In conclusion, this story looked far different than we ever imagined.

And although I love the ending of our story I do have some things that I would consider changing for next time:

Not be induced!!:  not that you always have a choice, but if I can avoid this one next time, I definitely will at all costs.  Spending the night before labor in the hospital was torturous.  I slept horribly as my emotions were all over the place.  Not to mention being hooked up to monitors and just when you got comfortable, the nurse would come in to readjust you because they had lost the baby’s signal.  Also, the tipping point in my labor was the moment that I mentally gave up: when I found out I had been at a 6 for 6 hours.  Had I not been induced, I would have arrived at the hospital much later in the game.  If I had then been told I was at a 6 I wouldn’t have known how long I had been there and I probably would have been rejoicing!  Sometimes knowing too much can be a bad thing.

Not have a baby near a holiday: Once again, not always something you can control but I do know that c-section rates go up a lot more just prior to holidays.  They were eager, very eager to induce me.  Related to this?  Not sure, but it definitely ups the ante.

-Search for a hospital that has an optional birthing tub: this could have been a game-changer with the back labor.  Next time I definitely will consider it.


We lost our first pregnancy,
But God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl in His timing.

We never went into labor on our own,
But we still had the natural birth we desired.

We labored far harder and pushed far longer than we ever thought possible,
But even when my strength resolved, the LORD kept watch over us and breathed new strength into me.

I believe all of these things came together beautifully just the way God intended for us.

If it hadn’t been for our doula, we probably would have induced at first mention because the “doctor told us too.” We would have had Dr. Induction deliver or possibly c-section out our baby the day after Thanksgiving.

If it hadn’t been for the perfect timing of doctors and nurses, I would have immediately been put on Pitocin rather than trying a less medicated plan.  I would have gotten the epidural that I had originally not desired.  It just so happened that my doctor  was able to hold me off hour after hour until my body was ready to work with the baby (and he was probably the only one with enough gumption to do that out of all of the doctors in the practice) .

If I had gotten the epidural I had begged for in the throes of labor, it possibly could have been the beginning of the end of my “desired birth” leading into an emergency C-section. Later, Julie explained that the baby had been face-up, which would explain why it took so long to push her out. She said that other than being breech (which they don’t let you do anyway), this is the hardest way to push out a baby.  Remember how I made the most progress when I pushed on my hands and knees?  Not to mention the squats and walking the hallways at 8-9 centimeters.  Odds are, had I had the epidural, there is a very good chance this would have ended in a C-section.

If these things hadn’t come together, we may have walked away from this with regrets.

And that is something I am proud to say that I don’t have.

Even though I begged the LORD for different outcomes at times, He saw fit to give me what He knew was best.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Sometimes I still think about our first baby.  If I’d had that baby, I wouldn’t have my MG.  And if I had never gotten pregnant unexpectedly, then we wouldn’t have entered this journey as soon as we did.  Wow.  I cannot imagine life without that sweet little girl.  God is truly amazing to care for us so much!  After writing our story, all I can say is that His timing was and is completely perfect.

{the end}

P.S. Next week starts my October series.  The theme I have settled on is “Little Things that Make Me Happy.”  More to come next week!

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