There is always something tangibly exciting about starting over. I’ve moved 7 times in my life (if you include the move to college and our two rental houses) and each time it has felt the same. The chance to set up house (or room). To leave behind the innate flaws of your last house and to embrace the chanced joys of the new. Perhaps there is a part of me that greatly enjoys finding the advantages and then exploiting them mightily for my own benefit.

There are little discoveries in the early days; the ‘oh I didn’t realize they would leave that behind for us!’ The ‘our bed fits perfectly here’, the upgrades you weren’t looking for on the initial tour. These findings are mingled with the new daily realities; How long of a drive it is to the grocery store, library, Starbucks {10 minutes, tops!}. When the mailman arrives every day. How kind your UPS man is (so very). How sound carries across the house. The give and creak of the floors. All of these thoughts generate into a collective story of, “so this is how my new life is going to look.” And there is something very beautiful about that discovery.

This move was a profound change for us. Having both been raised in the suburbs, we know little about tending soil and burning trash. But quickly we are learning and I love how this move has and will stretch us….directing our future in some ways.

There are *some* things that I miss about life in the suburbs…the obvious like convenience to shopping and dining and theaters and markets. I miss sidewalks and city pride, A++++ schools and tap water (we have well water {or as I call it “smell water”}house wide water filtration system is on our short list). The variety and general anonymity that comes with life in a medium sized city.

What we lost in those we gained in grass and wildflowers, windows that don’t need blinds and yards that don’t need fences. And early morning views like this:



Side-eye us, pity us, or nod in knowing smile with us, we couldn’t be happier with how this story has begun

– smk>

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