There’s always something intriguing about how others complete the same tasks as you, right?  For something seemingly mundane, there are a hundred different variations. (note: this is a continuation on a series started last week)

For me, laundry is a pretty regimented activity (not surprising if you know me) worked into our weekly well-oiled routine.  I know some people who do laundry every single day, others only when the basket is full, but as for us we do it once a week, every week.  (We also cloth diaper, and that accounts for extra loads  that I do at least two times a week as well.)  But when it comes to our clothes, I wash them nearly every Friday, almost without fail.

Friday has been our chosen day for awhile now for several reasons: 1) it is the end of the work week which feels like a natural time to tackle it 2) our Friday mornings usually aren’t very busy allowing me to tend to the washing machine and 3) it allows for our Friday night ritual (as explained further down)

We only have two laundry hampers in our house and each serves a purpose.  One is for light/white clothes, the other for colored.  As dirty clothes are tossed in, they are being sorted, eliminating one more step for laundry day.

When Friday morning arrives, I try to start the wash as early as possible.  Now that we have four members of our family, our loads sometimes stretch to 4-5.  Also, we need to reconfigure our dryer vent because of its location.  It is extra long and sometimes takes two cycles to dry each load, adding unnecessary time to the process.

Ever since the girls were born (or even before), I have switched to scentless/dyeless/perfumeless detergent for all of our clothes.  MG is especially sensitive to perfumes and this helps prevent her skin from becoming red and blotchy.  I do add in some essential oils to the wash, which is a newer step to my routine but something I have come to enjoy.  My favorite is Melaleuca because it does double duty, also acting as a germ fighter.

Oh, another thing I should mention is we still use the old school washing machines.  The same ones we’ve been using for seven years that were a hand-me-down wedding gift. The ones that aren’t very pretty, don’t have a sparkling, clear glass door to watch the clothes spin, and still make a decent amount of noise (no pretty chimes to let you know when the cycle is up, just a loud bullhorn).  I won’t give them up though because they are great for cloth diapers (you can control the amount of water you want & the agitator helps scrub them clean).  We’ve only had to have the washer repaired once and even the repairman said to hold onto it for as long as possible.  “They don’t make ’em like this anymore.”

We dry nearly everything in the dryer (except for diapers), but N has just finished a bona-fide clothes line for the yard.  All it lacks is to be anchored it in the ground!  And no dryer sheets or softeners for us (free, already soft water thanks to our well :)), but two tennis balls help speed up the drying process a bit.

Friday nights after the girls are in bed, we usually unwind from the work week by watching a show and folding the laundry together.  Such a small, mundane task, that somehow feels much lighter sharing it with someone else.

If I’m going to be doing a chore, I’d definitely prefer to be doing it side by side with my best friend 🙂


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