So in the excitement of announcing our pregnancy, I completely skipped over Halloween.

It was a great day.  MG debuted her cute little self  as a black kitty.   This year’s costume was a bit more Pottery-barn-esque as opposed to last year’s homemade version (which I tend to prefer).
 But a friend picked it up for me on clearance last year and, well, Halloween came and I had no drive to do anything else whatsoever.  I did, however, muster some energy to paint her face. Yay!
A few highlights:
-some friends came over to eat dinner and help pass out treats…it has become a yearly tradition
-for the fifth year in a row, we ran out of treats.  You would think we would be the wiser by now, but….we’re not.  2013 will be our year.  I can feel it.
-MG trick-or-treated at a few houses and loved it!  I loved it too because the only candy she cared about were dum-dums and I got the rest.  Child labor at it’s finest.
-she ate 3 dum-dums.  “Well, it IS Halloween” was my only justification
-she kept her ears on all night.  even long past trick-or-treating hours.  It was a Halloween miracle
-to my utter disappointment, there were no Gary sightings in the neighborhood. (UPDATE: Gary was reportedly spotted at his own house this year passing out full-sized candy bars.  We’ll see you in 2013, Gar!)
-at one house, a lady dressed as  witch declared to my MG, “and YOU are the cutest one of all!”
I  couldn’t agree more!
Happy (belated) Meow-lloween!


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