Eating:  Perhaps it’s the winter blahs, perhaps it’sBea’s growth spurt but I have been extra hungry lately.  These days my weapon of choice is

photo 2

pistachios and pears…..

photo 3

with a healthy slice of chocolate pie for good measure

Watching: We have been watching so much Netflix lately.  At night we watch documentaries and I shared already (on Facebook) my top 10 favorites, but I thought I’d share them on here too:

1. Undefeated
2.The Queen of Versailles
3. Blackfish
4. Nursery University
5. The Business of Being Born/Pregnant in America (prob only interesting if you are pregnant and or wanting a natural birth)
6. The Lottery
7. The Hollywood Complex
8. Holy Rollers

9. Becoming Chaz

10. It’s a Girl

(all of these docs received a 5 star rating from me based on their ability to make me think, how much they piqued my interest and/or how long they stayed with me)

Also…balancing all of this seriousness with a little, mindless 19 Kids & Counting….which makes me really want to move to a farm and have a really big family.

ReadingRules of Civility by Amor Towles.  Very good so far, in a Gatsby-ish way.  Balancing all of the mush with a little Nourishing Traditions.  (which makes me REALLY want to move to a farm and have a big family)

Working on: my sewing has slowed, although I still have an A-line project to finish.  Currently, I am wrapping up our 2013 family scrapbook and updating Bea’s baby book.

Balancing all of this sitting by adding in some new workout sessions to keep things entertaining.

Looking forward to: SPRING, SUMMER, HEAT!  I don’t handle this cold too well…and apparently neither does the rental house.  Dreaming up a family vacation for this summer.


……balancing this of course, by not wishing time away,


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