It has been one year this August since our journey with Bea began.


The emotions of last summer, though dulled, still linger in my heart.  The uncertainty, the heartbreak, the disappointment. But God carried us through and our hearts nearly burst with excitement when the news of her expectation entered our world.



Sometimes I look at her and think: it was you.

When the call came from the doctor…it was you.

When we first  heard that rhythmic beat on the screen…it was you.

When they first told us it was a girl…it was you.

sweet mama k bea 4

When I felt you alive and moving around in my belly…it was you.

sweet mama k bea 6

When I dreamt about you: what you would like like, smell like, feel like…it was you.


It was you all along.  We didn’t know you then, you only existed in our dreams.  But now you are here and it all makes perfect sense.

You were it and now you are ours.


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