A lot of my “free time” these days has been spent browsing the Internet for house ideas.  We have a bit more space to decorate in this house and a totally different aesthetic to go along with it.  I envision the rustic/vintage/antique theme that is so popular right now, with a bit of farmhouse, industrial, and Anthropologie mixed in.  Make sense?  As you can see I am all over the place right now! I’m definitely trying to pace myself as I figure out what exactly I’m looking for, what I can DIY vs. buy, and what I want to buy thrifted vs. new.

On a quest for light fixtures, I discovered Schoolhouse Electric.  Not only do they have period style lights they also have a full set of home decor.  If you culled West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and Anthropologie for all of their industrial home goods, this would be it. And the name alone . . . Could it be anymore perfect?

Here are some of my favorites:


schoolhouse lights copy

I think I have a thing for cage-y lights                                          (all images sourced from here)



schoolhouse furniture copy

(all images sourced from here)

Their furniture costs an arm and a leg (hahaha). . . but seriously, look at that blue velvet couch and that credenza (swoon)


schoolhouse quirky copy

(all images sourced from here)

The metal baskets, the house number sign with a built in planter, that drafting chair (don’t you think it would be perfect in my art room?). . . love!


schoolhouse quirky 2 copy


(all images sourced from here)

The cafeteria tray that doubles as a desk organizer??  The clock that says schoolhouse. . . these are my two favorites that I may just have to splurge on.

So where do you go to window shop?



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