I can’t say that I’ve always loved my given name (I remember asking my mom around the age of 6 why she didn’t name me Aurora)

I especially didn’t like that in middle school and high school my name was one of dozens in my class.  When I went to college, I made the executive decision to shorten it from its already shortened version and have loved it ever since.  I think “Kate” just fits me.

The best part about my name though, in my opinion, is its versatility.  I have the option of my formal given name or dozens of nicknames.  For a girl who likes and knows her options, this has always been extremely appealing.

Clue #5

A nickname she will have.

Following in the footsteps of older sis (and, okay, both of her parents), Mayby will have a formal name that we will use rarely and a nickname that we will introduce her as.

Last week, when I referred to three parts of her name, I actually meant her two given names and her nickname.  Not her color name.  Felt like I had to clear that up since more than a few people thought my reference to gem meant we were naming her Ruby :).

More hints next week,

clue #6

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