Thank you all sooo much for the sweet words about our new house! I know living in a century old house on a couple acres isn’t everyone’s dream, so thank you for getting excited about ours 🙂

I thought it would be fun to share some of the details behind the house–what we are looking forward to and what we are looking forward to changing.

The thing is, when we found this house, we were actually pretty far into the building process! Yes, after saying we would never build again, we found ourselves back at the builder’s table and actually pretty excited about it! We had picked out a lot in a cute, little neighborhood and even had plans drawn up. Because it is a small town, things work a little bit differently and we had something completely custom in mind…down to hidden tornado shelters and built in reading nooks. In fact, we were so gung-ho on it that by the time the school house came along–the house we’d be looking for all along, the one we thought was unaffordable and unobtainable–we didn’t give it much more than a second glance. The only reason we went to a showing of it was to get some more ideas and to give our builder some friendly competition ;). Funnily enough, I turned around about half way through the tour to give N a thumbs up (never happened before). He responsed with wiggly eyes and a silent communication passed through us. We got in the car to drive back home and said, “okay, wow. This was not how I was expecting to feel after that.”

Obviously, when it was all said and done, we chose the school house and in doing so gave up the dream of designing our next house. The pros out weighed the cons for us, but I do wonder what others would have done in our shoes!

-land (obviously). This was the biggest draw for us
-solid. The school house was built in the 1890’s. It has been owned by the current homeowners since the late eighties who turned it into a house. They studded and insulated the walls, so that combined with the brick makes them three feet thick!!!!! After being in the drafty rental, I can’t wait to experience life in this tightly sealed bungalow
-well maintained. When I met the homeowners I said, “these are the people I would want taking care of my house.” They are very thorough, organized and have done a great job in the renovation of the house, careful to preserve the architecture and charm of the old building.
-location. The location is ideal, very close to N’s job and even closer to what we hope will be our new community
-bones. The layout of the house is great. It isn’t how I designed my “dream home” but I don’t have any issues with the spacing or flow of things
-charm. From the coat closet to the wooden floors, this house has a certain feel that really appealed to me. Plus, I love the farmhouse/vintage/antique decorating genre that’s so popular right now. It is almost easier for me to decorate than the blank slate that was the new construction
-grass…like the real stuff, not sod. And big, mature trees….the specs of our dreams

-the house is a three bedroom and we were hoping for 4. As the third bedroom stands, it is more of playroom/loft type area.
-master bedroom. The bedrooms are nice size, each with their own bathroom. However, I was envisioning more of a soaker tub and walk in closets for our next bedroom/bathroom. We have some grand plans to put this addition on the house in the near future, but we can certainly make it work for the time being
-fireplace. We were hoping with the age of this house we would get a beautiful wood burning fireplace. Nay. Gas…which is fine but the structure itself is not what I would describe as “beautiful”. Eh. We can live with it for a while.
-windows. To preserve the exterior of the home, the upper bedrooms only have skylights, no windows. One of the first projects we will do is have dormers installed…both to add some light and for function as well.
-styling. This house has a very “cute” style to it, but one that screams late nineties. I don’t think the homeowners have ever heard of Pinterest, but maybe their grandchildren have ;). We have a rather large to-do list that includes ripping out carpet, taking down wall paper, and lots and lots of painting…but this could also be a pro because my life doesn’t seem to be complete without a little project or two in it :).

Of course I’ll be (over)sharing some pics as the progress unfolds,

-sweet mama k

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