Month: October 2016

Five Months

Guess who is five months old??

But first, a confession.  Last night at 10:31pm, moments before I was about to lay down in bed, I glanced at my calendar to see what was on the docket for tomorrow.  Something struck me about the date, October 23, and I sat for a minute trying to think what was significant about it.  It took me longer than I care to admit to realize the date was important because it is Sibs’s 5 month mark.  And then I felt terrible because I had not thought once about it all day!  I know this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but the monthly milestones have always been so important to me and I used to spend days thinking about them for the other two girls.  So the fact that I forgot, until mere moments before bed, made me feel so embarrassed!  Poor Sib.  Third child probs strike again.


This month we’ve seen a lot of rolling, back and forth for our girl, although she will still only do it when she feels like it.  And for some reason, she most often gets the urge in the middle of a sleep cycle.  This has accounted for many interrupted nights for both of us (fortunately she goes back to sleep pretty quickly and I never offer her food during these middle of the night encounters, she’s usually happy with her pacifier).  And then her naps have also been affected.  She will usually take one long nap still a day, as well as cat-napping the rest of the day; but I’m never sure when this nap will take place, so we are still trying to settle into a rhythm.  All that to say, I’m here to tell you: The four month sleep regression is real.


All this rolling has really toned up her core and she can do so much more now because of it!  She can grab her toes and completely hold her head up, she can sit–almost–for a few seconds at a time, and we’ve even introduced the Jumperoo and johnny jump-up (my older two girls’ favorite) because of this.



The doctor said she’s working on some teeth and I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in the drool.  She’s also chewing on things she can bring to her mouth like her leather paci clip and her fingers.  My other two girls used to suck on their thumb a bit right around the four month mark but Sibby prefers the first two fingers on her right hand.  I think it’s cute because for some reason it reminds me of the little baby in Baby Dear.


This month we moved her fully over into her crib and I think she’s enjoying all of the space to..well roll, and I am finding myself going in her room often to pry her limbs out of the slats.

Several people have commented how this month, especially, she has lost a lot of her infant look and I have to agree.  She is also getting pretty vocal (screechy/screamy is our least favorite!), and is recognizing family members’ voices.  Her strawberry locks have completely vanished this month (I honestly think it was the cradle cap??), and she looks bald but really she has quite a bit of snowy white hair growing in.  She is following in the hair department of MG and also looks as well!


I’m trying to enjoy every moment with this sweet one, middle of the night meet-ups and all.  Five months is when it starts to sound farther away from the baby mark and closer to the one year mark.  I feel so thankful for this precious, healthy girl that God has let me nurture and pray everyday that I can do a good job of it.  I’m trying to relish the baby days while also looking forward to all the fun to come.  Last babies are a particular challenge with this tension but I’m determined to carry it well…forgotten milestones, notwithstanding.


One Month In

We are just about a month into our new home and I think I’ve finally got enough material worthy of an update :).

I know everyone says this at the beginning of a new life stage, but I honestly can’t believe it’s been a month.  2016 holds a very distinct demarcation with my life IN Indiana and my life AFTER Indiana.  But at the same time, there has been so much new, that this month has gone by without too much notice of its passing.

When people ask me how I like it here, it is easy for me to say, “I LOVE it here.”.  I really only have two complaints: the traffic (ugh the traffic), and the housing market.  The traffic is what makes my twenty minute drive to see my parents, fifty minutes at times.  And there is one stoplight by our house that I am beginning to wonder how much of my life will be spent there waiting for it to turn green.

The housing market is another animal that I am glad we are done with for now but we had quite a bit of sticker shock moving here from good ol’ Indiana and that delayed our purchasing decision (and ultimately made us miss out on a few other houses).  But,thankfully, we love our house and we can see why God kept it and us waiting for it.  One huge answer to prayer is that it is very close to N’s job so he doesn’t have to fight traffic coming or going (which seems to be a rarity down here).  So thankful we stuck to our guns when it came to location.

What do I love about living down here? the weather (I know some of you hate the heat but I am seriously GIDDY over not having another snowy/freezing/icy winter possibly ever again!), family (having my family close by has been such a blessing and they have been my home base as I try to get my bearings), the nice people (I forgot how nice you southerners are!), the culture/food (I think I could eat out at a different restaurant every meal for a year and not repeat.), and being so close to conveniences as well as having modern conveniences like oh, the INTERNET (didn’t have that at the schoolhouse), as well as food delivery services, Prime Now, Kroger Clicklist, a huge library system, Target, etc.  There is definitely something to be said about living off the land and having a pared down, simplified lifestyle. But  for now, I am enjoying what Nashville has offered me in exchange.

I remember the few times we moved when I was young, as well as the prospect of going to a college where I didn’t know anyone, and being excited about the chance to reinvent myself.  I didn’t intentionally set out to do that this time, but I am finding myself so inspired here.  I’ve revamped my hairstyle, my makeup, skincare routine, my quiet time, our budget (the Dave Ramsey vibes are STRONG here :)), and my workout. I’m also wondering if these changes are further signaling me that it is time to move on from the era I’ve been in for the last 7 years–that of being pregnant and having babies.  More than I ever thought I would be, I think I’m getting excited about moving on to the next stage and feeling more like my old self again (the 2016 version, of course!).

Along with the personal inspiration, I’m feeling the creative vibes that Nashville is reverberating with.  There are so many musicians, artists, authors, speakers, etc that live here and the buzz in the air is almost palpable.  I catch myself often daydreaming about how I will use my time when all the little girls are in fully in school.  I don’t think I, myself, will be back in the classroom, but I never had much of a vision for that time until now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still trying to get my bearings here and I often feel very disoriented.  But I have not used my phone navigation in about a week which is PROGRESS and my weeks and daily routine are beginning to take shape.  I still don’t know what day I do my laundry on or when I buy my groceries/order my groceries online and have them PLACED IN MY CAR, but I am figuring it out, one Nashville week at a time.