Today marks eight great years since our wedding.

One year ago today we found out N was going to be offered a new job…the one he eventually accepted and led us to sell our house and move here.  It has been quite the tumultuous (see this, this, and this to give you an idea) year…but I hesitate to say, one of our best?

Maybe a little change is good for us every once in a while.

One of our married friends who has a few years on us (and ironically owner of the house where we were engaged) likes to say, when referring to their marriage, that they are “stitched together”.  I like that image.

Each large purchase, job change, relationship spark, new hobby, shared interest, deep conversation, good meal, tropical vacation, every victory, failure, birth, death, all the good and all the bad in the past eight years have stitched the lining of our hearts together.  The longer and more tightly bound we are, the harder it is to pull us apart.

Year eight’s stitch I imagine to be from a heavier-gauge, thick, white embroidery thread.  A little bit of tension to it but ultimately very strong.

Occasionally as a seamstress, the thread tension on my machine will go awry and create a mess of gathered fabric that I will have to meticulously remove with a seam ripper and start over.  However, if I am trying to create ruffles or smocking or a gathered edge, I intentionally adjust the tension to create these intricate details.

I’d like to think of year eight as the beginning of an intricate, beautiful creation.  Something we have yet to fully see but instead are just starting to grasp.  I think we will rest in that vision for a while, seeing what the Creator is going to make out of us in this time, in this place, in this year.


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