One of my FB friends posed a riddle the other day that for some reason has stuck with me and I can’t stop applying it to meaningless scenarios in my own life.

What are things do you enjoy better in theory than practice?

What are things do you enjoy better in practice than theory?

She gave her own examples and I have since made endless lists of my own.


-Smoothies (I wish I could enjoy them for their health benefits, but the fact of the matter is, I miss chewing)

-converting from a Dell to a Mac  (I’m sure I will love it someday, but it has been like learning a foreign language…and I was so fluid with my Dell)

-naps (most days, I’d love to take an afternoon snooze, but reality is, I will wake up grumpy and then it messes with my nighttime sleep.  so unfair)


-FitBit (I, admiittedly, thought they were silly and a fad.  Instead, I have found that I really enjoy the mileage tracker when I run and have gotten into the spirit of it)

-Pedicures (I’m not one that seeks out or enjoys being “pampered”, but I realized that my toes needed some attention when I started wearing sandals in CA and thought, “why not?”.  I forgot how nice it is to look down at your feet and feel pretty)

-Paleo (our little fam has pretty much become grain/dairy free due to allergies {still eating sugar though, as a consolation prize} I never thought I would be a person who would enjoy this kind of food, nor learn how to cook well with it, but I have found myself pleasantly surprised –and even more so with the results–)


Traveling Solo with the girls. (I always dread, and It always slightly exceeds my expectations).

The girls and I just returned from a little holiday with my parents in CA.  The weather put its best foot forward and we were welcomed with 60/s-70’s and sunny.  This was my first trip by myself with just the two.  The trip out was a 12 hour door-to-door excursion.  Bea got a quick nap before we left the house and then both girls adrenalined-themselves awake until nearly 11pm that night–our second flight.  We had an hour and a half layover in Vegas where the airport is filled with shiny slot machines in a hub of every terminal.  There are leather chairs and blinking screens–the perfect attraction for little ones.  Of course though too, there are game masters stationed at each hub because it is illegal for children under 21 to go anywhere near.  Thanks, Vegas.

The second flight took off at 10:30pm our time and Bea was able to fall asleep while we were still taxied.  MG said, “oh no, I’m not tired” about 5 minutes before losing control of her body and slumping down in her seat.  I layed her out on my lap and settled in for the remainder of the flight.  The peace lasted about 15 minutes and then Bea began stirring uncomfortably.  I pulled her out of her seat to keep her from crying and tried to rock her by holding her above MG’s head in my lap.  This was the trenches of the trip.  Bea never went back to sleep, including in the car ride to Granny’s house.  Both girls willed themselves awake long enough for snacks and a thorough inspection of the toys before finally laying their heads on the pillow around 3 am our time.

The way back was a bit easier as Bea slept for an hour and a half of the second flight (turning her carseat around backwards was a game changer)  and our layover in Vegas was shorter.  So much shorter that I walked-ran the stroller across the airport (I logged 2 miles on my fitbit) and barely made it on the plane to find a seat of three open for us (Southwest).


Many, many kind people offered help with the girls and carrying things for me.  The Southwest employees were so helpful (one of the kind stewards watched a sleeping Bea for me while I took MG potty on the plane). Plus the girls and I received lots of accolades and remarks from the well-wishers of the world.  So I guess when I think about it, I will file this one under Practice.



4 Comments on Practice and Theory

  1. Erica
    February 11, 2015 at 8:53 pm (3 years ago)

    Catching up on your blog and looking for house pics… Looks like you guys have been busy! Can you tell me how you managed to get Bea’s car seat on the plane? And was it worth it? I feel like it would be worth it but I want to cry thinking about wheeling it through two airports. Thankfully no solo trips planned anytime soon!

  2. Sweet Mama K
    February 12, 2015 at 12:20 am (3 years ago)

    Hey Erica!! You asked the million dollar question…are you ready for this answer??

    So…I spent a lot of time fretting over the car seat long before the trip started. I knew if I was traveling solo I would want to be as hands free as possible and the car seat would help me accomplish that. However, getting it through the airports and up and down the tiny aisles while directing two little girls? Shoot me now.

    As it turned out, the car seat fit perfect,y wedged in the back seat of our snap n go stroller. This was huge as it meant I still had two seats on my stroller available and I didn’t have to lug it around (thank you, Jesus!!).

    I, of course, checked the stroller at the gate so then I was in my own with the car seat and girls. Thankfully I had a few kind stewardesses help me corral the girls or carry my seat for me so I didn’t have to do all at once.

    Once we were in the air, I was very happy to have the seat and it served its intended purposes. There were only two cons: 1) facing forward, Bea could touch the seat in front of her with her feet…which meant I had to monitor for kicking the seat constantly (I faced her backwards on the return home which helped greatly–also, you need a seatbelt extender to do this well) and 2) our second flight on the way out was at 11pm. Having not napoed, she was exhausted and conked out as I planned. However, she wasn’t very comfortable in the angle of her seat and ultimateky woke up. This was unfortunate as I had MG sleeping in my lap, a cursed car seat in my left elbow as I tried to wrestle and rock Bea back to sleep. At that point I wished I would have checked it at the gate and let her fall asleep in my arms HOWEVER, when the seat faced backwards, she was more comfortable and was able to sleep an hour and a half in the return trip home. Success!!

    Finally, our return home was so much easier with the car seat. I ended up checking it at the gate for our first, hour long flight, which gave her a chance to get her wiggles out., and gave me a relief from it fir half of the trip. I used it the second flight and she fell asleep like I said–lifesaver!! I was able to get up and take MG potty and accommodate her, things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

    So that’s my very long answer to your question, but hopefully pertinent information. All things I wish I could have anticipated/known and made the return trip much better.

    Good luck! Flying with young kids is not for the faint of heart but it always makes you feel like you could do just about anything when it’s all over 🙂

    • Sweet Mama K
      February 12, 2015 at 12:22 am (3 years ago)

      Sorry I wasn’t able to edit that beyond spell check…please forgive the typos 🙂

  3. Erica
    February 12, 2015 at 1:13 am (3 years ago)

    I can envision all of that! I was a big fan of bringing the baby car seat on bc Bo slept better in that too… Which is why southwest is so awesome with their extra seats. We are traveling this fall after max turns two and will need the car seats anyway so maybe it would be worth it since we will be buying his seat at that point.
    Thanks for the explanation and I am beyond impressed… Layovers… Late flights… Tired kids… Super Mom!


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