Month: July 2016

Sweet Sibs, Month 2

Another month gone at the speed of light


This month has brought out lots of personality from Miss Sibs, smiling, giggling, and frowning (when frightened)

She is easier than ever, now that we’ve figured out a good rhythm of eating about every three hours; the first hour of that being awake and then the last two sleeping.  She’s given me some wonderful stretches of sleep at night, although it’s not consistent from night to night, I’ll take it!  (God must have known I would need an easy baby right now)


To be put to sleep, she does not prefer to be rocked (like Bea did), but will accept it if you force it on her (i.e Me when I’m feeling nostalgic about the fleeting nature of babyhood).

She’s all the things you could want in a baby: a good traveler, good eater, good companion, good sleeper, and she’s pretty cute too ;).  I think we’ll keep her.

MG, as we have always known as the baby whisperer, is truly in her element at age 5.5 with a 2 month old.  She knows how to calm her down, inserts paci as needed, and volunteers to watch her for me while I shower or make dinner.  What will I ever do when she goes to kindergarten?


As far as looks, I can see a lot of similarities to both girls, still.  It just depends on the day and the look.  It’s fun to see some of each as Bea looked nothing like MG to me, so this is the first time I’ve been able to compare them.


I can’t help but feel she is getting a little gypped right now, given our current circumstances.  I am often harried and frazzled trying to manage the needs of three and N gets to spend so little time with her.  I feel sad that I don’t get to sit and enjoy her more, but thankfully this season is almost over.  It’s also possibly a blessing as I also don’t have time to mourn what we are losing.  Survival mode is rough but it does force you to block out almost everything negative.

Sibby, you are the perfect addition to our family.  I prayed a lot about this before you came; that you would develop a deep relationship with your sister and that your personality would add spark to our family.  I can already see how God is answering those and more.  

Happy Ten!

Ten years ago on July 22, 2006, under a beautiful St. Louis sky, we said, “I do!”


(I know my wedding dress was plain, but I picked it knowing I would still look back on it with love ten years later.  And I do.  I still love it to this day.)


Ten years is a big one and it’s hard to imagine us as shiny newlyweds on that day, full of hopes and dreams.  This year, more than ever, so many have come true.

In ten years we’ve had three babies, lived in four houses (soon to be five!), and had six jobs between us.  We’ve traveled, cooked, done house projects, fought (mostly when doing house projects), budgeted, and created a sweet little life together.

One particular anniversary, our seventh one, is particularly meaningful because N accepted his job in Marion on that day.  We didn’t know it then, but it would kick us off on an adventure to moving back to Upland and then give him the experience he would need to get the next one.


On that anniversary, we had a two month old Bea and now today, we have a nearly two month old Sibby who had the pleasure of accompanying us on our ten year anniversary Germantown progressive dinner.

My sister actually brainstormed the idea with us in the pool at Rosemary beach and then she and N ironed out the details.  We went to Silo for appetizers (deviled eggs! smoked oyster dip!), 5th & Taylor for soup/salad (lobster chowder), and Germantown Cafe for the main course (filet with mashed potatoes and jalapeno creamed sweet corn).  Oh my goodness, were we stuffed by the end, but it was worth every bite.  The best part was all of these restaurants were in the same strip so we walked to each and the entire meal took us about three hours, start to finish.

It’s a good thing we had so much to catch up on after being apart the whole week!

For dessert, he went to Vegan Vee’s and purchased a delicious gluten free cake.  My parents kept the older girls while we spent the night downtown.  I ended up booking through Hotwire and got a great deal.  When we got there, with the mention of our anniversary and a little “incentive”, they upgraded us to the $400/night suite and brought up champagne…sweet!

For our ten year anniversary, I had a imagined a big trip, perhaps to Europe, or maybe a vow renewal ceremony at our schoolhouse.  This was nothing nearly so grand or memorable, but it was perfect, for us, for now.

Happy decade, babe!





Things I forget

There are things I forget in between and around the entrance of babies.

I forget that the lack of sleep causes me to forget words often and not remember the punch lines to jokes.  This morning I struggled with the difference between sale and sell and yesterday I wrote “he was a welcome sign” rather than sight.

I forget about the feeling of waking up to feed her, only to fall back asleep before I do and in the midst, dreaming that I already have.

I forget that I am very plugged in to social media right now, as I spend a lot of time sitting in a rocker, nursing.  As the evening progresses, however, I try to stock pile Instagram and blog checks for the 3am feeding.

I forget that I have a lot of time to read right now(in about 7 minute increments), also rocking in this chair.  Some of the best books I’ve ever read have been a companion to nursing one of my babies.

I forget that I feel burdened by constantly putting her needs above everything else but if I’m away from her for too long, my arms begin to ache for her.

And I forget that if she’s’ not in them, I walk around, with a constant nagging suspicion that i’m forgetting something.


Sweet Sibs, Month One

Sweet Sibs is now one month old (plus a few, but let’s not count our chickens right now).



She is a frequent and efficient eater, evidenced by the more than two pounds she has already gained over her birthweight.  I feel that as my third, she has gotten the best version of me and I wonder how much of a happier baby MG would have been had I just thrown the scheduled feedings out the window and watched her cues instead (Bea was somewhere in the middle of these two, per usual).


This month has not been without our share of challenges, however, as we spent five days in the hospital treating a suspected blood infection.  During that time, I thought I lost my sweet, easy going baby as she was constantly agitated when awake and would not sleep anywhere but my arms.  She also grew to hate the pacifier as it was constantly forced in her mouth while they poked her with needles and thermometers.  Previously her pacifier satisfied her constant desire to suck….so you can put two and two together why she gained so much weight so quickly.

However, the first night back at home she slept a few hours in her own bed and was noticeably happier.  Just a few days later and we had our sweet girl back; whom I’m happy to report, has reestablished her appreciation of the paci.


We can’t quite agree on who she looks like.  I’ve decided it’s a mixture between both MG and Bea as babies.  I don’t see a strong resemblance to either N or I’s baby photos but if I had to choose one, I would say mine.  MG and Bea did not look very much alike as babies, so I like that Sibby seems to be the missing link between them.  She also has her own look though too; but shares her blue eyes and outie belly button with her sisters.


She does not like baths or sleeping flat on her back.  Her skin is deliciously soft and her wrists and ankles are already forming deep rolls, a tribute to her eating ability.  Her hair is blondish-brown, with maybe a hint of copper at times and in the right light.  Her skin changes daily and seems very susceptible to heat rash and sweat.  She’s become less of a bag of bones when you pick her up and more meaty.  Her head still bobbles around on its turtle neck, but it does stretch out and try to look around occasionally when you pick her up.

Her smile is easily coaxed out and if you’re lucky, it comes with some throaty coos that almost sound like a precursor to a laugh.  She has the most Heavenly smell, a mixture of milk, Mustela, and her own sweet baby perfume.

Other than the hard five days of the hospital, this month was a dream.  N was around pretty much since her birth as his work wrapped up in the days preceding and his schoolwork wrapped up just after.  The older girls adjusted well to her presence as they had a lot of people to assist their needs (both N and myself, plus my mom for the first week). And their relationship as sisters continued on without any noticeable disruption by baby.  In that way, she has been the easiest baby we have brought home.

My church spoiled us with meals that kept us fed for nearly the first six weeks.  Because of that, and all the help I had, plus the adrenaline that finds me after birth, I was so relaxed and felt well-adjusted fairly quickly into this transition.  It was, in fact, a very sweet time we had before everything shifted.

We love you so much, Sibby.  It’s hard to imagine there was a life before you.  XO


Hello, Old Friend

Sometimes I feel as though I am the last person I know who keeps a blog.  I know it’s unfashionable to do so anymore (to be replaced, understandably, by much quicker forms of storytelling, such as Instagram and Snapchat—both of which I am a user and fan), I still believe in its value; but I also just as often find myself wondering how much longer will this space still be here for me?  Will my motherhood muse let me continue to tell her stories?  Will I later regret my moments of vulnerability and my lack of control over who and when can peek into my little window?

I guess when I contemplate these things at length (like the ~three minutes a day I get in the shower), I still feel it’s valuable for me to do so, both as a way to relate stories to my family and faithful followers, a catalogue of easily accessible memories for my girls to access one day, and also as a way to stretch my writing muscles and keep them from atrophy.  So here I (still) am, and plan to stay for a while, despite my silence as of late.

Speaking of which, it has been too long since my last update; I intended to share Sibby’s birth story nearly a month ago but we’ve had quite the series of events that interrupted it.  And now  I am just sitting down to write after an absence of nearly as long.  My writing, due to some of these events, has been regulated to snatches of time caught around nap and bedtime when I’m not rocking or feeding a baby.  And now that I no longer have a huge belly to hinder me, I’m also anxious to get back to sewing.  So that is also competing for my creative time that seems to find me far less these days, but is always welcomed with open arms and dismissed with a satisfied sigh.

Honestly, today has probably been the first “normal” day I’ve had with my trio since bringing Sibby home six weeks ago.  N’s summer came to a quick close and not having him around, I often feel like I am barely keeping my head above water; but I AM keeping my head above water and starting to feel some of the benefits of treading by myself.  A rhythm is starting to form and I’m giving myself a lot of grace as I navigate this minute, but very important season.

All that to say, settle in for some stories to come, all of which the microwave forms of social media cannot touch,