Today this littlest is 7 months old!


(why yes, those cheeks are as fluffy as they look. Perhaps the most kissable thing in the world)

Realizing  your baby is 7 months is always a little sad for me.   While she still looks like my baby, her doughy thighs are slowly being hardened into muscley ones and her neck actually serves a purpose now (other than just another wrinkle between chin and chest).  She is moving quickly away from infancy.  But this time around, I am fighting it less as I know growing up only means more fun (and play time with Sis).

Bea has progressed a lot with her gross motor skills this month.  On her belly, she can twist and turn and then drag herself with determination anywhere she wants to go.  You really have to keep an eye on her now, due to that and also her putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.  Will we be seeing teeth soon?

Though we’ve tried several different solid foods (and methods of getting them in), she’s grown less interested by the day.  Poor thing is starving when she is ready to nurse and has been adding in a middle of the night feed (or two or three) as well. This age was when MG started plateauing in her growth.  I wonder if Bea will do the same.


I’ve experimented a little with sleep training this month (especially if she is fed and dry) and sometimes she will just fuss a little before putting herself back to sleep.  She is also getting harder to rock to sleep (distracted easily, much more aware of her surroundings).  Thankfully, she has taken to it well and puts herself to sleep rather easily in the day (still holding onto the night rock).  She never full out cries during this, just a talky cry, so that makes it easier on both of us.

She is still working on sitting up, and can do it for a minute or two at a time, but is much more interested in getting around.  I suspect she will be crawling any day now as she gets up on her hands and knees, rocks, and takes about a “step” before going back to her belly.

Bea is still as easy going and easy to please as ever.  I am amazed at how she sometimes misses her morning naps (due to being on the go) or has to put up with less than appealing situations and she doesn’t fuss.  In such a flux time of our lives I am so blessed that she is so easy. She is my constant.

I hope that ease will always be a part of her personality as it is such an appealing one.  Here are some other things we’ve learned about her this month:

-Anyone to acknowledge her….she will move heaven and earth to make eye contact with you and then give you a HUGE smile.  I just love it
-the Johnny Jump up.  She spends a considerable amount of her day in it while I am preparing meals and we are then eating as a family
-swimming.  She had her first pool experience this month and loved splashing in the water
-being on her belly.  She has gotten very good at moving around on her belly and getting to anything she sets her mind to
-her paci.  She doesn’t really need it during the day but always takes it to fall asleep.  When she puts herself to sleep, she often finds a way to hold it in her mouth…so precious
-music.  She seems to have a love for music and responds to it.
-Nursing.  She nurses 5+ times a day and also doesn’t mind the bottle coming and going either (phew!)

Bea doesn’t love:
–solid food.  Getting her to swallow a few bites is a chore!
-being left alone.  She is too social a gal and gets mad
-wearing shoes/socks/anything on her feet.  She will kick off even the tightest of articles.  I’m not sure if this is true of all Spring babies, or just a trait particular to mine :).

-being “tossed” in the air. This is something she has never loved…and I always thought she would come around to it.  She always gets a very frightened look on her face and then starts to cry 🙁
-being smooshed.  Big sister likes to seize every opportunity to be all up in her space.  I often have to say. “give her some room” to give Bea  breather


She is such a delight to our house.  I smile to think of us begging God for another and He envisioning her as He kept us waiting.  So worth it.


2 Comments on Month 7

  1. Granny
    December 18, 2013 at 8:40 pm (4 years ago)

    Bea, you are our little sugar-dumpling! You are so pleasant to be with; your big smile is joy to behold!

  2. Granny
    December 18, 2013 at 8:40 pm (4 years ago)

    Bea, you are our little sugar-dumpling! You are so pleasant to be with; your big smile is joy to behold!


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