Month: November 2015

Three months, Thirty months

We are just a few days from celebrating a really big birthday, but I wanted to take a minute to update you on the other two sisters since they are currently passing milestones too.

I hit three months with Mayby2 this week.  I’m out of the first trimester and couldn’t be happier about it.  I’m anxious to feel her kicking (or at least confirm that what I’m feeling are kicks), but I’m also so relieved to be feeling nearly back to normal.  It really is true what they say about the second trimester; it is the honeymoon stage.  I’ve started on a few pieces of newborn clothing and ordered a professional snap setter (as it seems like most baby/kids clothes have snaps in them); I’m hoping this will help me in my clothes construction.

Bea turned 2.5 yesterday and she is just as two as ever.


Of my two, she is by far the more spirited, exuberant child.  I love her for this as I can appreciate many qualities she has that I lack.  As she approaches three, she is learning how to reign in her passion, when appropriate, and is otherwise easy-going and sweet.

She’s done with the paci (check), after the last remaining one broke a few weeks ago and we decided to pitch it before it became a choking hazard (mom’s thoughts).  Much to my surprise, although I shouldn’t have been given the above, it became a non-issue after the first night of sleep.  Just like her older sis, she quickly attached to her baby doll (hers is named Vella, as opposed to Stella) immediately after and does like to ensure that Vella always has her paci to sleep.

Potty training is underway (almost check), and I think she is possibly the easiest trainee on the planet. I did predict that the second one would be easier, but little did I realize how much easier when you have a highly motivated (by praise and candy) child and an older sister along for encouragement (who also gets praise and candy when little one is successful).

Big girl bed has not yet happened (no check) but we’ve soft started.  She starts out in the bed and we tell her she can stay ALL NIGHT LONG as long as she doesn’t get out of bed.  Oh is she excited to try but rarely does this last longer than a few minutes before we hear little footsteps clunking around to find us and whispers of “hi, mommy!” when she does.  As long as she keeps napping (which is starting to become iffy), I’m fine with this arrangement for now.

If I compare the two girls at this age (which I know, you’re not supposed to do), MG was much farther along in communication.  This is surprising, because MG was already a little behind her peers.  Bea has always been a little behind the curve in this but not to the point of concern.  She can say just about anything now to get her point across and is starting to form a few more complex sentences too.  Her talking is very enthusiastic (and she came with a built-in politeness meter, so it seems) that it is very endearing.  “Thank you, Mommy, thank you, Daddy, thank you, Sissy.” She will say in succession until she has landed on the right person.  She will repeat this until you acknowledge her too.

Her baby doll play has really grown in the past month and she loves changing their clothes, keeping them fed, and every time we walk out the door, it seems she must bring along her baby in a car seat, along with a diaper bag full of random…toys.

Bea’s favorite people are all the men in our family: Daddy (first of course), Papa, Gampy, and Uncle Joel.  She is a daddy’s girl through and through.

Thank you for the encouragement on my last post.  I did not mean to make it seem as though I am considering giving up my writing (although I am only one more computer issue away….just kidding, sort of).  The thoughts are just coming to me a little more slowly and I do find I enjoy the immediacy of Instagram more and more.

When I was in college I took a few painting classes to fulfill my art requirements.  I distinctly remember taking an oil painting class and sharing with my mom (who I knew would relate) that I, for the duration of that class, viewed the world in how to translate it into a painting.

In other words, I would look at a tree and think about what colors I would blend to create the perfect color and how to get the shading just right, and what texture to use for the bark.  These thoughts would come to me freely all day every day, with or without a palette in front of me.

Now it seems I go back and forth between viewing everything through the lens of a seamstress and a writer, whatever is more forefront on my brain.  I look at clothes construction in a whole new way, thinking about how to solve various problems I’m having or to create something new.

Similarly, my writer’s brain is most often turned on when I am reading a good book and have quiet time to think.  I translate my day into short snippets that I think would look appealing on a page and harmonize in the brain.  I hope as I let Sweet Mama Makes float away, I will free up more “thinking space” to do this.



Now that MG is almost 5, and the weather and time have forced our evenings indoors, we’ve started having family game nights a few nights a month.

We clean up the dinner dishes, sit down by the fire, and take turns choosing the game.  Sometimes we drink tea and eat something sweet.  It’s exactly as I imagined it would be, warm, filled with little laughs, and cozy.

But of course, you have to factor in a 2.5 year old.  And that means we are constantly dodging fat little feet and trying to talk over the noise of the noisiest toy she could possibly mash a button on, over and over and over.

Last night was my turn to chose the game and I chose Memory.  Princess Memory.  I chose it because I really wanted Princess Go Fish but MG sweetly informed me she had thrown it away.  “Thrown it away??”  Yes, when she and daddy had cleaned out the game trunk a few weeks ago, half of the cards were missing, rendering it useless, of course.

So I chose Memory because it sounded like the next best thing…and…I didn’t really want to play Madeline’s Lost Puppies again.

But even as the thick cards were being spread haphazardly on the floor, I knew I was going to lose.  I realized it before the game even started; and as the cards grew in number and the rhombus grew in size, I knew my heart wasn’t in it.

I still tried.  And when my turn came, I felt my brain literally swell with mock pain as I tried to burden it with the placement of Princess Aurora in row 2, column 1, and Jasmine somewhere near the bottom of column 6.  I played like a three year old.  Each turn, seeing the board as a wide open space of possibility and hoping that my random choosing of cards yielded something to get excited about.  I played as a pregnant, tired mom of two kids who finds her brain completely encompassed with snack schedules and odd grocery lists, with foods I’m not currently allowed to eat, and that one problem I’m trying to troubleshoot on my sewing project.

I lost of course.  I lost pitifully to N who pulled out 16 matches, and can easily compartmentalize a game for a 15-minute short-term brain assignment. And also to the 5 year old who beat me by 1 (who it turns out has a pretty darn good memory but missed a few turns because she had to get water to slay her “sweatiness”).

Sometimes it feels a bit unfair, these things we let go of in the name of motherhood.  At this point I don’t know if I’ll ever get my memory, painted toenails, or eyebrows back.  But I care about those as little as I do winning a game of Memory right now.

The consolation is the sister who was delighted to take second place (because it wasn’t last place), and the sister who just couldn’t quite keep her curious hands away from our Prince Philip, but stayed in my lap to do so.

I’ve been struggling a bit with my writing this year.  The desire is deep, but the words aren’t there.  Or the ones that are feel cheap and pointless.  I’m attempting to write through the writer’s block and praying that there are beautiful words to pull from, but I’m having trouble accessing them.  I do hope this is one thing I don’t have to completely give up in the name of Motherhood, but perhaps, I need to be okay with letting it change with me.

For now,




Ah I am so exciting to announce we are adding to our family!


(Photo credit to Kimmy Howard Photography)

Here are a few question I’m sure you’re dying to know 🙂

How far along are you?

I am 13 weeks according to my calculations and 12 according to my doctor.  When I went in for the dating scan around 7 weeks, the baby’s measurement was slightly ahead and lined up with what I was thinking, but it wasn’t off by more than A week so they didn’t change my due date.  I am a-ok with that since I’ve had one very late baby, and I’d rather avoid induction if possible and safe.  Moving forward I’m going to count my weeks as I see them but rely on the due date they gave me.

When are you due?

Speaking of due dates, I’m due May 18, 2016.  And if this date sounds familiar, well, it just so happens to be Bea’s third birthday!!  Ahhhh!!!  Definitely not my first choice, but, May is the perfect month for us to have babies in, due to N’s schedule and the weather.  So I can’t complain about that.  Also, you may remember that May 18 was also Bea’s due date, so here’s to hoping they aren’t birthday twins!  And ironically, MG was also due on the 18th of November, so all of my babies have now become 18th due date babies!  MG was the one who came late, Bea came right on time, so maybe this Mayby will make an early appearance?!

How did you find out so early what you’re having?

Yes, seeing as I’m only 13 weeks, I’ve been getting asked that a lot.  I opted to take the Panorama genetic blood test.  There are several different types of these tests available now starting as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy. It’s a simple blood draw, as around this time, the baby’s DNA begins to mix with mom’s.  The main purpose of the test is to screen for certain common  genetic defects.  And in fact, if you are over 35, most doctor’s offices are pushing this test to help screen for Down Syndrome.  (I’m not over 35 but my insurance covers most of the test and we thought it would be worth it to find out the gender early.  That,  and also if there were any abnormalities present, to give us time to explore them {the test doesn’t tell you if your baby has them, just that there is an increased risk, so you need to do follow up testing} , since we have two little girls to explain everything to now.)

So to determine the baby’s gender (which is optional), you can have them screen your blood for the Y chromosome.  Since mom is a female, you wouldn’t normally have this in your blood stream, therefore if it is present, you are 96% likely to have a boy.  (Girl results come with a 99% accuracy).

Are you excited about another girl?

oh yes, thrilled!!  Two girls in, it is hard to imagine adding something different now.  Of course we would have been thrilled with a boy too….but…adding in another girl we already know what to look forward to☺️

Were you wanting another baby?

We were.  I was guarded this time because I felt very content with our family dynamic as it was.  If we weren’t given a third,  I think I could have made peace with that. But we both felt God putting another baby on our hearts and prayed it would come to be.  And just like Bea’s pregnancy, we have to actually want a baby to make it happen :).  My body didn’t recover well (hormonally) from her birth and I had a luteal phase defect again.  Thankfully I was watching for it and knew the steps we would need to take to give us a chance at another pregnancy .

Do the girls know?  How are they reacting to the news?

Both girls are really into babies right now which is a huge encouragement to my heart.  Bea is very curious about them and likes to observe them.  She also has recently latched on to baby dolls and has her special one, just like MG.

We all know MG is a little mama already and she is very excited about a new baby joining our family.  The concept is still abstract for them but I am so excited to see them blossom in to big  (and bigger) sisters!

How are you feeling?

better? Not great, but getting there.  This was the easiest pregnancy on me sickness wise (and this time I took natural measures to prevent the sickness and I’m convinced they actually made a difference!  I hope to write more in detail about this but if you are thinking of becoming pregnancy within the next year and are concerned about morning sickness, check out the connection between your liver and this dreaded pregnancy symptom.  I’m no doctor, so don’t take my word for it, but I spent some time cleansing my liver and taking liver support before I became pregnant. I wasn’t about to go through another illness like Bea’s!  During my pregnancy I used Unisom and B6 (once again consult your doctor) to help curb the nausea//mine is worse at night.  Eating every 2 hours in the day helped keep my blood sugar in check and also made a huge difference).

This pregnancy was the hardest on me energy-wise.  I really struggled (and still am a bit) through my days but now that the end of the first trimester is upon me, I am hoping for a big dose of adrenaline soon.  Plus, I’ve weaned off the progesterone supplement which is supposed to take all of your pregnancy symptoms and make them worse!  Coming off of that, I could tell a difference almost immediately.

Baby name?

yes I think Mayby has a name! I think.  It still feels a little awkward yet as we are playing Around with saying it aloud.  But, while we won’t announce it until birth, I plan to give you a few teaser clues coming up ☺️

This is an overview of my pregnancy up until this point but for a more detailed look, check out my Instagram page dedicated solely to this pregnancy   I’ll be updating this blog with pregnancy news but more frequently there.  Also a quick apology as I had to type most of this on my phone so it’s not up to my usual degree or error check?