Well this post is terribly late, but in all honesty, I just wanted to write down some of the things Bea has been doing lately.

Her personality is really starting to become apparent and she is starting to become “one of us” now, able to communicate her wishes and desires to us.

She only has a handful of words “dog”, “horse (which sounds like dog)”, “mama”, and “dada”.  She also has words for “more”, and “water”.  But the way she expresses her thoughts often get us rolling with laughter.

If we offer her food she doesn’t want, she will squint her eyes, bare her teeth, and turn her head from side-to-side, snorting.  If we catch her doing something she shouldn’t, she will run away, giggling (trying to discipline this girl is HARD, she thinks everything is a game).  If she is hungry she will squeal, loudly, and for a long time.  It is so loud it is impossible to talk over her.

Her newest trick is to gesture towards me and grunt until she gets my attention.  She will then walk in the direction of her pointer finger, looking over her shoulder to make sure I’m following her.  More often than not, this leads to the pantry where she will point both index fingers fiercely towards it and wildly jabber until we offer her some food.

At night, the girls have been sharing a room.  I don’t have to monitor what’s going on in there because Bea will often inform me, with a short burst of squawks, if MG is doing something she shouldn’t, like leaving the room.

MG still mother hens her and I find it adorable so I do little to stop it, other than the occasional reminder to “give her some space”.  It never fails if we are all going upstairs together, MG will run to the top and say, “I’m going to be so proud of Bea when she makes it up here” (a throwback to earlier crawling days).  She will wait with outstretched arms at the top to pull Bea in while Bea does everything to avoid the body mass blocking her way at the top.

I truly wish I could change it so MG’s outpouring of affection wasn’t rejected so much by her younger sis, but I pray that will come with time, and so far it hasn’t seemed to deter her.

Here are both girls at fourteen months


Bea’s abundance of hair and facial expressions, I think, give her an older appearance.  Although the girls are very similar in weight, Bea has always been a few ounces ahead of MG in the comparisons.  She gets far fewer comments about how little she is and how young she looks.


P.S. thank you all for your prayers and concern for our sickness last week.  I had a minor relapse on Monday and MG has a tummy ache vomiting again today (after 5 clear days of health!!!).  We are still awaiting test results to see if we can nail down anything.

2 Comments on Fourteen Months

  1. Amy
    August 13, 2014 at 1:56 pm (3 years ago)

    This made me LOL! That Bea is a HOOT! Sad we don’t get to see this on play dates every week!

  2. Amy
    August 13, 2014 at 1:56 pm (3 years ago)

    This made me LOL! That Bea is a HOOT! Sad we don’t get to see this on play dates every week!


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