soon), wrapped up a few loose ends, and really just focused on spending some quality time as a family.  It has been wonderful.

Mayby is already being preceded by her reputation.  She is lazy and quiet by morning and active and feisty by night.  I’m thinking she’s going to be another night owl like Big Sis.  Often, I find myself just wondering about her.  Will she be similar in size?  Will she have dark hair when she is born that later turns blonde?  Will she look exactly like baby MG?  It’s hard to picture anything else, but just thinking about her puts a smile on my face.

See you in 4-8 weeks (but hopefully more like six), little Pineapple,