As previously mentioned, I created a bucket list for our new home.  Knowing that our time here is undefined, but could possibly be short, I want to make sure that we make the most of it and leave without any regrets.  Included are some new local things to try, some old memories to recreate, and some experiences that we never got to have when we first lived here.

One of the main reasons we moved here was to get N closer to his job.  It has been wonderful.  He has come home much happier and also gotten a lot more sleep on the front end.  Totally worth it.

However, sometimes we get bogged down with all there is to do.  And how quickly our evenings are consumed by little things(such as setting up an Internet connection).  We find ourselves knee-deep in discontentment.  A good remedy we’ve found for these moments is to have an “experience” or tackle something on our bucket list.  It pulls us out of the daily bog and reminds us why we are here.

One of our first nights, we bundled the girls up and walked them over to campus.  The closer we got, the more palpable our excitement.  We walked past memorable landmarks and off-campus houses and we were both flooded with memories from our time here.


There is also such a feeling of safety and comfort in that place, even at a dark hour.  (although it did give me chills to see a girl running solo on some back roads and the thought, “was I ever that naive??).

Although I’m sure we looked VERY MUCH out of place with our bright orange double-wide and silly grins, it still feels very much like home.  The students loved seeing our little ones and the girls got so much attention.  MG loved all the new sights and the “castle without walls” AKA bell tower.

We had to explore the library of course as that is where our love blossomed freshmen year :).  N took Bea and the stroller in the elevator up to the top floor while I walked up the stairs with an insistent MG.  I reached the top and looked through the glass, and sure enough, he was waiting for us in his old spot.  The same place I used to visit him under the guise of “studying together” ten years ago.

photo 2 (3)

“Did you expect to find me anywhere else?” he said when we arrived.

Scattered throughout the library are many pieces of art, both on the wall and installations on the ground.  I’m not sure when the tradition started of the library buying art but noticed most of the pieces are from the early to mid 2000’s.  It was a bit surreal reading the names or actually recognizing the work from those I worked along side for four years.  We also made a stop to see a piece of my own hanging on the lowest level and shocked some girls in the process who had no idea what was going on.  It is an incredible feeling to have something you created hanging in a place full of memory and meaning and know it will be there for a long time.  I’m honored to have my handiwork there but I also view it as a gift given back to me to be able to visit and see a little piece of my heart hanging there.

Also on the list this week we ate a local pizza place that neither of us had experienced in college….much to the locals’ dismay.  They even had gluten free pizza dough which shocked me!!  It was delicious and I’ve decided that I really like walking to dinner.  I think we shall make it a weekly thing.


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