Just some little updates:

-Bea is changing every day. She has 4 teeth through and 2 more almost through. Since we’ve been in CA she has added another feeding in at night–usually around 3am. She is also waving, clapping, and saying things like “ba, ma, and la”. I’ve caught her standing without holding on to anything for a split second at a time. Every day she amazes us with changes!

-the girls and I are driving down to LA this weekend to meet up with N, here for a conference. We can’t wait to have some quality family time!! Then after, only two more weeks until we are reunited for good! We’ve been out here for almost 6 weeks. Can’t believe how fast it has gone!

-we take possession of our school house soon!! N is busy putting in the final packing preparations and then figuring out what needs to be completed in the early days. Things like painting (trim, cabinets, stairs), pulling down wall paper, and putting in dormers are the first on the list. Our list is very long, sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about the time (and money) we want to put into it. But that’s what keeps life exciting!

-Lent started this week and we have chosen some ways to observe it long distance. I have some insight I want to share on this, but it needs to be developed a bit further first….Lent is also exciting though because spring is on the way, and with the time change this weekend, we are slowly inching away from winter (some parts of the county more quickly than others…but either way exciting

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