Month: March 2016

Baby Name Game Clue #3: It’s a Girl

Clue #2

With both N and me coming from educational backgrounds, we like and appreciate names that convey gender right off the bat.

That being said, I do realize we are bucking the trend a little bit in this; gender neutral names are very hot right now and names are increasingly becoming even more gender neutral (who would have thought James would be the next hot girl name??).

Clue #3: both her first and middle names will be very feminine

I can’t think of a time in history when either of these names were given to males, (unless you include those strange times back a hundred years ago when 4 males were named Mary and 6 females were named Joseph, inexplicably).  That being said, you never know when the next Caitlyn is going to be the new Jacob.

Bonus hint: we almost changed our traditionally feminine history with one of our vetoed choices: it was given to males more so than females in the span of history.


Clue #4

Baby Name Game Clue #2: a rose by any other name 

We are on vacation and typing posts on my phone is both stressful (I’ve had many a draft “disappear”) and I hate the flow (it just doesn’t appear the same way on my phone as it does on the computer).  But, I want to stay on track with the clues so I’ll go ahead and give the second one today.  I just don’t have a very good story to go along with it.

Clue #2: her third name will be a color name 

I’m sure you will recall, if you’ve been around for my other girls’ given names, that we like to use a color name as a placeholder in the third position.  We do this because we like creative names but we don’t have the gumption to use them as first names; plus the use of color names is a nod to my artistic background as well as N’s art appreciation.  We like that all of our children will have this trait in common too.

I can count on my hand the number of times I actually have to write the girls’ second middle name on a document or form so they are incredibly underused, and perhaps a bit indulgent on our part, but we enjoy the common, colored thread running through our vein of names.

The bonus hint I will give you this time is that we searched high and low to find a name that isn’t in the same color family as the other two.  MG has Veridian (which is a blue-green but considered in the green family) and Bea has Aubergine which is an eggplant purple.

I wanted this baby to have a color that wasn’t either a green or purple. The problem being that so many of the names I loved fall into these two camps: Ivy, Iris, Wisteria, Violet, Chartreuse, etc.  BUT, I did finally find one that fit the above categories and that we both love the sound of with our other two names.

Stay tuned to find out next week more info about the format of her name ☺️


Clue #3

Lettuce Have a Baby 

Today marks 7 months, or just over 32 weeks.  Now that we are in the single digits for weeks remaining, time is just flying!

The baby is the size of a head of lettuce (but it went from a butternut squash, to a coconut, to a lettuce so not sure what that’s about).  She weighs four pounds and has almost reached the length she’ll be when we meet her.   So basically from here on out, she just fattens up and gets ready for birth. (Sounds familiar ?)

Speaking of fattening up, I am feeling so large and maxed out.  My skin feels tight and stretched to impossible proportions.  I’m just not sure how (or where!) I’m going to continue to grow for two more months.  At the same time, the thought of bringing home a newborn right now is a little frightening, so thinking about having two more months to prepare for that feels necessary.

Physically speaking, I’ve been sewing a few more items and buying a few little things here and there to make this birth special.  I’ve washed and prepped all of the newborn clothes and they’re all hanging up in her closet.  I don’t think I will do very much to the already existing nursery, except kick Bea out at some point-ha!

Last time I wrote that I thought she may be transverse, but I’m pretty sure I felt her move that very same day to head down and I would bet that she is still there now.  The trick is to keep her that way and also for her not to be sunny side up like MG, because back labor is for the birds. (so for whomever prayed for her to move head down last time, can you keep up your prayers for me??)

My bladder feels like it has a bowling ball on it and my stomach, cramped in place, has lost it’s voracious appetite of the early days.  I can never get enough water, however, and it must be ice, ice cold.  This baby is so high up that I have no waist left whatsoever (speaking of bowling balls….).  I hate bending over and will avoid it at all costs if possible.  Thankfully my girls, who naturally are a lot closer to the ground, are willing to retrieve dropped items for me, saving me the agony whenever possible. My skin is so veiny, it is almost purple, and a nurse confirmed that “I’m a bleeder” after giving me a shot in the arm.  Basically I’m a walking pregnancy ad.

I’m still sleeping well and praying off insomnia for now.  I’m starting to get a little more energy back in the afternoons but a busy day really wipes me out more so than ever.

Mentally, my preparation has been a bit off.  I haven’t given much thought to labor or even very much about the logistics of getting the girls taken care of while traveling the hour to the hospital.  I think this is mostly because I know I can’t control either of those things so I find it easier not to overthink them.

I have been feeling a lot of stress this month, especially, and I don’t know if it’s coming from something external or just an off-shoot of the aforementioned attempt at not being stressed.  With MG, I was blissfully excited and a little naive; with Bea, I feared labor and delivery, but this stress feels different than both of those feelings.  Sometimes at the end of the day, my stomach muscles feel tight, hard and achey, almost as if I’m carrying the stress there.

My Sunday School teacher (Mr. Jay Kesler, for those of you from TU or evangelical parents in the 90’s-ha!) gave me an image I’ve been meditating on this week.  He said he was recently visiting a good friend who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  This friend was having a moment of clarity and said to Jay, “My mind isn’t right these days.  But you know that painting that hangs in the church of Jesus with the lamb?  I am the lamb, Jay. He is carrying me” 

I’ve seen this painting, or some form of it, probably 100’s of times in my life.  It is so background to my visual that it never really meant anything to me or really even registered with me.  But as I thought about the little lamb being carried by Jesus, it instantly brought me peace.  It also reminded me of this verse, one that has always meant something to me with each pregnancy, “He tends His flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.” Isa 40:11

I am meeting with my doula in a few weeks so I will have to start giving some more thought to labor, but after I hope to compile some other verses that have helped me through labor as well as my playlist for birth (#hippie).  My plan is to share them on here when I do and also on my @051816mayby account as well.


P.S. here is my 30 week update with Bea

and here is my 32 week update with her.  Funny how similar the feelings are to last time at this point.


Baby Name Game, Clue 1: Naming a third is hard

If you haven’t yet, check out my INTRO here.  

N, annoyed as some of you at the fact that I didn’t post a clue last week (even though he obviously knows all the answers) and instead just a teaser, said I should change the name of it from The Baby Name Game to “A Quizzical Way to Introduce a Baby Name”.

As superficial as it sounds, I have anticipated ever since I was a little girl, naming a whole brood of children.  I love picking out baby names, both for fiction and real life.  I’m a self-proclaimed baby name lover and always enjoy hearing the final name selection as my friends have their babies.   Sometimes there is a good story or meaning behind the name, other times they just chose the one that both parties could agree on.  I’ve even had a few friends consult me on their naming choice and it feels both really exciting to be there from the beginning but also a little stressful as I hope that I steer them in the right direction.  Names are forever, after all. And either way, whether I’m in on the baby name talk from the start or find out after birth, I greatly enjoy the process.  When I’m not naming mine (or other people’s babies), I try to keep my finger on the pulse of up and coming baby names to feed my name appetite :).

Before I reveal the clue to start you off today,  I will tell you a little story about how we chose this baby’s name.  If you’ve been following along from the beginning, you know that N and I like to have a “baby name bank” built up with our top name choices well before our next baby arrives. This helps ensure that we have liked a name for a long time and have not chosen something based on impulse (not that impulse is bad, just not our style, we find it too stressful :)). We’ve had our top boy name in the bank for a long time (it has changed a little since my pregnancy with MG, but mostly just by switching the middle name to the first position), and it has been the same since then.

As far as girl names, we have always had our first choice name ready to go as well as a backup, just in case we changed our mind after birth.  Funny enough, we didn’t use our backup name (for MG) when Bea was born and we aren’t using our backup name (for Bea) with this baby either.

Our backup name for Bea stuck with us, however, and I thought for a long time we would use it should we ever have another girl.  It passed the test right away: it fit in our overall style and N loved it.  I landed on it a long time ago, back before a certain celebrity used it, and loved the sound of it with our chosen middle name.  I knew it had the potential of gaining popularity, especially after it was used in Hollywood, but was determined to use it anyway since we liked it so much.

Fast forward a few years, and I feel like I see it everywhere now.  I’ve met a few little girls with the name and I’m pretty sure it is headed right for the top of the Social Security list in a few years.  At first I tried to convince myself I was okay with this because I loved the name (as did N), but ultimately we decided we just couldn’t do it.  It was the trendiness I found off-putting but it was also how different this name would sound next to our more rare girls’ names that changed my mind.

Which brings me to my point: naming a third is hard.  We’ve sort of boxed ourselves in with our similar name formats and to drastically change that now would be odd, especially if this is our last baby.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you this name yet as the one we ended up choosing has a very similar ring to it and because I’ve already spoiled that part to a few friends, I didn’t want them to be able to guess it based on reading that piece of the puzzle here.  But just like last time, after her name is out in the open I will do a follow-up blog post that explains all of the clues and the meaning behind her name and will also share with you our ultimately axed choices.

So without further ado:

Clue #1

Same format: three girls, three names apiece

Probably the most obvious of clues, so we will start here.  Just like her older two sisters (and her parents too!), this baby will have two middle names, giving her a total of four names (including our last name).  It will be the same format as last time, first name, middle name, color name, last name.

One of the extra hints I will give you is that this baby will not have a hyphenated name like MG and she will also not have a double nickname, like we sometimes call Bea.  (Though I have tried to make one work, I just don’t like it as much as the nickname by itself).


Clue #2

Baby Name Game, Introduction

Well I’m just past 31 weeks* so that means it’s time for my highly anticpated/dreaded (depending what category you fall in) Baby Name Game!


I’ve actually done this with all three girls, but the first time (with MG’s name), it was via email to family.  (And you can read all of the clues leading up to Bea’s name reveal starting here.)

The reason I say anticipation/dread is because I already know there are mixed feelings about my little “game”.  I intentionally make the clues hard so that you won’t be able to guess Mayby’s real name.   The purpose is not to lead you on a treasure hunt to the name but just to land you in the right direction with a little bit of a backstory. There are no prizes and no winners.  The clues are vague.  But if you like baby names as much as me, and/or if you want a few hints as to what we will be naming her, feel free to play along!

These clues, I will say, have been the hardest set to write.  I’ll just go ahead and tell you that this name format is going to be very similar to our other two girls’ names. But rather than just repeating the same clues verbatim, I tried to sneak in a few more specific hints.  I actually think a few of you may be able to guess at least one of her names, based on these clues, or at least whittle it down very narrowly…but…that doesn’t mean I will tell you if you are correct!  I still love the anticipation and surprise of the name reveal, as mentioned here, and that’s the main reason we keep it a secret: it adds a touch of drama to our birth announcement that I greatly enjoy.

This time we have chosen not to tell the big girls in advance either.  They are constantly being asked about their little sister, as well as occasional questions about her name.  I don’t want MG to feel the pressure of keeping the secret until May and Bea is too little to know any better.  I will say that MG found one of the embroidered onesies recently and, not knowing what it was for, asked me what it said.  I read it to her and she said, “oh that’s a silly name!  Isn’t that a silly name?” so take that for what it’s worth: MG’s two cents on our chosen name.

I’ll be back with the first clue next week, (Wednesday?)  which should put us ending the game on May 18th, her given due date.  I’m secretly hoping I go early (maybe just a week?), both for the sake of my taxed body but also because I am struggling to finish out these clues without revealing too much but also having enough to say, ha!

Next week I’ll also start by telling you a story of how we landed on her final name; this time it was different than our other two, I will say, as we struggled with the process just a little bit.

All to be revealed in time, my friends,


* you may remember that the dr. and I disagree on my weekly measurements.  I’m going off of when I ovulated, she goes off of the traditional math.  I’m measuring 31.5 weeks and my earliest ultrasound lined up with this, but according to my due date, I’m instead 30.5 weeks. For ease, I am going to use the due date assigned to me but count my weeks as I see them more accurately measuring

Clue #1

32 years, 30 weeks 

Whelp, it’s my birthday again.  Another one snuck up on me, despite having an extra day to prepare for it this year. I’ve had some time this morning to reflect as any good birthday should cause you to do.


Today it is rainy and warm (for this time of year at least).  The trees outside are starting to bud and I think we’re in for that early spring after all.  You can’t be too wishful for such things in Indiana though, as seasons aren’t really safe from colliding into each other until they’re really over. 

I’m tired.  I thought for sure I would have nesting energy at this point but instead I feel overwhelmed by little tasks that need to get done, and little desire to remedy that. In the afternoons, my true free time, I am catching a nap as often as possible.  

This baby is one of my sleepier babies too.  Her movements have become more gentle as she has grown and although I feel her often in the day, it is usually not until late at night that she is the most active.

This pregnancy has definitely taken its toll on me, mentally, physically, and otherwise.  I can definitely tell a difference between being pregnant at 32 vs. 26.  I may have been born under spring but I’m no longer a spring chicken. 

This Month:

This past month was both long and short at the same time.  It was packed full of doctor and dentist appointments, play dates, and extracurriculars.  Maybe that’s why I’m so tired?  Usually February finds us hibernating and playing vigil until the days lengthen and Lent is lifted.  

Birthday withheld, I’m always excited to flip the calendar to March and dream of warmer days, spring break, and setting our clocks back to the correct time.  March always brings an excitement with it. 

This Year:

This year has been…interesting.  I don’t really know where it went as I don’t have much to show for it other than a swollen abdomen.  

I don’t think this has been a learning year for me, neither hard working not particularly restful, but more of a slow growing one, learning more about myself and confronting some weaknesses.  No major life lessons learned, no faith testing trials, just little battles with faint scars and small victories.

There’s a lot of unknowns coming up this year but I feel ready to face them.  If age is just a number, then I don’t feel a day over 32.