Much like February yielding to March, there’s always a sense of relief when realizing it September.

August is a month of transition. After the lazy days of July, and no matter how much we mentally and/or physically prepare, it still seems to catch us off guard. In fact, just a few days in, I find myself mentally cheering myself on, thinking, “we’ve just got to make it through this month.”

September is our reward after a long August. It comes with a confidence in the new routines brought by it’s predecessor; invitations to bonfires, festivals, and birthday parties are lurking. Even on the doggiest of days, the promise of cool weather soon to be.

Today also marks my half-birthday, a chance to reflect on the blessings and trials of the year so far and to think about what is left to accomplish in the half remaining.

Funny, I wrote these words this morning and found many other similar sentiments scattered across various forms of social media. September’s lure seems to be universal. Plus any month that begins with a holiday is fine by me.


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