Month: December 2015

Christmas gifts 

Our Christmas this year was one of the best I can recall.  MG is old enough to ask with hopeful expectations for a new present and to wishfully imagine all of the “big gifts” have her name on them.  She joins us in the advent activities and anxiously counts down the days until it’s time for the grand finale.

Bea did her part in not un-decorating our Christmas tree or opening the presents prematurely.  Ah, progress.

(Night before.  Smiles were big, sleep was minimal)

One of the best gifts we received as a family was the news of a healthy baby growing properly, inside my 19 week (then) belly.

Three years ago, we were doing the exact same thing for Bea, but this time it was much more peaceful considering we already knew the gender.

The hospital wing was quiet when we arrived around 9:00am, and I appreciated the lack of crowds that seemed to be congregating everywhere else this time of year.

We didn’t have to wait very long before the nicest ultrasound tech we’ve ever had (i.e. No ice queen or grumps), called us back.

The first thing she asked was if we wanted to know gender or if we already knew.  I said we knew but wanted to confirm.  Right away she said, oh if you found out by blood test, it’s right!

It was a good thing we already knew too because the baby was very wiggly everywhere except her perfectly posed Indian-style legs.  The tech was able to confirm it was a girl at two seperately points but I have no idea how she did it!

She did kept commenting on how active the baby was (being that it was hard to take measurements), which made me feel a little insecure….I mean doesn’t she see babies like this all day every day? She made up for it later by saying how beautiful and cute she was (based on the grainy profile picture) which I know means nothing but everything to me.  (Like I said, best ultrasound tech ever!)

My gut tells me that this baby resembles MG the most, as she seemed to have the same defined chin and button nose, but only time will tell, of course.

My gut also proved accurate as the baby once again measured a week ahead, as did my stomach.  MG always measured small (and came late), Bea always measured right on (and came on her due date), so I guess there is something to those theories.

We spent some time with N’s family, opening gifts and eating holiday themed food.  Then we drove down south and did the same with mine.  Definitely a different year, trying to find our new normal without my grandparents, but we did our best to create some new memories and honor their memory by talking about them a lot.

MG with her second cousins 
Some other special memories from this past week:

Seeing the nutcracker ballet with my tiny dancer

Making (ugly, messy, but delicious) Christmas cookies with the girls

Watching MG shine in her angel performance at her preschool Christmas program.

Having my old hometown friends spoil me and two other pregnant girls with a night out and third-baby gifts

When we first met 4 years ago, we were all on our first child and desperate to get out of the house once a week for adult face time.  Now several of us have moved, some have rejoined the workforce and between us there are 22 kids!  They were a lifeline for me in those early days and bring back some sweet memories of just MG and me, and then watching as slowly we began growing and adding to our group.

I made these knotted baby granny gowns yesterday for the other two (both having boys) in a furious afternoon whim.  Now that Christmas is over, I’m getting the bug to sew for Mayby all over again

Enjoy your last few days of the year.  I’m not quite ready to say goodbye yet, but I’ll be spending the next few days reflecting on the good and bad of this year so I can enter into 2016 well.




Dr and Bumpdates 

Just this week we took our little  patient back to her GI specialist as a follow up to this summer.  At the last appointment they were concerned she wasn’t gaining enough and also instructed to continue off of dairy indefinitely.  I didn’t know what to expect from this one but I hoped that we wouldn’t walk away again feeling discouraged.

She seemed so big, sitting there with her legs crossed and answering all of the doctor’s questions, in a proud but quiet way.

The appointment wasn’t discouraging at all, but rather they told us we can start trial and error-ing with dairy and that we don’t need to schedule any more appointments (only if she runs into issues again)!

I have to admit, trial and error with GI symptoms makes me a little leery, but I am excited for her that we can start introducing some long missed foods into her diet, and also ease up on the worry every time we go out to eat or have a potluck meal.  We’re going to take it really, really slow.  But we’re moving ahead and that’s exciting!

In other news

I hit 4 months, or 19 weeks this week!  I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has flown.  Fastest one yet.
Baby is the size of a sweet potato and is starting to have hiccups and also practice breathing.

As far as sickness and other symptoms go, I can hardly tell I’m pregnant anymore, aside from just a few minor discomforts.  What a relief because with Bea, I was still getting evening nausea well into this time and beyond.

My big ultrasound is next week and I’m anxious to get it over with.  The longer I’ve been a mom, the more sad pregnancy stories I’ve been confronted with, and seeing a healthy baby on the screen helps me relax just a little bit more.

This month has brought the usual busyness of the holidays and I’ve been hard at work making some handmade items to gift; so I haven’t touched any of my baby projects in a while.  Bea has been a pretty good, if not concerned, project manager

I always get a little sad when the holidays are over but 2016 holds a lot of excitement and change for our family so I receive it with great expectation.  Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!


OH YEAH: edited to add, I was featured over on the Market Confidential today.  We started the interview before I closed up Sweet Mama Makes, but I share my insight into the business, being a mom with a business, and also show a few pics of the ol’ schoolhouse.  Check it out:

Thanksgiving and holidays 

Thanksgiving 2015 was a huge success.  

Well, for the most part.  

MG came down with a sudden high fever on Tuesday night that lasted for three days.  So she had to miss out on the festivities and we also had to cancel/rearrange some fun plans we had made for N’s time off work.  

But the most important part: the meal was saved.  It was so delicious and this year I wisened up and saved the menu so we could recreate it at will.  

The next day the virus struck Bea, and she got it all in her stomach, with a fever the following day.  Once again, it struck suddenly and rapidly.  N and I said our prayers and did every homeopathic trick to avoid it, but it caught us both on Sunday and hit us both differently too.  Bizarre.  Anyway, here’s to hoping we are fever, v&d free for the rest of the season! 

My pregnancy is still progressing well and I’ve reached over 17 weeks.  It amazes me how quickly this one is going, just like everyone said, but hard to believe.  I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 22nd and I’m praying everything looks well.  I’ve been feeling her move around for the past two weeks and what a wonderful feeling that is, especially during the worst of my illness.  

I’ve started a few sewing projects, like I’ve mentioned, but my snap maker got delayed until this month (hopefully?), and we’ve been busy with holiday prep, so all dedicated hobby time has slowed down some.  

The girls have been so good lately and especially when we are out and about at the million doctor appointments or running errands I imagine myself with another one, an infant no less, and think, “are you crazy?”  Why ruin this good thing you’ve got going on!

But I think about this family I used to know who had three girls.  They were all beautiful, and each one resembled the next.  The eldest was smart and artistic.  The middle was very musically inclined and very sweet natured.  And the third one was the hilarious baby of the family.  She had a magnetic personality.  Even before I wanted girls, I prayed that I would have three just like that.  For some reason I can’t stop thinking about this image and wonder if it holds any bearing into my future.


Happy birthday, MG!

Photo credit: Kimmy Howard photography 

Five years!  Wow that is a big one.  It makes me a little sad if I think about it too long; but the truth is, this year is one of the best we have spent together, so I can only imagine they go up from here!

MG has blossomed into a kind, encouraging, sensitive, generous, little lady.  She is a typical first born female, wanting to be grown up and taken seriously.

She is very intuned to the needs of myself and Bea and is quick to offer help or advice depending on the situation.  I have seen her heart turned toward giving this year, as she is earning a little bit of money now and is quick to offer it to others, along with her toys, dress up clothes, and whatever other possessions she holds near.  Bea is far from a great playmate, but MG gives her many allowances and forgives many an infraction upon her “rules” ☺️.

She notices things around the house that are new or new clothes and is very quick with a compliment.  She is always watching Bea for new progress and loves to tell me about it so we can both cheer her on.

The tidal wave of emotions we have seen, mostly over years 2 and 3 are mostly gone.  As she gets older, she has learned to reign in her feelings and I have seen some great maturity in her this year.

This was the first year she requested something for her birthday: a palace pets castle.  Yes she is still very much into princesses and pink.  She has always had an active imagination but it has developed even more this year as she tells “stories” every night before falling asleep, most of them involving princesses in the plot line (not that I’m supposed to be listening, so don’t tell?)

Also this year has brought us:

-Dairy free and so much healthier

-Starting preschool and writing her name very well

-Making new friends

-getting her first pet(s), teacup 1 and 2

-learned a lot about death, both in losing teacup and also with some family members

This upcoming year also promises some big things on the horizon:

– kindergarten

-new sister

-reading (I can’t wait for this milestone!)

-starting piano lessons (as soon as we can nail down a teacher!)

-we hope to introduce more of the “harder” concepts from the Bible as she grows in her understanding

For some reason I have been especially nostalgic this year, at this time, thinking about how special it was (although very stressful, don’t get me wrong ) to bring a baby into the world around the holidays.  As I reflect on that more I realize what a blessing that was, and especially for my firstborn.  It was a very tangible experience of the Christmas story.

I am so thankful for this girl that God chose for us to love and care for!  She is such a blessing and has changed our lives for the better.  May she have many more pink birthdays on the horizon!