-grasping things, clothes, hair with your little fingers.  It’s not uncommon for me to find long, blonde hairs entangling your fingers.


-smiles. so many smiles!

-you are so long.  You can fit into some 6-9 month clothes.  I packed away your 0-3’s….sniff, sniff


-when you wake up, you still don’t cry.  you let out a few bleats like a little lamb to let me know you are awake.


-you will still take a paci, but sometimes you try to suck on your thumb when you are really sleepy.  As long as you don’t need your paci throughout the night, I’m fine with whatever you choose


-you are so strong and almost never stay on your back but immediately flip over.  Very impressive!  You are also scooting a little here and there.  You are almost never in the same spot I leave you.


-your hair is getting long and very blonde up top too.  It is such a pretty color, I’m sure one many women would pay good money for!  I love rubbing my face in it.

-you aren’t belly laughing yet, but you’ve given us a few giggles this month

-I love watching you interact with your sister.  She is getting on to you if you mess with her things :).  Also, she was doing “ring around the rosie” the other night and you watched intently.  Every time she “fell down” you would fake cry.  So funny to observe!



-You are an AMAZING sleeper.  I can’t even believe you are now sleeping through the night.  You are so easy to put down, I never worry about getting you to sleep.  You sleep on the go–cat napping in the morning if need be–then take a long afternoon nap and maybe another cat nap in the evening if you want.  I feel as though we escaped quite unscathed from the newborn stage and I am pinching myself.  You and I had literally two long nights together and that was just because you were AWAKE and not sleeping…not even crying!

-finally, you are slowing down a little in the growth department, which means you are just a little bigger than your 4 month old sister 🙂



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