Here is my pre-Mayby list that I posted back in January:

list of things copy

In three months, I’ve been busy…or should I say…motivated.  I’ve checked off all but #13.  (you can read about #1; 2, 3 &4;, & 10 here) and even added a few more things to it.

Granny is here this week (hurray!), and we crossed off #9 thanks to an invaluable Costco run.

We’ve also been busy shuttling MG on all sorts of fun field trips,


she gave us a (much-needed) date night (I got to eat without interruptions and eat a fro-yo entirely by myself), she’s been making meals for us, and right now she is cleaning our bathrooms.  What a blessing!

It’s funny how the thought of  adding a new member brings about an incessant urge to fix/clean/change things.  Even stranger, N and I both have been feeling it.  It’s as if we are preparing for the world to stop for about 6 weeks after her birth.  Thankfully, if it does, we won’t have to do anything but keep our children (mostly) alive.


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