Month: May 2013

Pumpkin Pie

This week, at 38 weeks, Mayby is the size of a pumpkin.

38w copy


She is almost out of room in there and I can’t believe we still have possibly-up-to-but-no-longer-than four weeks to go?!

At 38 weeks, I’m feeling uncomfortable.  Falling asleep is a nightly work in progress.  I first attempt to find a comfortable position…which is next to impossible when you share the bed with a full-grown man, a stretchy cat, and a plethora of body pillows.

As soon as I get settled in, Mayby decides that for the first time all day, she has my undivided attention.  She begins her nightly limbering movements, which have changed significantly since she has grown larger.  Imagine a sharp elbow s-l-o-w-l-y drawing it’s away across the inside of your stomach  while a tiny foot kicks you repeatedly in the ribs and a pointed head turns this way and that into your insides.  Miraculous, creepy, and painful all at the same time.

Randomly pick one of the following and add it to the mix: calf/thigh/foot cramps, strained muscles from turning over, acid reflux, a tingling sensation in your stomach that feels like it is falling asleep because she is laying on a nerve, swollen feet.

About the time she begins to settle in, it is time to use the bathroom, with urgency.

And thus the process begins again….and repeats every two hours.

But I suppose I am getting more sleep now than I will in a matter of time so I should be savoring it, right?

While on the topic of sleep, I think it’s funny that I’ve been having running dreams lately.  In my dreams, I’ve completed at least two full marathons while 38 weeks pregnant.  Not sure if this is a matter of wishful thinking, my limbs trying to tell me “they’ve still got it”, or my body prepping for labor to come.  Either way, as ugly as it will be, I’m already excited for that first postpartum spring run :).

These last few weeks have put me into a fury of feathering.  When I’m not doing a project, I’m making up new ones to do tomorrow.  Somehow there is still always that one more thing that needs to be done before she comes.  I’m ready, but I’m not ready.

My doc and I are on friendly terms as I see her once a week these days.  I’m making some progress, getting adjusted, downing Evening Primrose Oil & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, walking like mad, and attempting to do all the things necessary to ensure a timely arrival. I have a good feeling this time.  Personally, I’m predicting we’ll land somewhere within a week of the big DD.

As sure as I am, I kind of feel like a first time mom again.  I’m not really sure what going into labor looks like for me. Seeing as how I haven’t had any contractions again this time around, I guess as soon as I have one I will be prepared enough to know that this is probably it.

My emotions are all over the place these days.  One minute I am butterfly-nervous-excited to meet her, the next minute I am looking into sweet MG’s eyes thinking, “please don’t let this change you.”

But I think I am finally and truly ready.  After all of this furying and feathering, I’m ready for life to just slow down for a little.  I’m excited to spend–although not the most quality–quantity time with our family.  I’m looking forward to drinking in the new baby smell in the late nights and the early mornings, to drawing on my been-there-done-that new mama confidence, to taking a few weeks off from cooking/cleaning and accessing the freezer/take-out,  to dressing my little in the new AND old and dear clothing in her closet, to seeing what little personality and being that God has decided to bless us with next, to watching my husband and eldest adjust with me into this newfound change.  It’s about to get crazy.  But in a good way.


Sweet little pumpkin, we are so anxious to meet you!  See you soon,

Baby Name Game: Clue #8

When it comes to our firstborn, MG has a very traditional first name, a conventional second name, and a very uncommon second middle name (color name).  Her nickname is rare and old-fashioned, and we changed the spelling (from the most common) to make it more phonetic in today’s society.

For our little Mayby:

Clue #8

We debated the form/spelling of her name.

There are several different ways to spell her name and we debated over them all before we settled on the one we liked best to suit how we pictured her.  Her middle name is common enough to be spelled one way only and her color name is spelled traditionally as well.

For her nickname, once again there are multiple ways of spelling it, but we went with the most familiar version.

Only 2 clues remain!  I hope you’re still playing, but I secretly hope you haven’t figured it out yet 😉

clue #9

Happy May Day!

It’s May!!

Which means it is officially baby month!

My children have all been fighting for space on my ever-decreasing lap:


Mayby has already been learning to pull her weight around here:


I’ve been craving fruit, water, banana/pear/peach Greek yogurt, and for the first time all pregnancy, lots of desserts…..

…like this homemade, g-free cookie cake (thank you, Pinterest!!!) so she should come out nice and sweet 🙂


I’ve been sewing up a blanket or two to take to the hospital and my bags are packed (with an obscene amount of monogrammed goodies.  Can’t wait to reveal her name!)

The carpets have been cleaned, the lists have been made, Big Sis details have been arranged.

I’ve had my final hair appointment and a pedicure is on the way (cause pretty toes are a good focal point  🙂 ).

Evening Primrose Oil and Red Raspberry Leaf tea is being consumed in mass quantities and I’ve been adjusted.

Now it is time to sit back and enjoy the last few days of no diapers, no schedules, and no sleep interruptions.

Seventeen days until the official due date….We are anxious and ready!

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