Month: September 2013

I’ve decided…

fall is overrated.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good handful of candy corn , PSL, and pumpkin hunt too, but let’s not forget it is GETTING COLDER and that is really no fun at all.  Jackets and boots are cute, until you have to put them on three bodies every single morning.

dressing a baby is one of the simplest pleasures in life.  They don’t have an opinion and they look cute in whatever it is…especially red leggings where their toes peek out

photo 2

photo 1

I’m going to do an October blog challenge again.  Stay tuned.

The names of our “next” child…I’m pretty sure.  True to form, I could not rest until the name of our next is decided when our previous is 4 months old.  I had MG say the top two names for me and hearing them from her lips (especially the girl name) confirmed it.  N is totally on board with the girl name too.  Don’t worry, folks, to find out #3’s status, read this.

I’m having a hard time staying put.  Nate’s new job, while wonderful and an opportunity I would never want to give back, has put a huge crimp in our schedule.  We are fumbling around, adjusting things here and there as we can.  In the meantime, I have been distracting myself with dreams for our future.  I have my feet firmly planted here, but my mind is miles away.  God has been so evident in our lives lately and has been speaking so clearly to me.  There are few other times in my life where I remember His presence being so literal, but one was last summer after our miscarriage.  I sense that He has something rich planned for our future and I am so excited to see it unravel.  I feel the story is already being written.  Sometimes I try to read through the pages extra fast because I really can’t wait to see how it ends.


Nap time

How do you spend yours?

After a busy or chaotic morning, there’s nothing like that quiet 2-3 hour block in the afternoon.  I love routine and schedules. I crave them.  Our house naps from about 2-5pm and though I find myself dragging most days, if I take an afternoon nap with the girls, it is affecting my night time sleep.  So these days, I have the entire 3 hours to spend at will.

There are a few hobbies I enjoy pursuing.  They bring so much meaning to my life as they allow me to express myself creatively  and at the same time satisfy the need to create.  I read on a blog one time that a mother took up sewing during her young children’s nap time so at the end of the day she could point to something and say, “there, that is what I did today.”.  A tangible expression amidst a sometimes impalpable landscape.

Some of the ways I spend my golden hours….

Sewing. The new Hobby Lobby down the road has reignited the passion that died about halfway through MG’s quilt.

Blogging. On days I’m feeling introspective, I sit down and write and write and write. These become the bones for several blog posts that may or may not get published down the road.

Scrapbooking.  I have a terrible (and perhaps irrational) fear of losing memories.  Every year I put together a scrapbook for my family that includes pictures and memories shared throughout the year. I’ve also done 2 pregnancy journals and a baby book for MG, in the middle of Bea’s.  It’s a way for me to preserve our past.

Creating.  Some days it’s a new artwork, other days it’s a hair bow.  Little projects to fill my time.

Shopping.  I’ll admit it, some days I just need a little retail therapy.  (I even wrote a blog about it once that still hasn’t’ been published…maybe soon).  Lately my browser has included gifts for N’s bday, some long sleeve tops for MG, the perfect present for a 3 year old girl, and a new house.  I don’t always purchase, but I could spend hours searching…

Every morning as I am thinking through the logistics of my day, I think about the nap time hours and I plan what I will work on.  I always tell myself, “If, IF, after all the dishes are put away, the floor is picked up, the girls are laid down, and dinner is prepped, if there is still time, THIS is what I will work on.”  In this dreamy way, it never feels like a burden, just a treat to look forward to.

And I always throw this caveat on the end…”And if Bea won’t sleep except for in my arms, I will just rock and rock her instead. And that will be just as pleasurable.”


And I mean it.


Four Months

-grasping things, clothes, hair with your little fingers.  It’s not uncommon for me to find long, blonde hairs entangling your fingers.


-smiles. so many smiles!

-you are so long.  You can fit into some 6-9 month clothes.  I packed away your 0-3’s….sniff, sniff


-when you wake up, you still don’t cry.  you let out a few bleats like a little lamb to let me know you are awake.


-you will still take a paci, but sometimes you try to suck on your thumb when you are really sleepy.  As long as you don’t need your paci throughout the night, I’m fine with whatever you choose


-you are so strong and almost never stay on your back but immediately flip over.  Very impressive!  You are also scooting a little here and there.  You are almost never in the same spot I leave you.


-your hair is getting long and very blonde up top too.  It is such a pretty color, I’m sure one many women would pay good money for!  I love rubbing my face in it.

-you aren’t belly laughing yet, but you’ve given us a few giggles this month

-I love watching you interact with your sister.  She is getting on to you if you mess with her things :).  Also, she was doing “ring around the rosie” the other night and you watched intently.  Every time she “fell down” you would fake cry.  So funny to observe!



-You are an AMAZING sleeper.  I can’t even believe you are now sleeping through the night.  You are so easy to put down, I never worry about getting you to sleep.  You sleep on the go–cat napping in the morning if need be–then take a long afternoon nap and maybe another cat nap in the evening if you want.  I feel as though we escaped quite unscathed from the newborn stage and I am pinching myself.  You and I had literally two long nights together and that was just because you were AWAKE and not sleeping…not even crying!

-finally, you are slowing down a little in the growth department, which means you are just a little bigger than your 4 month old sister 🙂



Life with two {part II}

I decided this was going to be an ongoing series of reflections.   As our new life evolves and changes, so does my outlook on it. Here are my thoughts lately:

Trying to keep two little beings satisfied for twelve hours is so hard it is overwhelming at times.  How does one be all things to all people?


It is a rare day for me to leave the house before 11am….
even though I am often awake by 6 or 7.  Feeding everyone breakfast (Bea twice), taking care of everyone’s potty habits, walk/run/snack/shower, dressing the three of us—whew!  Most days it’s easier just to embrace it and stay home.


A few weekends before Bea came, I pulled out all of the baby clothes, washed and sorted them, and hung up the NB, 0-3, and 3-6 months clothes.  I thought surely that would buy me until November or at least the fall.  WRONG.  Last night I pulled out 6-9 month clothes which are on the horizon shortly due to a long, chunky baby.  I mean, look at her:


Speaking of that baby, she is quite the roller these days.  You put her down on her back and she instantly flips to her stomach and starts scooting around.  This is baffling to me as MG didn’t roll from back to stomach until the day after she turned 6 months old.  Over-achiever?


And finally, here are the things I’ve been obsessing over lately: shopping for fall clothes for the girls, Peter Pan collars, ruffle pants (going to try my hand at those soon), coordinating outfits for the girls,

peacock blue, the new John Mayer cd (I love how his new CDs always drop in the fall.  Great for finding a new fall anthem), bento lunches (preschool is just around the corner), century old farm houses, and finally tribal print.  Can you tell most of these have to do with clothes?  I just love new clothes for the fall…

More to come…


Consignment Bliss

Well another Consignment sale has come and gone.  And if you know me at all, you know how much I love participating every fall and spring.


This year, I’m getting the full experience because I’m actually consigning some of my own items!  I dug deep into my maternity clothes, books, baby apparel, and gear that I didn’t really want to store nor move.  Of course everyone always follows up that statement with, “are you done?”.  Wayyyy too soon to make that call.  What I do know is if I am done, it’s going to be a lot easier (and more cost effective) to part with it now.  And if I’m not done, who knows if #3 will be a girl?  Or if she’ll be born in the right season?   And don’t even ask N about it.  Last night we were watching some videos from newborn Bea and he stopped to look at me and say, “I want another one.”  Hold those horses.

Consigning meant I got limited access into the pre-pre-sale which was AWESOME!  Having the pick of the litter on clothes and shoes was great.  I scored big on Hanna Andersson, Boden, Baby Gap, Children’s place, and a few boutique-y items.   Oh and let’s not forget the shoes!  Real leather cowboy boots, Robeez, $3 suede boots, and never been worn tennis shoes.




…AND matching Halloween costumes for the girls.  No pics yet, you’ll just have to wait and see :).


I also got a Little People’s doll house, pop beads, and this:


Which was the number one item on my list and it was almost stolen from underneath me, saved in the last second, and then I almost lost my claim ticket for it on the sorting table.  Phew!  Welcome home, Radio Flyer.  You were meant to be!


First Day

Even though I knew this day was coming (since I willingly imposed it upon myself last spring), it hasn’t been any easier to face.


Today is the first day of “school” for MG for the rest of her life.  Okay technically it’s only pre-school (or is it Mother’s Day Out?) and technically it’s only one day a week.  But still.  It feels monumental.

We’ve been prepping her for this big change for quite some time.  In fact, the main reason I want her to go is so she can become more independent & comfortable in group settings.  Developing a relationship with authority (other than ourselves) and with other children.  The main focus of the year for her little ten person class is playing with each other.  Brilliant.

But I will miss her.  Much.  My biggest fear is that I will look back on this year with regrets.  That I will regret the one morning a week that I willingly gave her up.  That I will wish this time back.  But then I look at little Bea and remember that she needs me too.  Being the good baby that she is and the second one at that, she rarely sees me other than to eat and cuddle these days.  We need a quiet morning with baby activities to enjoy together.  Especially now that she is getting on 4 months and about to start scooting (eep!).

It will be good, right?  For all of us, right?

Because it is the FIRST day and I am a huge, huge sucker for tradition  I couldn’t let today slip by unnoticed.   I carefully handcrafted her lunch, complete with a message on a napkin…of the artistic variety…because cats are her love language…


At breakfast, I prayed a special blessing over her and for a great school year.  I held out her two little pro-biotic vitamins (because we narrowly escaped the Norovirus last year and I am quite certain it is knocking at our door this year) and let her choose which one she wanted.  The cat won again.

We drove to school and we practiced saying her teacher’s name and what to do if she needed to potty and how to handle a little boy that bothers her (you should hear her say “stop” in her “mean” voice).  Then she randomly brought up the time she had to get her “picture taken by the blue man”

photo (2)

(i.e. her follow up x-ray for her broken collarbone).  Perhaps this was her way of emoting her fear–by bringing up another time she was afraid.

Once at school, she proudly placed her backpack and lunch in her designated cubby.


I kissed her goodbye at the door and told her I was so proud of her.


I watched her through the picture windows to see how she would respond.


My little lone soldier went immediately to the slide (didn’t she learn anything from the blue man incident :)?)

And then she spotted IT


And I knew she would be okay.

Later, the preschool director sent me this:


All is well for my little student 🙂

And of course I couldn’t let this day get away without a video tribute. So here you go:


MG first day of school from Kate Miley on Vimeo.



There is so much going on in that pretty head these days (and to think this time last year she was just starting to say “Mama”!


Here are my latest favorites:

To me in my workout clothes: “Are you still wearing your pajamas?”

To me in the car last week after I couldn’t listen to another Bible verse set to song for the umpteenth time and I turned on the radio to a “safe” pop station and on came Bush’s Glycerine.  “I think the battery is dying on this toy.”

To any stranger who asks, “How are you?”.  “I’m two and a half!”

Thoughts on preschool after orientation:


Fun at the zoo:


(“I think that one’s silly….I think I’m scared.” {about the peacocks})


(“She came right up to me and ate out of my hand” {on feeding the giraffe})

When asked why she did something she wasn’t supposed to: “<<long silence>>I just can’t find the words right now.”

And finally my favorite:

Said to me after I had  gotten on to her about something we’d kissed and made up: “Are you okay, Mom?” “yes, honey, are you okay?”.  “Yeah, Mom, I’m okay.  Will you smile for me?”.  <<smile>> “I love you so very much, Mommy.”

She does know the words that find their way straight to my heart 🙂